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World of Warcraft: Subscriptions Drop Significantly in Latest Financial Report



  • PhryPhry OxfordshirePosts: 8,345Member Epic
    Originally posted by Nadia
    Originally posted by Fingz
    Does Wildstar play into the drop in subs?  I'm not sure if Wildstar's launch falls into Q2 or not. 

    Both WS and ESO launched in Q2

    ESO  04/04/2014

    WS    06/03/2014

    I think if the number of lost subs was directly related to the number of subs gained in those 2 games, then it would not be a very positive thing for either of them, more often than not, though, people sub to more than one game. By march 2015 i think we'd have a better idea if either of those games has benefited, or not, from WoW. Given WoD imminent release though, you might find that the reverse is more likely, and it becomes a question of whether or not they return to those games once the 'varnish' of WoD has worn off. Games become old very fast sometimes image

  • greatskysgreatskys marlboroughPosts: 451Member Uncommon

    I think if they offered Vanilla ,advanced difficulty (reversing much of the streamlining )and world pvp servers ( meaning servers where there is no instant access to raids , battlegrounds and dungeons ) they could get a lot of people to return . Including me . 


    I doubt that will ever happen though and its only really wishful thinking on my part . WoW will get a boost by WoD for a few months and then will continue it slow but steady decline . 

  • PepeqPepeq Posts: 1,977Member Uncommon

    I think if you want a better picture of what has been happening to WoW subs, just take a look at the interactive graph on MMO-Champion.  Requires Javascript to be enabled to see.

    MMO-Champion - WoW Down to 6.8 Million Subscribers


    The subs now are equivalent to June- Sept 2006 subscription level... that was vanilla WoW, and unlike these last two expansions, the trend moving forward was on the rise even at the end of the expansion.  What's different now to then is that you had folks who were still working on the content.  Nowadays, they've completed it all within a few short weeks of it's release (i.e. patch drops et al).


    I think the trend is going to stay in a downward turn... it will still make them a hefty profit, but I expect it to settle into the 3 million sub range by then end of WoD.


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,400Member Rare
    Originally posted by Avanah took me away from WoW. Oh well.  Take care. :)    

    Albion looks pretty cool, but based on the video on their website it also looks point and click only..... Does it have WASD movement? otherwise it has no chance of pulling me away from any game :(

  • AeonbladesAeonblades Home, GAPosts: 2,083Member
    I think we all saw this coming. It will jump back up to 8-10m once WoD is released, but the days of 10M+ all the time are long gone in the setting sun of WoW.

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  • KanethKaneth Posts: 2,202Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Aeonblades
    I think we all saw this coming. It will jump back up to 8-10m once WoD is released, but the days of 10M+ all the time are long gone in the setting sun of WoW.

    I agree that we'll never see the 10+ million for long stretches of time for WoW. I would even be surprised if they hit 10 million with the latest launch. WoW could probably have the longest "sunset" of any mmo in history.

  • AvanahAvanah Posts: 1,230Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Ariel_Arilon
    @ Ivylena,
    I signed up for alpha access about a month ago. I've heard absolutely nothing from them since.
    Is this standard operating procedure?

    If your car needs gas, do you wait for the gas to come to you? ;)

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  • doodphacedoodphace Vancouver, BCPosts: 1,858Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Avanah
    Originally posted by Ariel_Arilon
    @ Ivylena,
    I signed up for alpha access about a month ago. I've heard absolutely nothing from them since.
    Is this standard operating procedure?

    If your car needs gas, do you wait for the gas to come to you? ;)

    Pleae explain how that analogy makes sense in the context of signing up for alpha and waiting for the developer to respond. Are you implying that he go to their headquarters and forcefully make one of them accept his application?

  • RobsolfRobsolf Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 4,326Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by itchmon
    is the expac bring back talent trees and actually being able to make a choice with your character every level?   no?   *turns away sadly

    That's what kept me from buying the last xpac.

    My experience with WoW has basically been like "crack... if it had an expiration date".  I'd played it once as vanilla, and again after Cat for about 2 months apiece.  I played it more often during that time than any other MMO I ever played... sometimes to literally unhealthy levels("maybe I should eat something, today..."). 

