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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Your best mmos/most time played, of all time?



  • ScorchienScorchien Hatboro, PAPosts: 3,160Member Epic

      UO -Atlantic............. 13 years  The Glorious Lord Scorch Legendary Archer:)


       AC- 4 years 


       EQ 2-   5 years


      DAOC 3 years 


     Those are the longest spans , have quite a few in the 3 or less range


  • AldersAlders Jack Burton'sPosts: 2,106Member Uncommon
    FFXI - 32,000 hours
  • RebelnebelRebelnebel Ehrenfeld, PAPosts: 2,962Member Uncommon

    In order as well..

    Anarchy Online, Shadowbane, Asherons Call, Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Earth and Beyond, Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft.

    These by far I have spent the most time in and enjoyed while it lasted, I still dabble here and there in most of these games.

    Games I miss.. Here we go --> Auto Assault and Tabula Rasa, for some reason I like these 2 in some twisted way, but played alot when they were around.

    But all in all, I spent at least a total of 3 years to now in everyone of those games above, except for the ones I miss that were only around for a short time, this includes SWG and SB.


  • Sevenstar61Sevenstar61 Centreville, VAPosts: 1,674Member Uncommon

    EQ2 from 2004 to 2011

    SWTOR from launch still playing.

    TSW from launch alternating with SWTOR still playing.

    LOTRO life time membership (huge Tolkien fan) ... logging in from time to time but not active.

    EVE, Rift, Aion, AoC, GW2, ESO did not last more than few weeks - not playing.

    FFIV, Tera, Age of Wushu - did not last more than a day - not playing

    Sith Warrior - Story of Hate and Love
    Imperial Agent - Rise of Cipher Nine
    Imperial Agent - Hunt for the Eagle Part 1

  • rainorxxrainorxx Porto AlegrePosts: 85Member

    Lineage II

    Guild Wars (the first)

    World of Warcraft


  • WoeToTheVanquishedWoeToTheVanquished USA #1, ILPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    Lineage 1 - had the best boss difficulty, spawn rarity, item drop rates, experience lost upon death, dropping equipment depending on your alignment, and you could literally become a one man army depending on your knowledge of the game and timing. open world pvp -- trust nobody -- this was just a tough mmo. fulfilling. NCsoft took down the north american servers after they stopped producing enough income to keep those servers afloat.


    Ragnarok Online - this game went into alpha a few months after lineage 1 went p2p. this game was quite good when it was new, and the graphics were different from any other mmo at the time. one of the better mmo my opinion. 


    Ultima Online - full corpse looting upon death, fantastic pvp that focused on your spell timing and combination of attacks, you can place your own home and customize it, no character level -- only skill points and stat points that could be increased with rare scrolls and the harrower's rarest stat scrolls.


    [once world of warcraft was released, this started the trend of lowering mmo difficulty. people stopped producing games that made you feel real emotions when playing their mmo's. to some extent, mmo's being animated on 3d planes are less fun than 2d games. there's a lot of tab targeting, etc, related to 3d gaming.]


    before I came across real mmo's, I played with a few games that were multiplayer -- somewhat mmo to an extent -- but they either didn't survive or didn't go anywhere big.


    slayers was the first mmo I ever played, but it was just terrible. the game went down a few days after I started playing. I can't remember any specifics about this mmo other than it was named 'slayers'. surprised I even remembered after 15+ years.


    redmoon online went offline a few months after going p2p. there are private servers, but this game isn't very good.


    infantry is a game made by SOE that never had a single change over the course of these past 15+ years. the game is still up, but it doesn't go anywhere. it was fun back when I was 10 years old.


    tanarus is a game made also made by SOE that didn't get any changes. this was a comepetitive tank pvp game that had a leaderboard, but you couldn't customize or do anything outside of play 5 different tanks and enter specific game rooms when your rank was high/low enough.

  • sonicringsonicring defiance, OHPosts: 44Member Uncommon

    Anarchy Online


  • a1csimsa1csims Mt. Pleasant, TNPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    FFXI- 2 years

    Wow-7 years

  • VonatarVonatar Posts: 721Member Uncommon

    EQ1 - my first MMO and nothing will ever top the sense of wonder, fear, mystery and excitement. I played every hour I could spare and came close to losing my job over it.

    SWG - was hooked for around 2 years. Although looking back that was more to do with the amazing community and all the friends I made in the game.

    WoW - I loved vanilla with the huge open world, quests and story and then hitting 60 to spend ages running dungeons for my tier 0 set. Raiding was also a lot of fun.


    Stopped playing WoW in 2007 and funnily enough no other MMOs have come close to the three I mentioned above.

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    Well my first MMORPG was EQ1 so I have to say that :)


    EQ1 - First MMO and was at the time bloody amazing.

    EQ2 - Very different from the first but still at good game and looked amazing as well.

