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Herokon Online

MarleVVLLMarleVVLL Kansas City, MOPosts: 904Member Uncommon

This game is in open beta. The graphics are stunning, the quest system is refined, and is highly polished.

Why have I not seen any chatter of it here?

Amateur Historian of Christian Origins


  • CieICieI Serious, CAPosts: 9Member

    I tried the german version i think and it felt a bit different like a wierd turnbased games with horrible voice dubbing.

    checked the videos again and as you said it does look quite stunning for a browser game, unlike those garbage automated turnbased games that rely on stunning illustrations, this one looks promising.

    i never knew it went in open beta so yeah can't expect this forum to know much about it either as they hardly know what graal online is.

    also i replied to your thread on reddit, maybe check it :3

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