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World of Warcraft: Release Date & Cinematic Trailer to Debut on August 14th



  • greatskysgreatskys marlboroughPosts: 451Member Uncommon

    Have been following the beta review articles on . Worth are read if you are thinking of going back for this . They are less than glowing to say the least . 


    I'm sure it will please those playing I gather they have had precious little content for their monthly subscription fee in the last year in the form of patches . I personally wouldn't be happy about paying 50 dollars for new content after that myself . Given its 10 dollars more than the usual expansion price I would be expecting a darn site more content than Pandaria offered . 


    Personally I'm more than happy in Rift since quitting WoW . It does most of what I enjoyed about WoW and I don't feel like I'm being ripped off anymore . 

  • AadienAadien Roseville, CAPosts: 220Member Uncommon
    Nov 13th is the date. But i watched the live stream. Wheres my beta??
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