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what do you guy think should be in a virtual reality game

HadesfiendHadesfiend saginaw, MIMember Posts: 4
i personally think a virtual reality game should have is a highly in depth crafting system that has a table of elements thats most different than the periodic table. Should also have manual,and automatic crafting basically you do the work to craft or press and click craft. it should have free crafting to a point like no train, car, or any engine ran machine out of game genre like midevil period.


  • FlemFlem BrisbaneMember Posts: 2,821 Uncommon
    Zombies...lots of zombies
  • GruntyGrunty TexasMember Posts: 7,720 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Flem
    Zombies...lots of zombies

    Those are called players.

  • sorattasoratta San Francisco, CAMember Posts: 39
    Basically SAO without the dying, I think.
  • HadesfiendHadesfiend saginaw, MIMember Posts: 4
    if any has noticed most anime, manga, or movie were the people are trapped in virtual reality the equipment used is total shit that are mainly just a screen on your head and game controller. for vrmmorpg to work you would to have a machine/computer that has system that can read the electrical impulses that that are send from the brian and the electrical impulses the brain receive. it would also have to temperaly block the signals to the arms, legs. head, and back to stop movement to pervent injury.
  • HadesfiendHadesfiend saginaw, MIMember Posts: 4
    i also think i would be cool if the game gave every player a pet egg at the start of the game that at level a that after  observing the players game play, and personality the egg would hatch and give a player the game thinks the pet would be most useful an suited to the payer.
  • harihayabusaharihayabusa NavotasMember Posts: 19
    any post apocalyptic setting :)
  • YouNameMeYouNameMe Brøndby-hvadragerdetdigMember Posts: 1
    Lots and lots of excitement.
  • anemoanemo Member Posts: 1,036 Uncommon

    Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent.

    "At one point technology meant making tech that could get to the moon, now it means making tech that could get you a taxi."

  • HadesfiendHadesfiend saginaw, MIMember Posts: 4
    It would be awesome if a vrmmorpg had a free magic system. The system would have no chanting or cool down period there wood be no spell just effects made by magic. They probably would have too make a sensation for magic to be shape in game and work the system to have a set of laws like the law of physics. there would have to be a special eye sight to perceive magic/mana.
  • WaldoCornWaldoCorn Fort Worth, TXMember Posts: 232 Uncommon
    Snow Skiing, Yacht Racing, Yak Racing, Bobsledding, Moto Cross, Jet Packs, Parachuting w/lot o freefall, Bathyscaphes, Towing skateboarders w/ Formula 1 cars around Nurnberg ring.

    See the world and all within it.
    Live a lifetime in every minute.

  • withouthardwithouthard New York, CAMember Posts: 10
    It is be exciting if every player can have many pets. While you fight, you trade them to do it! when you win, you can get the loser's pets.
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