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I would like to play as a kid.

BruceYeeBruceYee Posts: 676Member Uncommon

As the title says I would love to play as a runaway kid theif or maybe even a kid vampire/werewolf.

I found that for the 40 hours I put into this game I never really felt "that connection" with my avatar.

I would've settled probably playing as a middle-aged overweight guy(b/c that's what I am) but there was only the option to be buff or skinny like in so many other mmos.

Not hating on the game, just wishing there were a few more customization options.


  • Instigator-JonesInstigator-Jones Posts: 530Member Uncommon
    I'm sorry, but there is something creepy about this post.
  • reeereeereeereee Posts: 1,636Member Uncommon

    The more character customization options the better imo. 


    However, the only major mmo that lets you create child characters is Aion, so it's certainly not anywhere close to an industry standard.

  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,338Member Rare
    Virtually no MMOs outside those made for kids allow you to play as a kid, teenage werewolf, Adams family junior vampire or whatever. I think OP may have been pulling our chain. :)

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  • WarThorWarThor Collinsville, OKPosts: 40Member Uncommon
    DC Universe u could play kid avatars.
  • ArdnutArdnut LondonPosts: 188Member

    ah, dont see the apeal of playing as a kid. your childhood is long in the past so leave it there.


    but you can make your toon overweight and old. i've an overweight ugly orc - thinking that why should all chars be young power rangers types. and know a few other players that have toons with faces that old you'd think they were around the last time the yanks had a decent president. if you spend the time messing around with the char select i'm sure you will be able to make a character that will look like one you'd be happy looking at the back of as you run around - guess that's why so many of us have female characters as well (sad aint it?)

    i look this wrecked because i've got GIST.
    Whats your excuse?

  • WarThorWarThor Collinsville, OKPosts: 40Member Uncommon
    I am sure if they added an option of changing with what they have few would be happier. I have been known to change hairstyles a few times in past in other games.
  • EhllfhireEhllfhire Sacramento, CAPosts: 608Member Uncommon
    Please lets not turn ESO into a haven for pedo ERPers.

    Any graphical, audio, or gameplay restrictions not seen in other mmos but found in FFXIV can be blamed on one thing.

  • cerulean2012cerulean2012 Colorado Springs, COPosts: 492Member Uncommon
    Don't mind the idea of more customization choices but one as a kid...kinda creepy and no thanks.
  • BruceYeeBruceYee Posts: 676Member Uncommon

    Not everything has to be sexual, guys.

    I grew up watching movies like Goonies, IT, Nightmare on Elm Street and so many other 80's flicks where kids/teenagers were the main characters.

    DCUO & Aion were exactly what I was thinking of when posting this but also Game of Thrones(Aria Stark, Bran Stark etc).

    I am currently playing an Aurin in Wildstar but it's just a little bit too Ferngully for me and would like more of a ESO, Game of thrones setting.

    Anyway, ty for the replies.


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