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I Tried

threefeetthreefeet FunafutiPosts: 156Member

I pushed myself to like gw2 after a while even when i was completely bored w it for the longest time. tried becoming a beast in wvw til my server cut a deal with another in the seas 2, basically a 2vs1 the whole time. we and tc against bg for #1 na. i wanted to win or lose on merit, not by cutting shady deals offline. so i dont consider my mistforged skins/weapons trophies, they are rewards for putting up with the bullsh*t i had to for 9 weeks.

and after looking forward to a big new map to explore, we find out the new maguuma area is just a tiny little event area that will eventually be opened up. f*ck that. this game is so god-awfully boring now i just wanna scream. too much to ask to just be able to run off exploring stuff, they gotta force you into doing what they want you to do in tiny little boxes. and beat you to death with repetitiveness.

i will still play it sometimes i suppose since i bought it and its f2p, but i have lost any interest in this game. its f*cking boring me to tears


  • JurredJurred Hot Springs, ARPosts: 47Member
    I log in every once in a while hoping I'll magically start liking it. Never happens.
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