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Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade: Founder Pack Giveaway!



  • DromaludaireDromaludaire Verneuil l'EtangPosts: 1Member

    Love the Universe, never played the game but liked paint figs.


  • SkavenapsSkavenaps BarcelonaPosts: 65Member Uncommon
    my fav time with 40k universer is when i play with my mates to Dark Heresy or Deathwatch PnP RPG. Amazing times each few weeks when loads of alines die in the name of the emperator.
  • stryker67stryker67 Seattle, WAPosts: 14Member
    I love playing Space Marine, but I also just like going to my local GW bunker and watching the 40K players battle it out.
  • KantokenKantoken GroningenPosts: 1Member

    "Tyranid claws are flimsy!"

    The Imperial Guard's Uplifting Primer, a fun little booklet made for all the Guardsmen out there, contains everything from basic maintenance of your lasgun, to the enemy forces being described as being very easy to defeat. Orks are disorganized and their equipment barely works, Eldar tanks look pretty but cannot shoot well, and Tyranid claws are flimsy.


    Everybody who has played Warhammer 40k of course knows that Tyranid claws are far from flimsy, quite the opposite in fact, and a small squad of Hormagaunts or even a single Genestealer can tear through a full squad of Guardsmen no problem.


    Que a game between two friends of mine and me on the sidelines, watching. Imperial Guard versus Tyranids. It is the Guard player's turn, and things looked bleak. There's a Hive Tyrant  ready to continue its bloody work after destroying a few squads and tanks, and the only one able to shoot it is a lone Guardsman. My friend playing Guard no longer sees any options, but I encourage him, telling him that every shot taken is a chance to kill it.


    First, he has to pass an "all on your own"-test. On 2D6, and his leadership is 7. He rolls a 5, so he passes. He can't move, but can still shoot the Tyrant. Two shots, one hit (needing a 4+). Now, a lasgun, the weapon of choice for Guardsmen (or rather, forced upon them), is often called a flashlight: low strength, and no armour penetration value. To wound the Tyrant, he needs a 6 (strength 3 versus a toughness of 6). The die rolls, bounces, lands... a 6. Hurray! But wait, the Tyrant has an armour save of 2+. That means a 1 in 6 chance of actually wounding the Tyrant. The Tyranid player picks up a red die, throws, and manages to roll it under a raised floor of a ruined building.


    We lift up the ruin... and bam, there's a bright, shining 1. Did I tell you about the Tyrant only having 1 wound left before it got shot? A Guardsman, worth around 6 points,  just took out a gigantic, bio-engineered killing machine, worth around 200 points, with his flashlight.


    From that moment on, the catchphrase "Tyranid claws are flimsy!" was uttered every time someone shot at a Tyranid monstrous creature. Somehow, it seemed to always increase the chance of a lucky hit...

  • leonardus777leonardus777 SofiaPosts: 4Member
    My childhood game...
  • blazebroblazebro SydneyPosts: 2Member
    I've been a huge fan of the WH40k universe since I was 8, when my friend bought me a Battle for Macragge box set. That awesome feeling of tearing off the shrink wrap  and seeing a brand new box of models :D. Being 8, I wasn't exactly a great painter (a terrible painter TBH), but after seeing a blood angels army, I decided that was the one for me. So I gave them a disgustingly thick coat of red (THIN YOUR PAINTS), and while they looked damn awful, it's the moment that got me into the hobby and the best memory. 9 Years later, I've still got that very first model I painted, Sergeant Octavius, sitting on my shelf.
  • frenzy3frenzy3 budapestPosts: 1Member
    Im not sure that my comment was posted so pls don't disqualifie me if you see the comment twice.
    When i bought a pack of terminators and painted them. That feel was awsome :D
  • EscalusEscalus OrestesPosts: 1Member
    My best experience in W40K is reading the Horus Heresy books. Nothing is better than this! And of course, I enter this giveaway because I've been waiting years for a game like thet!
    Thanks beHAVIOUR for this!
  • sayuusayuu glendale, AZPosts: 423Member Uncommon

    My faveroite experiance was playing Necrons against my brothers Tau in a epic final of a 3 month campain our hobby shop held one summer.


    Of course I won. . .Because Necrons. . .


    ah good times. .

  • RagebobRagebob OlpinyPosts: 1Member
    My favourite experience? It's got to be first learning about this setting. All of the details, space marines, orks. Chaos. It's pumping me up and make me do stuff. just like a good music. I love this world, the ideas and my first experience with it was nothing else but great.
  • DaemoneyesDaemoneyes HartPosts: 18Member

    My favourite 40k moment was in 2nd Edition as my Avatar destroyed a Carnifex and a Swarm Tyrant in melee with taking only a single wound which led to my first win against Tyranids.

    All hail Kaele Mensha Kaine!

