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JOIN Retro MMORPG, No Class Contraint, Open World!!! EverEmber Online!

KajamazKajamaz Here and there, FLPosts: 69Member Uncommon

Hey there!
If you were looking for an openworld MMORPG without level or class contraint where you can do whatever, EverEmber Online is the game for you!
EverEmber Online is a Game that has been developed for over two years, after taking nearly a years break between versions, the game is back, and better than ever!

EverEmber Online is an Openworld MMORPG without any objectives or primary quest lines or quests telling you how to play. If you are in the mood for an oldschool MMORPG simular to that of runescape and ultima online, then this is your type of game! You are free to travel around the game, explore, fight monsters, meet new people, and progress through the game. With a vivid player based economy that thrives on player based items with the games crafting system, interaction between players is vital. The goal of this game is to recreate a feeling that games had in the late 90's and early 2000's, with nostalgia experiences and human interaction. Players are free to role-play, form teams, and add each other to their friends list. Friends can add each other to each others party's, earn exp together and gather resources as a team. PVP is rich, with plenty of options between melee weaponry, potions, ranged weapons, armor, stat buff potions, and magic spells. Guilds will keep the player base together, forming guilds, partnerships and guild wars. There are no skill levels except for your primary level, so no need for that extra grind leveling up woodcutting or etc...
Its your world, your game to play, enjoy it!

Just a few of EverEmbers Features:
-A Large World that is easy to navigate.
-Sandbox Gameplay Meaning that they can explore and play without any restrictions or objectives.
-Player Owned Guilds
-Player Built Economy
-Unique Crafting System
-Lots of Monsters With Lots of Drops
-The Ability to fight using range, melee, or mage.
-Dungeons to explore and bosses to fight.
-Just Goofing around with friends and Having Fun
-Meeting New people
-Skills such as Woodcutting, mining, and fishing.
-Group Skilling

And Much much more!

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If anyone is interested, please respond or join our website, thanks! If you have any ideas you would like to submit, please do so!

Some Screenys 


Looking for an Oldschool, Sandbox, MMORPG with no class restrictions or level grind? Try


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