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Draenor Beta Key: I can't put in the time I expected to play

kujiikujii san antonio, TXPosts: 189Member Uncommon

Giving away key. Work has gotten too busy for me to play. 



You've been selected as a winner in our World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

Your key: 5270-146686-79490-775162-0004

How to redeem your key:

- Log in to your account at
- Go to account.
- Select "Add a Game Key" on the right, it's a big green button.


  • danwest58danwest58 Cincinnati, OHPosts: 1,681Member Rare
    Thank you man.  Now my wife can play with me in the Beta.  :) 
  • jesslee099jesslee099 Seattle, WAPosts: 7Member
    I just realized... i came in too late for this. *sigh*
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