    But in both cases, one day I would log in, run around for a bit, then abruptly ask myself, "why am I doing this?".  With no answer in sight, I logged out, uninstalled, and that was it.

    As you said, I've heard about some things in WoD that sound pretty appealing.  But the lack of customization of skills is a huge turnoff.  I doubt I'll go back, especially since I'll probably only play a couple months, anyway.

  • RusqueRusque Las Vegas, NVPosts: 2,666Member Rare
    If the Warcraft movie doesn't suck. +2-3 million new players. Just saying.
  • egunloveegunlove Carmichael, CAPosts: 1Member
    If you look at game updates each major patch seems to take longer and the end game is lasting longer SOO almost a year!
  • SaiaxisSaiaxis Central CoastPosts: 42Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by meonthissite
    They now are hanging out on games like Archeage (in it's current 1.2 form) , NWO, and GW2's current economy talking about how wonderful they are. These three games are terrible in that they charge WAY over the top with their heavy RNG currency conversion P2W eastern structures. 

    for the record, GW2 is in no way P2W. The effect from the boosters is negligible compared to doing events as far as experience is concerned, and it isnt that hard to get to level 80 (though quite a few rush and miss most of the game along the way.) The cash store is based more around cosmetic items, usually limited time sale ones. Legendaries aside, the best gear is either pretty cheap, or in the case of Ascended items account bound which you have to make. Pretty much if you want to waste real cash on those items you are doing that, wasting cash, and nothing in the game is really P2W as you imply.

  • SaiaxisSaiaxis Central CoastPosts: 42Member Uncommon

    I find it interesting the comments that "WoW still has more subs than the next game" and "still a good number for a 10 year old game." The reason I find this interesting is that we are talking about a game which had a peak of 12 million subs. It took 6 years to hit that peak, but 4 to drop to almost half that, with 3 million subs going within this last expansion cycle


    And for Blizz's comment that this is normal at the end of an expansion cycle, and those buying that story, it's dead wrong. Going by the graph Pepeq linked in an earlier post this drop off has only happened once before, prior to the start of this expansion. Both WoW->BC and BC->LK subs were on the rise and LK->Cata it had plateued at the 12 million peak.

    Given the competition out there, Blizz will need to do something to attract new players to replace the ones that leave through natural loss, let alone those who outright leave (like myself), otherwise the downward trend will continue

  • DeyirnDeyirn Higashine-shiPosts: 195Member Uncommon
    For me the game only got worse after wotlk, the dumbing down of the talent trees was a big turn off and mop was the last nail in the coffin, I've never seen something as retarded as mop. If it wasn't for the new models, it would've kept declining. I'd rather play on a private server than give blizzard any money for their piece of crap.

  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,919Member Epic
    Originally posted by Gravarg
    /grabs popcorn Still a good game, WoD will bring a lot of people back.

    It surely will but the question is if it just will be for a month or if they will get permanently back.

    WoD better be dang good.

    Still, as long as they have a million+ subs there is little need to worry for Wow fans. It is more the Activision stock holders that is crying.

  • Sir_GingerSir_Ginger irvinePosts: 1Member
    I think that they are desperate, quite clearly they are bringing out the movie to support the decline and to gather new/returning players. i left at siege of orgrimmar and now that WoD is arriving i will say im not going back unless it goes f2p, not because its failing because its going to start failing with the higher quality of new age f2p mmos that dont look like ps2 games. they should either step their game up WAY higher or just make it f2p with the cash shop and all.

    Sir Ginger, King of Nisa local shop.

  • DemrocksDemrocks wonderlandPosts: 132Member Uncommon

    I would get bored to if i had to pay a sub each month for the past 12 months without getting a single contend update.

    I bought MoP for 10 euro resubbed played for 2 months and unsubbed again.

    No way i keep my sub active for such a long stretch of time without updates.

    What we do see tough is each new expansion it sold less and less since WoTLK as more and more players dont return for numerous reasons.


  • HorusraHorusra maryland, MDPosts: 3,494Member Rare

    Highly doubt people stay in the game for the new models that are coming.  The people that stay actually...this is crazy, but like it.


    Not even sure the opinions of this forum cover that of a minority of mmo players.

