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  • ovan20ovan20 kkkkkkkkkkk, AZPosts: 1Member
    My best experience was in WarHammer 40k Space Marine.
  • devilboy911devilboy911 PPosts: 20Member Uncommon

    Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Dark Crusade, OH MY LAAAWWWWD.

    Started playing it and then everything suddenly went black and it was 48 hours later and I had finished the campaign.

    Best RTS experience ever.

  • noelleon15noelleon15 TurkuPosts: 2Member
    Getting stuck in Space Hulk for three hours on same spot, as neither genestealers could get through nor marines could move from their secured position.
  • milluxmillux prisonPosts: 49Member Uncommon
    One time I was playing 40k tabletop, and there was a real girl playing too.   It was like spotting a unicorn!
  • Definitely playing one of the small Orc based spinoffs, cam;t remember the name but it involved roving gangs of orcs on an arid world hunting for loot, I played with a friend in a campaign style setting with some added rules that allowed you to convert salvage into mods for your boyz. I think by the end my Nob was rolling on a half-track instead of legs. Rockets instead of arms, and a booster on the back, because you can't have too many rockets. Of course we did the salvage based mods to the actual figures in between resulting in some awesome and bizarre models. Good times. 
  • GameMonger71GameMonger71 Henderson, NVPosts: 118Member Uncommon
    My favorite Warhammer 40K experience was reading many of the fiction books.  I enjoyed many of the Horus Heresy novels, but my absolute favorite novels were from the Gaunt's Ghosts series.  Dan Abnett is a very talented author and Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt is the man!  Tanith First-and-Only all the way!
  • deathbodeathbo liverpoolPosts: 20Member Uncommon
    My best experience was painting and finally using space marine army the blood ravens.
  • Necromunda77Necromunda77 Bloomington, INPosts: 11Member

    Hey Devs! 

          I haven't taken the time to chat it up on the forums like I would like to.  There is so much depth about this game and so much history!   Like many of you on the dev's team, I have been into this hobby from a very young age.  I am gonna be 37 July 2nd, and since I was a baby my father has always been into historical war gaming.  

          I have a lot of memories as a kid growing up going to the game room he had set up in a huge factory he rented that he ran a business for 25+ years making manufactured cat furniture.   My father was really busy with work trying to support and raise 4 kids by himself so, from a early age I took interest in his hobby making it my own to ensure I got to spend time with him.   My dad mostly did historical gaming, and wasn't really into fantasy or non-historical games, which made it kinda hard because I was very much into both.   I used to help my father all the time going to Chicago, Detroit, Lansing, to deliver the cat furniture to over a 100 pet stores he sold to.  One of the very best things about this is that we used to go to book stores, hobby shops all over several states and always made time for war gaming conventions.  

          I was around 13 years old the very first time I came across the Warhammer and 40K figures and rule books that Games Workshop put out at a war gaming convention, I believe it was Gencon I first seen a Warhammer 40K battle played and I was SO excited.  My father was hosting a game he designed based on a WWI aviation board game called Sopwith.   His game that he designed was played on a hex board, with 1/72nd scale WWI planes mounted on telescopic rods.   He built custom controllers that looked like the plane you controlled and you had three moves to plot out per turn to try to fly your plan at five different altitudes,  guessing where your opponent would be dog fighting it out.  Sometime in 2000 my father sold the rights to this game to a gentleman in California  and it became known as the AeroDrome world war one combat game.   ActioninHeavyClouds1.jpg

    This game was always packed at the conventions with players wanting in on the rosters and it was extremely hard to pull my father away long enough to show him the Warhammer 40K battle taking place on another table that I had just fell in love with! lol.  However I got him away long enough to show him the game and buy my first pack of old school plastic space marines and the rule book.  :-)  

    I developed a interest at a very early age in painting figures and even painted many of my fathers figures as a teen.   One convention that really stands out we went to was when I turned 15.  I stayed up for three days straight to paint a 6000 point space marine army once I found out we was going to Historiacon in Pennsylvania.   By the third day I was modding a figure and almost took the tip of my thumb off with a razor knife..... I wrapped it up in paper towel and let it breath, and kept on working on the space marine army I started.  

           My father had just bought a brand new Dodge pickup truck and had a new cap put on the back to match.  Instead of riding in the front with him I decided to setup a place in the back of the truck and kept working on my army I wanted to show off at Historiacon.  I had just got a Rino, Land Raider and a Predator all built, but not primed so I could paint and finish them.   I remember my father about mid trip pulled over the truck because he noticed white mist coming out of the side cap vent of the truck.  Needless to say, I got them all primed, but my father was pretty upset about the primer getting on the new truck cap!  At the time, I really didn't see the problem with doing it, because of the importance I placed on getting my Blood angel army finished for the convention. lol.  

