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[Column] Elder Scrolls Online: Is ESO Dying or Just Carving a Niche?



  • TheOctagonTheOctagon Arcade, NYPosts: 379Member Uncommon

    ESO faceplanted at launch and never recovered. The game had so much potential and the push to get it out the door killed it. Corporate greed once again reared its ugly head.

    It probably wouldn't have been so bad if the beta bugs that hundreds and hundreds of people reported had been fixed at launch, but they never were. Launch came and people saw exactly how much Zenimax cared for its customers.

    Give us your money for early access and overpriced package deals that realistically gave you nothing, and go f**k yourselves...

  • holliday50holliday50 Springdale, ARPosts: 8Member
    Originally posted by david361107
    first :) I played ESO in beta and loved the look, combat was good enough. Those of us that have yet to purchase are hearing this, no end game, makes us feel like what's the point of putting in the time?   Peace Lascer

    I would say take the "no end game" with a grain of salt.  The only people complaining about it are those that skipped the content to get there.  If you actually are interested in playing the game the way it is designed (questing, listening to dialogue, completing zones,etc) then there is easily 2-3 months of content here before you arrive at VR12 having completed everything.

     To put this in perspective, the players who skip all of those things & just get in an xp grind group can arrive at VR12, having accomplished little else, in 2-3 days /played time.  Also, if large scale PvP interests you, it is really really good in ESO.

  • d_20d_20 SeoulPosts: 1,445Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Nickhead420
    What killed it for me was the lack of class balance.  I played a healing templar, the ONLY class with a full set of healing skills.  What do people roll with for healers?  Sorcerers and DKs with healing staves.  In most cases, they can heal just as well as a full healing specced templar, but at the same time can top templar DPS if that templar was doing pure damage.  Taking a sorc or DK for a healer is basically like taking a healer and an extra DPS in one character. When thinking of a "Dragon Knight" most people would picture a warrior in the heaviest, coolest looking armor with massive melee weapons and shields.  What do DKs look like in ESO?  Cloth armor and staves...Yep, they look just like everyone else. Don't get me wrong.  I don't plan on being done with the game.  I'm f***ing cheap.  And I invested $95 so far.  I'll get back to it at some point, but not before seeing some drastic changes to VR content. On a side note though.  1-50 was possibly the most fun I've ever had leveling in an MMO.

    This is pretty close to how I feel. I also rolled a Templar for the same reason.


    I unsubbed just a few days ago, but it was mostly because I felt it was a more powerful statement than complaining in the official forums. I dislike the VR content a lot. I feel it is based on "fake" difficulty and is more tedious and irritating than challenging. Devs have said they are going to "look into it." I'm sure they will at some point.


    My main reason for staying and playing is AvA. I could put up with a lot of stuff, but the thing that made me unsub was that every time they push out a patch, they seem to break more stuff than they fix. The last patch with the ambient lighting upgrade broke AvA for me. Yes, I'm on Wabbajack, otherwise known as Wabbalagg. This I will not pay $15 a month for. It is amateur. If they fix it I will consider coming back.



  • sLLiKsLLiK Irving, TXPosts: 8Member
    Originally posted by flclimax
    it's dying faster than TSW did. lol @ niche, guess every game with at least 10 players has carved a niche. no, ESO is a flopped thempark MMO.

    Pretty much this.  I was excited for and tried ESO because it was an Elder Scrolls game, which implied by pedigree that I'd get a multiplayer experience grounded in sandbox gameplay.  What I got was another WoW wannabe.  Fail.

  • sketocafesketocafe StoupaPosts: 948Member Uncommon
    Zenimax couldn't be assed to put EU servers in the EU, I couldn't be assed to sub to their game. I like the game but I've never experienced a first-time MMO developer more incompetent than they are.
  • mmorpgolstimermmorpgolstimer somewhere, NVPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    personnaly i had originally planned on joining ESO, i ( like many others before me) player the bugged scrolls :skybugs. and loved the game play and thats what i expected from the eso game when it came out. 

    i wasnt really expecting a UI like wow and a character creation table like SWG. my expectation of the game was to be a bit more like skyrim with the good ol: you got 2 hands? then you can only use 2 skills at the same time, left click and right click. THAT would have made me stay but the wowy UI and comabt UI just made this go right in the toilet IN MY OPINION, it does not represent the overall view of other players or those paid to say the game is train wreck worthy of miley cirus's singing skills. and personnaly those who wish to have a wowy game play go play wow you want to have fun in a REAL TIME fantasy environment and puke on those who only grind grind grind grind grind grind for end content and miss the enjoyment of the game....blergh. and im sure that retardestard will find a bugfix one day...when modders actually crack up the game and find the fixes themselves.

    as always from nearly 15 yea
    s of playing mmorpgs and dungeon crawler i did consider the game would be buggy but the more i read the less im enthousaistic about it. and no its not a sideline way of bashing the game to another game  thats probably shittyer look cool (aka the shitty game entionned int he above comments from other people)

    and the more i read the more i dont regret buying legendary edition over ESO even if eso is fixed majorly by modder instead of  Bethesda.

