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New free random hero box code.

RaagnarzRaagnarz North Las Vegas, NVPosts: 272Member Uncommon

Limit one per account and they're giving away 30k codes. Get em while its hot.


  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member
    cool thx :)
  • AbimorAbimor phoenix, AZPosts: 335Member Uncommon
    Thank you very much! Also going on is the bogo sale and  since I just bought a hero less than 7 days ago I get a bogo hero so two chances for me to get Iron Man ya!!!
  • TalonsinTalonsin Posts: 1,932Member Uncommon
    Awesome, thanks a bunch mate!
  • DakeruDakeru Posts: 1,866Member Uncommon
    Thanks for sharing.  (EU servers only) Heroes of the Storm reference code 

    If you are below level 5 you will get Raynor + an exp boost and Sylvanas once you hit level 10 for free.

  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,257Member Uncommon

    sweet! got one, Thanks

  • TorvalTorval Oregon CountryPosts: 8,228Member Rare
    Awesome, thanks.
    Centuries ago, in primitive times, before the dawn of civilization, there were things that would be inconceivable to us today; such things as poverty, disease, violence, senility, and love.
  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Chicago, ILPosts: 2,143Member Uncommon

    "Change is the only constant."

  • MadatanMadatan PitePosts: 173Member Uncommon
    Good stuff bro!
  • TokkenTokken Portland, ORPosts: 1,257Member Uncommon

    dang, got a hero I had already. :-(

  • TechnoPandaTechnoPanda The World, CAPosts: 18Member Uncommon

    Got Storm. Still need the random box code from tentonhammer and IGN Prime. Have a code from ONRPG/MMOHUT (starts with RHBX-MHUT-) and one from GameOgre (starts with RHBX-OGR2).

  • nachofootnachofoot Kennesaw, GAPosts: 121Member Uncommon
    I have a Raptr one that I will trade.  I already have Gamespot though.
  • TechnoPandaTechnoPanda The World, CAPosts: 18Member Uncommon
    Do you have the italian code from yesterday to trade?
  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 24,774Member Uncommon

    sigh .. i miss all these free codes ... anyone has an extra unused key? I would really appreciate one now.

    I did buy the avenger pack from steam, and hope that this game will continue to get better.

  • johnfoxxjohnfoxx marrero, LAPosts: 4Member
    i wish i had a code lol i been working & missed that last 3 or 4 codes
  • johnfoxxjohnfoxx marrero, LAPosts: 4Member
    i just cant seem to get a  code
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