           I remember only playing in one game while I was there for the entire three days!  I only got in on Duke Siegfrieds game, and if any of you have had the pleasure of playing in a game he host, he simply is a master at painting and building gaming tables!   The rest of the three days I sat at a table or in the hotel room painting my army.  I got it finished on the third day and even had time to enter into a painting contest and won 1st place.  :-)   I had many people ask if they could buy my blood angels army I had just worked so hard on through out that weekend and I did end up selling the entire army for a $750 profit to a guy and his son making enough to buy my school clothes that year on my own.  My father still wasn't happy about the white primer on his truck cap, but it did help to ease the pain! lol  

            I also met a person from Ralpartha's painters guild while out there, and at the age of 15 years old was asked to join their guild and move to New York I believe to paint for them.   One of the things that I love about Warhammer 40K back then was that it helped bridge a gap that my father and I had.  He really wasn't interested in fantasy or non-historical games.   Games workshop has always had some of the best figures around, and while my father wasn't really into the 40K game, he did find the figures to be very nice.   What changed his mind about playing non-historical games?   Necromunda!!!!  For whatever reasons.... My father likes it and the gang warfare.  My Birthdays on July 2nd and I can't think of a better present that I would love to have than one of the founders packs!  :-) 


  • AsariashaAsariasha Somewhere inPosts: 236Member Uncommon

    My favorite Warhammer 40k moment was the time after Christmas 1991.


    I was eleven years young. My two years older brother and I got StarQuest as Christmas present. It was a board game based upon the Warhammer 40k series and came with customizable units. We spent so many hours playing the game and finally started painting the figures. I remember a colorful dreadnought robot that looked so nice and kind - the very contrary of what this robot used to do to our space marines. 


    It is a precious moment that reminds me of the great relationship my brother and I have and that shows that the Warhammer 40k universe not only about battle and fighting. It is also a universe that fosters to creativity and imagination.

  • nille183nille183 MalmöPosts: 1Member

    My favorite moment must've been playing the WH40K: Space Marine tps. 

    Can't even remember exactly at what point of the game it was, all I remember is finding my first heavy bolter on a turretstand and just killing loads of orcs with it, then when the orcs stopped coming ripping it off and taking it with me until it inevitably ran out of ammo. They really made those bolters sound and feel like I imagined. 

    I was VERY happy with all the bolters and especially the heavy one in that game : ) 

  • Alber_gamerAlber_gamer RomePosts: 588Member Uncommon
    For me it has to be the first time I played my recently bought and painted TAU army when they were released. Watching a squad of XV88 suits decimate a whole unit of Terminators from over a meter distance was such a joy. The most fun fact? My friend (and rival in that game) was the one teaching me to play the game.

    My opinion is my own. I respect all other opinions and views equally, but keep in mind that my opinion will always be the best for me. That's why it's my opinion.

  • SlukjanSlukjan Burlington, VTPosts: 265Member Uncommon
    I have never played Warhammer 40k, but I am very interested and would love to give it a try. 
  • AshankaAshanka Sioux Falls, SDPosts: 11Member Common

    My favorite Warhammer 40K moment was a high octane slalom ride down an active volcano on a Rhino, trying to out run the lava flow as my fellow Deathwatch and I shot our way through an unending supply of kroot warriors. Obviously this was the table top game. We had been chased all the way up in to some mountains by a significantly larger Tau battle force for days. Guerilla tactics weren't working so we decided to we were going to try and use the terrain to our advantage.

    When we reached the active volcano itself we found some weak points in the mountain itself we felt we could exploit. We planted charges strategically at key points and planted our Rhino a quarter mile below the place where we had placed the charges. We we re out of fuel any way and our thought was we could coast down the steep mountain side once we confirmed it blew up as planned. The main Tau force had built its camp in the wide valley below and it was our hope that if we could get this thing to really blow we could at least destroy their camp.

    As Tau recon units finally spot us, we blow the charges. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it, we were perhaps a little too successful. A waterfall of molten lava erupts from the now much larger than anticipated hole we created. It flows so fast that we get caught in it. We quickly get inside and seal it up as best we can but the heat is incredible. But this is one tough APC and our tech marine is praying like a mad man.

    We miraculously reach the bottom by spending all of our fate points and as we can see the bottom of the APC glowing an unhealthy orange and we decide we need to get out. We grab all the ammo and guns we can carry and climb up on the roof. By the time we emerge we see the camp and a lot of scrambling and confused Tau and kroot desperately trying to save the camp. They stop when they see us strapped to the nines with guns and ammo riding the lava like mad gods of war reigning death and destruction on their heads. 

    You can guess what followed next. It was glorious.

  • yamabuddhayamabuddha Rex, GAPosts: 3Member
    My most memorable moment was the first time, my wife and I, went to a Games Workshop store and splurged!  She ended up picking up some Orks and Chaos spurs and I some Gray Knights (Newly released at the time years ago).  We went home and spent the next few weeks painting and building.  We ended up making up a new scenario, where a MadDoc created a plague serum causing the orks injected to become possessed by Chaos, which in turn caused a Warp to open and Chaos was attempting to get their hands on the vile disease...In steps the Inquisition of the Emperor and the Gray Knights!  ahhhhh...good times good times.  
  • Billr00Billr00 Ashland, KYPosts: 135Member Uncommon
    My best experience was the first time I played I was using a borrowed Imperial Guard army from a friend who was showing me how to play. And it was like the dice were blessed that day. He kept remarking that he'd never seen a army so successful it was a total slaughter against an army he said I shouldnt really have been able to beat. Those Orcs took a terrible beating that day at the hands of a inexperienced and underpowered force .. was epic to watch.  He was almost angry by the end .. lol 
  • SevalaSevala K, NYPosts: 199Member Uncommon
    1 shotting a Space Marine Landraider on turn 1. Nuff said.

