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[Column] Rift: Is the Patron Status Worth It?



  • syriinxsyriinx New York, NYPosts: 1,383Member Uncommon

    I do not like their patron setup.

    The artifact tracking is the best part.  Other than that it is mostly garbage.


    But lets be honest: patron status exists because Trion knows people will pay $15 per month out of habit


    And I am one of those people.  When I play EQ2, I sub.  Even though I *know* with my play style I can do everything I want in game for less than that, EQ2 gives me a stipend, free LoN packs, and access to their other games. 

    I know I will eventually use that stipend towards a prestige home, and I like to fool around in LoN and have gotten some nice free loot cards.  I feel I get value out of giving $15 to SoE.


    I don't get value out of giving $15 to Trion.  And if they inflated the rates of things like prestige in Nightmare Tide so they could add a 40% buff to patrons to get more to buy it, then that is certainly a trick which they aren't supposed to have any of.


    Before NT, they had the best f2p value (though far from the best f2p game).  There may or may not be a change to this after NT.  We'll see.

  • xeturaxetura Portland, ORPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    I actually prefer the slower leveling and less hand holding. Being free is the icing on the cake.
  • dcoutinhodcoutinho bairro da milharada louresPosts: 4Member Common
    patron status worth it? no.. and star wars ond republic its the same
  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYPosts: 2,063Member Uncommon

    I play rift when I want my BG fix. I love pvp! I am sitting on 4 rex and around 12000k plat with my one account. The new patron status takes away from my alting fun  in battlegrounds. As those patron status wont stay in the lower level ones for long. But I do see the benefits of patron for a 60. PAs are important. Having 600 + makes you almost complete. So getting them quicker is a good thing right?

    Is patron status worth it? Depends on the player!

  • ArazaleArazale marietta, GAPosts: 348Member
    Originally posted by CrazKanuk
    It's an interesting idea, actually, when you think about it. Basically they're saying that a subscription model has diminishing returns, which it does, and that the people who should be paying for the game are those who are currently, actively leveling through the game.   What I mean is, we all complain about how no game, really, gives us enough to do once we reach the max-level content. This isn't anyting new. Once we hit that wall, we generally unsubscribe and move on. It becomes less and less compelling for us to stick around if we're paying for something that we're not really using, or for something that feels like a job. However, if it were free, we'd probably stick around and pop our heads in occassionally to run a raid or whatever (without having to drop $15 in the bucket).    It's the one complaint I have with SWTORs model, I just gave you like a hundred bucks, but you're telling me now that I can't do the max-level content without being subscribed? Or buying a pass? Nope, not really going to happen. It's all about value, and while I feel I can get a lot of value from paying monthly for SWTOR or Rift while I'm leveling, once I get to max-level, all there really is to do is do raids once a week. So I've gone from paying $15 for 30 days to paying $15 for 2 or 3 days of use.    So I think that Rift might actually be onto something here. The only question remaining, and they'll need to still think about it, is how can they monetize their max-level players? 

    Except most people who use that reasoning haven't done even half of all there is to offer in the game so its less about there being "nothing to do" and more about there being nothing the particular person cares to do.

  • KothosesKothoses GalwayPosts: 851Member Uncommon

    Wow, the entitlement here...


    No its not spoiled its called paying... now yes you might as a f2p player pay something too great good on you, thats where systems like swtor and other companies 3 tier system works nicely. 


    But no you neither deserve nor should get all the benefits people paying to keep up developement get.

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  • Ariel_ArilonAriel_Arilon Hiding in a Forest, MTPosts: 50Member Uncommon
    Oh boy! Yet another game that's Windows only! :P

    My computer beats me in Strip Poker, but doesn't stand a chance against my Kick Boxing! >: D 3

  • gizmo401gizmo401 erie, PAPosts: 1Member

    Its getting to be near what I wanted it to be when they first went to free-to-play, and I had many many days of paid patronage left due to expansion deals etc. Now I think a monthly stipend to spend in the cash bar is needed. and more artifact time. Maybe some crafting [skill] pots too.

    don't get me wrong the new 40% always on or off is much better then the pots.(pots gave the 2 hour bonus reset every day you could ONLY stack 7 days worth, 7 potions) not always on like NOW)


    Patron Halo for the win!

