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MMO! Show Episode 51 "Week 11/30/2014" Giving thanks for story"

SilentstormSilentstorm Rahway, NJPosts: 1,159Member


Episode 51

This week is all about story. Don't you hate playing shallow games? Sometimes you don't even realize the game is shallow. You get caught up in all the damage and combos. That you totally lose track, of the fact the game actually has no story. I hope next year's games learn to hire a good writer.

Guild Wars 2 Living Story Continues= ... -begins-december-2/

DC Universe War of Light= ... -now-available-2014

World of Warcraft Returning to form?=

World of Speed Versus Trailer=

Skyforge Mini Game for Betakey= 

Lord of Vermillion Looking for testers=

Civilization Online=

Mabonogi Hereos New Trailer=


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