  • mmorpgolstimermmorpgolstimer somewhere, NVPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    so damn true it made me shed a tear
  • mmorpgolstimermmorpgolstimer somewhere, NVPosts: 22Member Uncommon


    @mothanos, i remember those days, god i didnt have hairs on my chin yet >,<

    1996-2010 diablo1-2 ultima online everquest anarchy online wow THOSE games were made for players and FIXED! theres a bug? pop up : the game is going down bug found we are gonna fix sorry for teh delay. 4 hours later? the games back online the bugs fixed.

    2002-2014 : theres a bug ? gtfo of the complaints room and quit your whining. once youre done  with it just give up another idiot will take your place


  • LiveorangeLiveorange Edmond, OKPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    I played for about 60 days - two things killed it for me --- Grind of the VR Ranks - you can only take so much story and questing  (even if it is some of the best story quests in an MMO ) and the PVP.

    As  a gamer, I need an outlet for some quick PVP Fun and the campaign wasn't the answer (as stated -- you are cannon fodder pre VR, not to mention the horrible class balance DK- VAMPS (felt like Twilight out there), and it was pretty much who can run over who -- no 1x1's, 2x2's, 3x.3's - mini battlegrounds, etc). 

    I could mention more -- but in summary -- if they had at least gave us some variety in PVP and an outlet to have 15 minutes of fun (arenas, CTF, ) in smaller PVP venues, wouldn't say I the rest was in place to keep me a year, but I would have stuck around much longer  to see if they correct the balance issues and added more end game content.

    All in all, I think it might have it's niche, wish them the best, but for the PVP oriented player (at least me and everyone I knew playing the game ) -- it doesn't seem headed anytime soon in the right direction.




  • DatawarlockDatawarlock Eden Prairie, MNPosts: 338Member

    Elder Scrolls Online Column: Is ESO Dying or Just Carving a Niche?

    More like dying and carving its own headstone.

  • tamedbeast1tamedbeast1 Toronto, ONPosts: 5Member Uncommon
    I loved TESO.. hell i still do.. i made it to VR7 and i tell you what it was far to hard to get that far, once you reach VR levels your screwed if your not running with a crew of people.. which is why i left the game.. i know that traditional MMORPG's are supposed to be social games.. but for some people not everyday is a social adventure  and we just like to do things on our own.. with that being said its just impossible to be a single player and run dungeons and fight bosses on VR levels... this made me leave the game and say goodbye to TESO.. i really just want to play the game and enjoy it on my own, but also have the option to be social when i want to be. I think the forced socialization was what killed it for me.
  • CoolitCoolit Posts: 499Member Uncommon

    As much as I've loved the single player ES games over the years and I bought the Imperial edition with high hopes I feel it’s a shell of an ES game, no housing, not all guilds implemented, many of the quests are simply not interesting enough and the veteran content becomes tedious. This is a game I really wanted to love but sadly it’s simply not worth the money or time investment so I un-subbed.

  • mmorpgolstimermmorpgolstimer somewhere, NVPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    and for thsoe saying that nc soft bought the add space, true they did. they nmake enough money selling nx card and meso they can afford more than they should
  • Griffs1999Griffs1999 Fruitdale, ALPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    I can't believe he is trying to say ESO has the best graphics out right now... just wow.. Neverwinter has better graphics than ESO.

    FFXIV is the best graphical game on the market. SWTOR has better graphics. The list just goes on .


  • JyiigaJyiiga Seneca, SCPosts: 1,109Member Uncommon
    I played for awhile, but I wanted to pvp and there are just to many issues.
  • SpcTstCrnchSpcTstCrnch Fayetteville, WVPosts: 28Member

    I would still be playing ESO but since they decided to go they way of FFXI with craglorn, I lost interest. I didn't mind grinding the veteran levels but, when craglorn came out and they said "BTW for you to enjoy this you MUST and HAVE to be in a party." and what i interpreted as "We are going FFXI with this all our content you have to be in a party and grind out vet 11 and 12 and many more group only quest." then they implemented the accelerated item degrade. if you casted a spell shot an arrow, hit with a sword or staff or whatever you was forced to lose 1% durability and in the vet levels you armor was broke after 1 quest, then on top of that you got 70 gold for a quest, when your repair bill was 1-5k yeah WoW ruined a lot of MMORPG's for me. 

    Not saying WoW is the Gods of God of MMO, but to be running this long they must be doing something right. Solo quests, a few group quests and group dungeons ESO went from solo quests, a few group event to strictly only group quests. so nope I had my fill. I hope they do good but the 6 month curse is going to be sneaking up again. F2P is around the corner. 

