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General: Orcs Must Die!: Unchained - Hands-on Preview

BMunchausenBMunchausen Staff WriterBurlingame, CAPosts: 400MMORPG.COM Staff

Robot Entertainment first expanded upon traditional tower defense mechanics in 2011 with the frenetic Orcs Must Die! The sequel, Orcs Must Die! 2 continued to elaborate on the genre by adding co-op play, and this year, we see Robot's most ambitious tower defense-derived idea yet—team-based PvP. This week, the guys at Robot challenged the press to a savage siege-off during a hands-on preview of its third game, Orcs Must Die!: Unchained, and it was a match to remember.

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  • Slapshot1188Slapshot1188 Boca Raton, FLPosts: 6,240Member Epic

    Is it just me or is there no link to the main article?



    edit- they fixed it

    "I should point out that no other company has shipped out a beta on a disc before this." - Official Mortal Online Lead Community Moderator

    Starvault's reponse to criticism related to having a handful of players as the official "test" team for a supposed MMO: "We've just have another 10ish folk kind enough to voulenteer added tot the test team" (SIC) This explains much about the state of the game :-)

  • mrbreckmrbreck Huntsville, ALPosts: 24Member Uncommon
    Still no link.
  • BMunchausenBMunchausen Staff Writer Burlingame, CAPosts: 400MMORPG.COM Staff
    Sorry guys! My bad.
  • LustmordLustmord Mt. Gilead, OHPosts: 1,109Member Uncommon
    My personal favorite character is the Sorcerous . She is an excellent defender, and her Blink/stun move can be used to help stun lock enemy characters.
  • GamezGlitchZGamezGlitchZ brooklyn, NYPosts: 94Member

    Orcs Must Die! Unchained - TUTORIAL/WALKTHROUGH/GUIDE - 1080p

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  • YizleYizle Atlanta, GAPosts: 517Member

    Got my key and been playing it. So far its been fun. They need to change some things such as either increasing the amount of coins you get per game or lower the prices of heroes.


    I know its beta but can't wait for another map and some more players.

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