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Neverwinter - from a great idea into another money grab



  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAPosts: 3,010Member Uncommon
    Neverwinter isn't the first game to have player made content. Actually it isn't even the first Cryptic game to have player made content. Champions online had a similar feature, and so did STO from what I remember. Neverwinter is a very fun game, but it isn't going to pull any stops with trying to make money off players. It's a business, and more importantly it's a game published by one of the leading P2W companies.
  • VengeSunsoarVengeSunsoar Posts: 6,037Member Rare
    So did coh and ryzom. Eq2 does it as well.
  • TorvalTorval Posts: 11,937Member Legendary
    Originally posted by VengeSunsoar
    It's beyond me how people keep thinking f2p is bad. The quality and customer service is the same as p2p and I have the choice of how much I want to pay if anything at all.

    Sounds like a great deal to me.

    This is beyond me as well. I love this game. I spend when and what I want and play as much as I want. Whenever I stop paying the stuff I paid for is still there.

    Not all foundry content is great, but some is absolutely fantastic - some of the best content I've played in an mmo. Others, while not great still has a charm that pnp player created campaigns have. They're fun!

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  • SmintarSmintar Fayette, MEPosts: 213Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Tyggs
    Saying money grab invalidates the op's entire post. No one is grabbing anything. They offer a product for consumers to purchase at their discression. Saying a game is a money grab is like saying food makes you fat. It's your personal habits that are the problem.

    I agree with you its your choice no one is forcing you to spend your money. I like to add tho there are some items I believe that cost more than they should I believe in the Volume side concept of economics.  Now having said that I like to reflect on the Foundry: Great concept for those that enjoy being part of a game that can contribute in a good way, I also like the review system giving player a chance to see what other say about these quest. I also believe Cryptic has place in safe guards to insure players don't get ripped off or at least I hope so. Personally I would like to know that they do and I have yet to see their explanation of this. I started playing and couldn't get the feel of the game early on went back and it still didn't feel right well I gave it a third chance on it and I am beginning to get into it.  I went to my old charter that I had in EQ but change the class I have always preferred the Half/Elf Rogue and I also created a Moon elf Hunter and I actually find myself really enjoying it. I have yet spent any coins on it but I am thinking about getting a ride  and another companion if any of you have them already be nice to hear what you got and why thxs all and enjoy the game.

  • SmintarSmintar Fayette, MEPosts: 213Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by VengeSunsoar
    It's beyond me how people keep thinking f2p is bad. The quality and customer service is the same as p2p and I have the choice of how much I want to pay if anything at all.

    Sounds like a great deal to me.

    Absolutely !

  • ThestrainThestrain SydneyPosts: 390Member Common
    Originally posted by kresa3333
      Originally posted by Yanocchi
    Originally posted by kresa3333 For conclusion i am writing this down only because i am frustrated because this game is fun and they actully found a golden egg in there and instead of using it they just throw it away... I really hope that some other company take that golden egg and use it because i am very sure that if u nail that one ur game will swim in dollars. and for neverwinter i can only say RIP


    Don't expect any desperate radical changes in Neverwinter. The game has been a financial success for the company. After the release of Neverwinter in May 2013 their stock value nearly doubled during a period of only 2-3 months. In March-April their stock value was $10-12, in May-June it rose to $15-17 and since July-August 2013 to the present day it has stayed between $18-22/share. This summer the game has been bringing them at least 100,000-200,000 US dollars every day.

    You can examine their stock value history at NASDAQ and you can get a rough estimate about their zen sales by looking at the demand for zen at Zen Astral Exchange and calculating how many days it takes you to get zen from other players through the exchange.




    Ok if i understand this right its perfect world as a company profits ( which are the publisher of this game btw but aint matter for this replay ) , they got many more games , also i agree they made lots of cash on launch and some on each mini expension they made , but i find it hard to belive they are still growing instead of desending ( on avg ) in profits from neverwinter, and well 100k-200k dollar every day? honestly from seeing the player base on steam and from doing content in game i find it hard to belive they are growing and/or making 100k a day ( but anyhow i dont know to much about amount of profits mmo companies making).
    Other then that by golden egg and making more moeny i ment it big time as if being top AAA game with millions of players and not a standard mmo that makes avarage profit for a f2p game like so many others around it.
    Its something like this : Take a risk and make something special and if u succeed ur game will be remembered and make crazy amounts of cash / Dont take a risk make mmo with the same features ppl used to and milk them for money that is enough for decent profit and budget for the next game on development.

    Is that a a fact? that if you make something special and risk your game will be a huge success and will also make crazy amount of cash?

    Got any examples? 

    I like how the moment he mentioned NW is making good profit you go in denial mode. Atleast he posted some relevant info to back up his post.

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