  • SpcTstCrnchSpcTstCrnch Fayetteville, WVPosts: 28Member
    So when is NCsoft going to be coming out with COX2???????????????????????
  • Father_JackFather_Jack Portland, ORPosts: 81Member
    Of our 200+ person pvp guild i think only like 10 are still playing. Played for a couple months hit vr12, but the pvp is so repetitive and anonymous. It just got boring. Since there are no name or guild tags its impossible to develop rivalries and community. Without community, its just feels like a single player game.
  • GameByNightGameByNight Columnist / Podcast Host Rochester, NYPosts: 233Member Uncommon

    While I enjoyed the game, I just found its pace entirely too slow. I believe I'm in the minority in that but I couldn't stick with it on limited gaming time; I just felt like I wasn't making enough headway to justify my subscription fee.


    That said, I'm not surprised we're seeing a drop off about now. Players are hitting the point where the freshness has worn off. The excitement and hype are no more and the prospect of new content lies hundreds of hours after beginning the game (not usual but definitely more than the average MMORPG). That a column such as this is being written is expect about now but never a good sign for a game hoping to maintain a subscription fee. 


    I have no way to know for sure but I would expect that it's more than hundreds or even thousands who have left the game. My money is on the tens of thousands. ESO attracted easily over 100000 if past MMO launches are any indication. History would even make upwards of 400000 a reasonable estimate for an IP of this size. On that scale, player bleed goes in huge numbers.


    Writer of the RPG Files
    Official Podcast Host
    Blogger at

  • SQTOSQTO victoria, BCPosts: 189Member Uncommon

    I just wanted to pvp and not do 10,000 hours of quest grinding to get to vr 12.  If they have changed it so that pve and pvp are equal for leveling it was too late for me, because they showed that they had no idea what they were doing by giving no xp for pvp and only being able to level with quests.  I actually enjoyed the 1-50 leveling but I was done with questing at 50 and didn’t really care about the other factions story.

    It was obvious that I was not that only pvp player who was unhappy with the game when I saw all campaigns except one go to low population.

  • mep630mep630 parrish, FLPosts: 23Member

    mismanaged to the point I think, A) they wanted the game to die out fast and just take the quick cash or B) they are run by complete incompetent idiots.

    PvP is your end game, and all this garbage from the retards always saying, 'people rushed though the content' is fucking laughable.  They  destroyed the PvP zone,  and didnt bother trying to fix anything, I mean how long was the caltrops exploit around??  that should have been first priority.

    then you have garbage design like the mage bolt escape, yea lets make a PvP game and let 1 class be able to exit combat at will = major fail.

    I had a lot of hope for this game, I really like the character creation. The PvP was cool till they wrecked it, the pve was total crap imo.  its going to die a worse death then it has already, all you fanbois clinging on will soon realize what they ones who already left did, and that is zenimax is total garbage...

  • haplo602haplo602 Posts: 224Member Uncommon

    It has been said already. If you start your defense of an MMORPG with graphics and storyline then you have your problem right there.


    Gameplay, world dynamics and backstory should be the main points on which an MMORPG is based. Graphics age as technology evolves. Storylines are static and become obsolete as the game ages. If the are not extended or replaced, the game feels static and empty.


    Also the lack of "End Game" is exactly the indicator. You built a static world where the only content available is developer generated. The players can't do anything themselves.


    I don't care if ESO is successful or not, it's just another game. I do care if it is a game that is talked about years after it was closed (SWG).

  • d_20d_20 SeoulPosts: 1,445Member Uncommon
    This thread feels like a kind of funeral with each poster coming by and tossing a handful of dirt down onto ESO's coffin and saying a few final words about the deceased.

  • herculeshercules lancashire,blackpoolPosts: 4,894Member Uncommon

    also bought the game but tbh i did not enjoy the beta and simply thought i was just getting too old  or bored of mmorpg .

    so i bought it and only lasted 1 week at best.maybe its just me.i also bought wildstar  and have subbed .now i find wildstar more fun but time will tell as i am very casual in wildstar max. level character is 30 .

    with ESO i had a free week and maybe overdid it.

    time will tell,time will tell.

  • newbihacknewbihack Olympia, WAPosts: 36Member Common

    I have over 600 hours on my Rift according to steam, now am not logging to it anymore until the new expansion comes out. So lets see here, we have 3 months worth of gaming on one MMO is pretty sure enough to get more than 1 character. Yes, in my opinion most of people who like questing will leave and only the hardcore players will stay.

    The major problem is content and the fast leveling. Make leveling slowly but enjoyable and provide a fair content. I also played WoW for a month and I have already 2 lvl60 character as a casual player. How to make people stay in your MMO? provide slow progression without the generic questing system. More like let the RNG decide what quests is up next.

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