  • blubstererblubsterer Hamburg, ALPosts: 88Member
    Originally posted by doodphace

    [....] I guess you quoting me out of context was also unintentional, right?

    Quoting you "out of context" wasn't a question of intention. It was a question of interpretation/ understanding. I simply misinterpreted/ misunderstood your post as it seems. I don't think that the way I understood it is completely irreproducible, but you cleared things up now.  It shouldn't be the first time something like this happened in a forum. No reason to get cocky, right ;)

  • AdoniAdoni Tucson, AZPosts: 375Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by vorpal28
    Oh no the sky is falling...

    Let the drama begin.

     ^ This

  • SmokeysongSmokeysong Lewisville, TXPosts: 246Member Uncommon

    MMOGs shouldn't have an "end of  expansion lifecycle". This is just an excuse for not having enough game play to last 2 years  despite the $40 initial cost of the Xpack and $15/mo per subscriber to make enough content interesting to millions of the players as well as add enough content during the time between Xpacks to keep the game interesting.

    I mean, what could you make if you had 8,000,000x$15 every month to create content with (minus upkeep of course, which is really only a small chunk of that $120,000,000).

    Speaking of not interesting -  can you say "Mists of Pandaria"? Not. Interesting. Well okay it has some good points, but overall, not really.

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  • AkumawraithAkumawraith Fort wayne, INPosts: 370Member Uncommon

    6.8 million, 6.4 million. who cares? I would like to see the real number of subs that are not in Chinas alternate pay system. I am willing to bet that the American player base has dropped to under 2 million.


    I played WoW for 10 years. Started in the beta for Vanilla and loved the game. With the release of The Burning Crusade expansion I was drawn in and the level of difficulty left me drooling over the content. Then the nerf came in the latter half of TBC and I was left with a sinking feeling.


    With the mass advertising campaign of Wrath of the LIch King I was anticipating an amazing story line and was left wanting for the level of mechanics and detail that Vanilla and TBC had. The spank and tank dungeons and raids left me feeling empty.


    Then came Cataclysm and Blizzard rewrote everything and made a pathetic attempt at humor. Felt like they took the War out of  Warcraft.


    Then came Pandaria and all I could do is shake my head at the low IQ requirement of the content. I was bored to death. The story left me feeling like I had stepped in something dirty. And then the year of nothingness really drove it home to me... Blizzard was running out of gas.


    Now looking at the reports coming out of the alpha and Beta for WoD and the prelaunch debacle.. I have to wonder what the hell Blizzard is thinking. Yes Blizzard announced they were doing a stat squish... but when did they ever mention they were doing nearly a complete rewrite of our characters?


    For those who arent up to date WoD is the lowest content expansion to date. As of right now, a day before it goes live the plan is for you players to follow a strict linear questing system to 100 then live in your garrisons and grind dailies till your eyes bleed to upgrade heroic gear.


    If this sounds fun to all of you then have at it, I will spend my money more wisely elsewhere. Blizzard no longer deserves to have my hard earned money. This substandard quality and pathetic amount of content expansion is a complete rip off and shouldnt be tolerated.


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  • ThestrainThestrain SydneyPosts: 390Member Common
    Nice necro there bud ;)
  • Varex12Varex12 Lewiston, MEPosts: 357Member Common

    Necroing a months-old thread just to regurgitate conspiracy theories about Chinese subs and complain about gameplay being "dumbed down"= classic.  



  • RusqueRusque Las Vegas, NVPosts: 2,666Member Rare

    lol. Necrofail.

    Subs were back up to 7.4 million as of Sept 30, 2014. This thread (and the financial report are old). Also, just to note to the morons who continue to spout nonsense about "omg chinese subs" instead of saying dumb crap maybe actually look at the financial reports. Asia Pacific is like 15% of their revenue. Almost all their money comes from NA and EU, which also means most of the subs are in those regions. Money doesn't lie.

    Another thing to keep in mind since we're so western minded round these parts, China, South Korea, Japan have lots of their own games that never make it here and are never discussed. WoW is probably not that popular outside of the west. It's a western game, by western devs (and truly the revenue shows it's not that big in Asia).

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