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Wildstar Guest Pass Offers and Requests Thread



  • ShadoGearShadoGear CorbyPosts: 46Member
    Would appreciate an EU pass if anyone has one to spare. Thank you in advance.
  • wulfykawulfyka SzigetújfaluPosts: 8Member
    Please sent me one EU guest pass! i want try game. Thanks  :3 :*
  • varialzzvarialzz chandler, AZPosts: 3Member
    I missed beta and would love to give this game a try if anyone Has a NA Guest Pass i would love it!
  • masonl52masonl52 Milwaukee, WIPosts: 6Member
    Would greatly appreciate a North American key. I need to see if the changes to my computer can handle the game. Thanks!!
  • maskedweaselmaskedweasel houston, TXPosts: 8,844Member Rare
    All keys have been handed out. Sorry everyone!  If I happen upon more I'll continue down the list of users in my mailbox.  Good luck all!

    "Loan me a Dragon I wanna see space"

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  • alexantosalexantos MontijoPosts: 20Member Uncommon
    If someone can give me a Eu guest pass, I would be most thankful. Missed the betas and would like to check the game before buying. Big thanks in advance.
  • DrachonisDrachonis Flagstaff, AZPosts: 183Member

    Thanks for the NA guest pass Maskedweasel.  You are the best.




  • legatojoelegatojoe Glen Burnie, MDPosts: 1Member
    If anyone has 2 NA codes remaining, my girlfriend and I would love to try the game. Thanks if you have them available!
  • AraxiiAraxii Pea Ridge, ARPosts: 3Member Uncommon
    If there's any chance someone has a spare NA guest key they can PM me I would greatly appreciate it! 
  • ManecubbManecubb Randolph, NJPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    If anyone would be so kind as to give me a NA Guest pass, that would be awesome! All rights to my soul will be signed over promptly!
  • khamul787khamul787 Garland, TXPosts: 193Member
    Would love to get an NA pass of anyone has any. Been looking for something new to play for ages, and this looks fun, but I need to know if my computer can run it and if it's worth the up front invesment!


  • scorcherdarklyscorcherdarkly Smithville, MOPosts: 1Member
    I, too, am looking for a NA guest pass.  Would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
  • frogmarrfrogmarr waynesboro, VAPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    I would like a US/NA pass please and thank you
  • Dogfish87Dogfish87 Commerce, TXPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    If anyone happens to have a NA guess pass to give me that'd be great :-P and it would be much appreciated!!!


    P.S I also intended to buy the game. I just don't want to wait till payday to play :|

  • lnin0lnin0 Hopkins, SCPosts: 7Member
    please please please, baby, please mail me a NA key so I can give this bad boy a try
  • denzeliandenzelian granite city, ILPosts: 26Member
    please send me a us key    thank you
  • zero9385zero9385 Miami, FLPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    Looking for an NA Guest Pass. It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Walkyier70Walkyier70 Posts: 60Member Uncommon

    id greatly appreciate a week pass from anybody who has an extra   .   on the fence right now about game as per optimization issues . NA guest pass if possible


    thank you ahead of time

  • smokeybhasmokeybha portland, ORPosts: 129Member Uncommon

    Would love a guest pass for NA pretty please.


  • PotigyPotigy edmonton, ABPosts: 9Member

    Really is an awesome game so far guys. Hopefully 3 of you North Americans feel the same.




  • LanscaperLanscaper Campbellford, ONPosts: 8Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Potigy
    Really is an awesome game so far guys. Hopefully 3 of you North Americans feel the same.   NA/7Day/GPass   U0YFFFYU49EO3Y6QX1J2 U0YW0LHOVIKDWNBA6YSU U0YWY7N6P9B0QTESQYR7  



  • DarthkoruDarthkoru Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 5Member
    Looking for someone to PM a NA 7 day guest pass for Wildstar. I want to buy the game, but I would like to give a try first. Heck if you'd like we could even play together!
  • ZexesZexes Arlington, VAPosts: 1Member

    Looking for a NA 7 Day Pass. Finally decided to get back into MMOs and want to give this one a shot ! Please PM me!


  • stroker123stroker123 pottsville, PAPosts: 10Member Uncommon
    Looking for a NA key would really appreciate it. Thank you ahead of time.
  • IchirokuIchiroku AmsterdamPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    EU keys:

    had em left
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