    ~I am Many~

  • lik95lik95 BelgradePosts: 1Member
    My favorite Warhammer 40k experience was when I played Dawn of War Dark Crusade. Before that I read a few codexes so I was realy happy to play with the Space Marines and loved every minute of it. I would wery much like for this game to be my new best Warhammer 40k experience.
  • honken_moonhonken_moon BollebygdPosts: 18Member Uncommon
    My best 40K experience would have to be when I first learned of its existance. I remember looking at the pics of all them awesome miniatures in a catalogue and dreaming of owning them all.
  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,565Member Rare

    The most memorable moment was when I rediscovered 40k. Even better moment came after that.

    You see, I played a game with an epic soundtrack, big blue/crimson robots(I called them like that :P) when I was a kid(6 I think it was). It was in the vein of X-COM. I clear forgot about that until I installed Starcraft some 2 years after and, naturally, thought that was what I was looking for. The blue Marines in the campaign DIDN'T help(out of all colours they chose Ultramarine blue to represent Terran in the campaign :D ). And there I was, pleasantly cruising the games living in illusion(deception rather). Then I installed Dark Crusade somewhere 2007-ish. Ofcourse, I didn't find anything familiar at the start. And how couldn't I? Well, you see, I was(still am!) very in love with Tau and Eldar(High Elves replaced Eldar, Tau are still as awesome as always). But when I randomed Ultrasmurfs and the enemy(AI) randomed Word Bearers...

    :D :D :D Right? It all came back in a flash. The moment can't really be described. It's one of those "AHHH..." moments. It was VERY NICE as you might guess. The following playthrough of DC and SS as Tau and Eldar were just icing on the cake.

    That's my best moment.

  • AviroAviro TangerangPosts: 1Member

    my favorite Warhammer 40K experience is... well, i played almost all W40k game except table top. But my favorite one is the old and the new Space Hulk. It features terminator armor from the start and involves a lot of strategy (and luck). The other games is a lot of fun too, but the space marines faction in other games is too OP, 1 hero to destroy all. (In space hulk 1 genestealer can kill all my termies, lol)


  • NymandusNymandus Greenville, SCPosts: 26Member

    Back in High School I was playing in a big battle on our basement floor with 3 friends who each had 3000 point armies with us split into 2 teams. It was Chaos vs Harlequins, and when my Greater Demon of Slaanesh rolled to see what spells he had and was going to cast...I got vorpal hurricane of Chaos...roll d12 3" vortex templates.

    My buddy Joe was so made he stomped barefoot on the floor...and stepped on his Harlequin model that had a Harlequins Kiss pointing straight up. He ended up stabbing it about an each into his heel and then fell onto the rest of his army.


    Good times.

  • cirkelsparkcirkelspark RingePosts: 15Member

    My favorite WH40k moment was playing Epic with my friend(he played Eldar and I played Squats) And his Eldar titan was chasing my Squat battle train around the map smashing one train wagon at a time.

    I always lost to him but it was always great fun:)

  • BulldozeBulldoze ManchesterPosts: 115Member Uncommon

    My favourite 40k memory was during a private campaign final battle between me and this guy I wasn't too fond of. The battle took place at my house on my dining room table and was between my Cadian army vs this guys Chaos undivided.

    Anyway the funny part was he had this Defiler he had painted and customized that he would never shut up about (the guy was really annoying) . He was holding up the defiler talking his painting skills up when he dropped it..

    SMASH the thing hit the ground and blasted into pieces

    THEN my dog ran over and ate about 70% of it's parts..

    The look on his face was priceless.

    The funniest part of it all was using a can of coke to represent his defiler for the rest of the game hahah which I won :)


    p.s. my dog was fine he just had a spiky chaos themed turd on the lawn the day after.

    I am the Arch-fiend, the Despoiler of Worlds, and by my hands shall the false Emperor fall.

  • Lorderon34Lorderon34 MostarPosts: 1Member
    My first Warhammer 40k experience was on tabletop with a friend. Started off with a Dark Angels army that's still sitting on my shelf. My favorite experience was probably painting that army and the battleground that me and my friend used. Felt amazing when we finished working on it. Sweet memories :)
  • TheCrow2kTheCrow2k Adelaide, AKPosts: 953Member
    My favourite recent experience was firing up Space Marine for the first time on launch day and finally getting to play as a mighty astartes with direct control, and then of course jumping into multiplayer donning the jump pack & slicing up foes with my chainsword had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end and sent chills down my spine.
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