  • MegapixelMegapixel Charlotte, NCPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    I'ts good to see Trion hard at work again to make their Rift fans happy. I just hope they give that kind of attention to their future ArcheAge fans. Trion has the respect of many gamers due to their involvement in the community and constant updates and developments. However, Trion has proven they are still a business and must do what all successful businesses do. They make money and money comes first, even downsizing staff and canceling projects to sustain their wealth. They made Rift worth playing before it went F2P and it shows they still care to keep it alive. If F2P is going to work successfully by other publishers they should keep an eye on Trion's model. Yes, its a money grab but its mainly for asthetics versus paywall.

  • NeoyoshiNeoyoshi Saratoga springs, NYPosts: 61Member Uncommon

    "Is the Patron Status Worth It?"



    Arbitrary question is arbitrary.  The product is either worth it to the individual or it isn't; there shouldn't be any hidden secrets or traps-doors within.



  • alltoreup21alltoreup21 Boston, MAPosts: 14Member

    Only if you do so knowing they'll get you further down the line somewhere else too. Do NOT expect to pay a sub and be set if you're attempting to be competitive at all. Best-in-slot gear on the cash shop?! Oh lovely.

    It's really only worth it for the rep grind. Which is GODAWFUL in Rift.

    Ugh, just stay away.

  • xenoracexenorace Tampa, FLPosts: 205Member Uncommon

    Personally I think it would be more worth it if they gave you cash shop currency a month as SOE does with their games. Most of the Patron benefits I care not for, but some extra currency to spend on swag would be a 100% increase to the Patron system.


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  • YizleYizle Atlanta, GAPosts: 517Member
    Been a patron until about 2 weeks ago when I did not have time to play as much. Best F2P model ever. And I will likely be a patron again when I get more time.
  • MitaraMitara NAPosts: 682Member Uncommon

    If your thing is a themepark, Rift is one of the best out there and definitely worth trying. The game is getting a little tired/old though and you can both see and feel that as you level up. 

    Rift is also about to get tremendous competition with the many MMORPGs that seems to be lining up at the moment. Trion has done wel in getting Archeage inside their door.

    But if you havent tried Rift, you should. And then you can see if you think a sub is worth it. One thing is clear, at the moment, Rift has one of the absolute best F2P systems around.

  • BookahBookah Bar Harbor, MEPosts: 258Member Uncommon
    Started playing Rift again last week, such an incredible game i never got enough of the first time. Instant adventures are like the best thing ever for lvling and im having a blast lvling my rogue, so far the FTP plan has been great although ive purchesed some sweet skins and a few souls.

  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYPosts: 3,694Member Uncommon
    Unfortunately most people probably won't subscribe unless they feel a need to. Bonuses like this aren't a reason for the average gamer to subscribe. It's sad but a system like SWOTOR where it's just less annoying and pretty much required for any serious player to have a sub is more lucrative,

  • KakuseyshaKakuseysha SorocabaPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    It's good for leveling and farming, but you don't get bonus end game marks for gear. You can buy it with in-game money, so it's all good anyway. Farm up and keep patron forever!
  • JaedorJaedor Denver, COPosts: 1,171Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Vannor
    Originally posted by Jaedor
    Those alts are almost 60 now and they have far more PA to spend and tweak than my main did.

    You know PA is account wide now right?.. not character specific

    Yes, I didn't say it very well. I meant that because they had lump sums of PA at 50, I could optimize them better than I did my main.


    As someone who spends at least half my game time building in dimensions (and the other half raiding), the patron buffs are very useful for obtaining currencies and rep to make up for not running a lot of experts. ;)

  • Nightbringe1Nightbringe1 Bluefield, WVPosts: 1,138Member Uncommon

    The 40% xp boost is an active deterrent for me. I hate outleveling content and without a way to turn XP off, this makes the problem even worse.

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  • alemuletalemulet lisboaPosts: 1Member
    A point ppl usually forget is... you rly dont need to spend a cent to get patron status/advantages... its 2 REX = 2k ingame money = rly rly easy farmable for any lvl 60... ah, and the ppl who arent lvl 60 yet? well, its rly worth to pay that amount to get patron buff... even more when you will be able to be lvl 60 in like, 2 weeks? even less with patron...than start farm ingame money to keep that patron up... another thing need some explanation... the xp farm is nothing, its a joke... the reputation farm is the dam thing... and without some kind of "buff" to reputation farm its a painfull experience.. just my 2 cents
  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Chicago, ILPosts: 4,447Member Epic
    Originally posted by PhelimReagh
    They keep adding more benefits that just so happen to be of limited appeal to many. They're doing everything they can to NOT add a Store Credit stipend. For what reason, I don't know. Memo to Trion: credit stipends are pixels, you're not giving away real money!  

    Send that memo to ESO while you're at it.

    "Change is the only constant."

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