    SWG - a sandbox star wars mmorpg.. master of mmorpgs until LA tried to turn it in to wow..

    Age Of Conan - Great take on a new combat system, amazing graphics that still ahve not been bested in the mmorpg world, great world lore, classes.. just a shame the pvp never ended up as they promised.

    Darkfall - full loot pvp, open world. ah what more is there to say.. bloody amazing. Still not without its flaws but for a small company AV had a great idea.

    After playing darkfall for a good few years I now cant play themepark MMOs as I just get bored really fast.

  • mindw0rkmindw0rk St-petersburgPosts: 1,352Member Uncommon
    WoW. Almost 10 years with random breaks
  • Dekarx12Dekarx12 SydneyPosts: 378Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Cod_Eye
    FFXI for 4 yrs, all modern MMO's are easy mode in comparison, this new generation of gamers would be running to their mama crying if XI came on the market in its original form, sadly SE even sought new players by softening up the game for the new generation.

    This is exactly what i'm missing from my MMORPG's the need to group and have a active community... i played FFXI for 3 and a bit years until i forcame to the WoW virus... i miss those days, anything else apart from FFXI and WoW maybe 1-3 months tops MMOrpgs have lost there edge of what the MM stands for...


  • uncletomauncletoma Santa Margherita LigurePosts: 159Member Uncommon

    DAoC: PVP/RvR system

    LOTRO: RolePlaying

    And all time passed with my mates. A good guild, good mates, are 90% to play a MMO.

  • PalaPala MoonPosts: 286Member Uncommon

    Anarchy Online - 2 years

    Eve online - 2 years

    Everything else less than 3 months.

  • XthosXthos Columbus, OHPosts: 2,630Member Uncommon
    EQ, then UO.  6-8 years for both.
  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon
    Eve - 4 years
    Swg - 2 years
    EQ - 2 years

    No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon

    Everquest - 5 years  



    Guild Wars - 3 years



    EQ2  - 3+ years 

    2010 - 2012,  then off and on

  • nirvanetnirvanet parisPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    Neocron (many years).

    The only one, the true one :)

  • Yoottos'HorgYoottos'Horg Posts: 297Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by redbug
    I have tried to play a number (Dozens) of other MMO's but I tend to burn out quickly. Guess once you have played a certain number of MMO's it takes more than just the game to keep you interested. My new plan, for whatever game I play next, is to take my sweet ass time leveling in a casual guild. Community is about the only thing that would keep me playing today. It isn't like any of the MMO's are challenging after you figure out what they are all about. That's probably why everyone thinks the best MMO ever is the first one they played. Once the challenge is gone it's basically just something to do when you are bored, not the adventure that made you fall in love with MMO's in the first place.  

    Spot on, redbug. Perhaps the moderators can post this little gem of knowledge in the General Discussion area so that we may curtail all the "modern MMO's suck," "I'm burned out" threads.


    I haven't played an MMO in maybe 5 years. Why? "It isn't like any of the MMO's are challenging after you figure out what they are all about." The only reason I would play one now would be if my wife, family, or friends played one. I firmly believe all MMOs are cut from the same cloth with slight variations but essentialy the same at the core.

  • AdamantineAdamantine NowherePosts: 3,928Member Uncommon


    It was basically perfect, but it will shut down for good soon, thus I left.

    Oh and total time was 7 years, with one big pause in between.




    Originally posted by redbug
     It isn't like any of the MMO's are challenging after you figure out what they are all about. That's probably why everyone thinks the best MMO ever is the first one they played. Once the challenge is gone it's basically just something to do when you are bored, not the adventure that made you fall in love with MMO's in the first place.

    Vanguard stayed challenging for me until the end.

    My first MMO was Lineage 2. Pretty, but so extremely much inferior to Vanguard that it just aint funny.

  • syltmackasyltmacka Gothenburg/SwedenPosts: 251Member Uncommon
    wow and swtor.
  • ApraxisApraxis RegensburgPosts: 1,508Member Uncommon

    My most played MMO? UO with around 5+ years.. two official servers at two different times and some freeshards.

    And as second runner up DAoC.. with at least around 3 years.

    Everything else.. a lot less.

  • ClywdClywd HeidenheimPosts: 258Member Uncommon

    Everquest, 1999-2014.

    Hmm. Played almost all other big ORPGs since then, but always returned to the one and only MMORPG.

    Currently playing: EQ1
    Ruptura Draconis
    Waiting for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by simsalabim77
    World of Warcraft by an enormous margin. 

    Agree. For me followed by Swtor. There were many others and still are but they so far serverd just as filler up before new release of some expansion or when i just needed short detour.

  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 941Member Uncommon

    on GW2 i already have over 2k hours xD

    but this is my second played game, on Lineage 2 i have played for many years on private and on official servers, it was amazing and on of the most engaging MMORPGs in full meaning of the term ...


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