  • aeoreignaeoreign taipeiPosts: 1Member

    My best warhammer 40k experience was play the PC RTS game, Dawn of war and Dawn of war II,these seris really have some innovative design and let me enjoy the game in both story ,conquer mode and multiplayer, and since then I become a warhammer 40k fans


  • abahnurabahnur Seattle, WAPosts: 59Member Uncommon
    Probably from warhammer 40 k dawn of war 1 . when my commander fought the demon lord in a last stand, that finishing blow he dealt was amazing, probably my most favored moment.
  • napalmboynapalmboy BelgradePosts: 1Member

    My favourite part of the 40K franchise is the lore. There is just so much of it and it is cool as heck!

    Also I enjoy collecting and painting the miniatures, and then dominating my friends on the table top :D

  • PurielPuriel BruggePosts: 1Member
    Dawn Of War 2 ,loved playing on release and still loving every second today.
  • TheProdishyTheProdishy Santa FePosts: 1Member
    My favorite was playing tabletop 40K when my Eldar encountered a squad of Space Marines.  I had this 1 piece get shot 6 or 7 times and I was lucky enough to keep rolling a 5 or 6 for my forcefield belt to ignore the damage.  Was hilarious watching a single guy chopping down the enemy 1 at a time while bouncing every attack that came in.
  • o-breedo-breed HerbornPosts: 51Member
    Playing the tabletop game discovering that I'm learning quick enough to compete. Had quiet fun playing the Space Marines.
  • Tactician01Tactician01 stirlingPosts: 3Member
    Hi all,
    I am up to date reading all "Horus Heresy" books, black library allows book downloads before the official release date. I also enjoy playing the board game as well.
    My last battle was fun, my friend and I were playing epic 40k, which features massive battles with troops, knights and titans.
    It was Orks vs Tyranids.
    On the left side of the battle the Orks were truly into a Warrg. The mad boys started chanting and unfortunately for me I had to roll 2x dice on the crazy psychic chart for the mad boys. I rolled double six! This caused the mad boys to reach such psychic madness that their heads blew up taking out themselves and all units next to them!!
    My Ork army had to lose 20 stands of mixed infantry and armour plus managed to destroy some of my  enemy troops who were too close. The carnage was massive, but hey that's epic, massive battles with great stories each time we play.
    Here is a great site for expanded rules for epic 40k, models mostly from ebay now.
  • NoitchiNoitchi BangkokPosts: 1Member

    There are just so many good memories coming from this game! Honestly naming only one appears to be a way to selling short all the others... The table game was awesome, these grandiose afternoon in the GW shop where I first carried my squads of Space Wolves against legions of orcs and other heretics. This is the very place where I was first trained by senior wolves to fight for the Emperor or stand my ground and blast a way through the enemy lines!

    Later on as I progressed on Warhammer 40K I led legions of marines in the warp during full nights of battle on computer or on my PS3 and online. There is not a single battle, be it won or lost, that I have not enjoyed! This game's universe is a blast and I can't wait to send the Wolves in battle once more on Arkhona! 



  • mischamdmischamd magdeburgPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    my favorite moment was a big tabletop campaign my favorite storekeeper started which takes over a year to complete. it was about capturing planet build them up to get more poits to use in the armies, fight for planets and building alliances. 11 players played in it and we form a alliance of 4 dark eldar (i was one of them) and one chaos space marine.  we had a starmap and papersheets do show our stuff and so.


    we conquered much planets and defeated some players early and then had big fights with two other alliances. sometimes we win sometime the others win but then we had some luck and win more games and the other two alliances form one alliance and after a while it ended in a big 4 days long fight with over 20k points on each side and we have to play it on 3 tables that we put together and we had such luck to open a warpgate and 6 talos come through in the middle of the enemies which devastated a hugh amount of them.


    at the end we defeated all units of the other alliance and the 4 dark eldar decided to eliminate the chaos space marines in our alliance to rule the universe. that was the best time i ever had in wh40k tabletop and i would do it everytime again to show the strength and brutality of the best race the dark eldar.


    it took place in 2001 to 2002 and i never had more fun playing my dark eldar.


    so have fun playing the tabletop and i wish everyone good luck there where some great stories :)



  • sharpsteelsharpsteel bolognaPosts: 1Member
    Always liked warhammer 40k world and art never had the time to play the tabletop game but i enjoyed a lot  the rts pc games that came out, than a big break, and now really waiting for that awesome game that is coming out :)
  • ReagerReager RomePosts: 4Member Uncommon
    My favorite moment was playing dawn of war 2 with my friends and owning people on 3vs3. Dawn of War 1 & 2 were excellent games.
  • harvest151harvest151 charlotte, NCPosts: 217Member Uncommon
    I'm a diehard Ultra Marine fan.  I also love the portable battleships that carry the space marines through the universe, each their own chapter's monastery.  TBut my favorite thing about W40K is all the different races clashing instead of just 2.  I plan on playing a Space Marine, Devastator. . Then entire universe has such a visceral feel to it.


  • ValidosisValidosis BrestPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    My favourite experience in W40k world is dawn of war and dawn of war 2, when my army conqured all planets. It was great!!!
  • KehdarKehdar La SpeziaPosts: 441Member Uncommon
    My best 40k experience was painting my Chaos Marines Iron Warrior army.
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