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WTF is with all the spam today

gw2foolgw2fool hadesMember Posts: 164 Uncommon
WTF is with all the spam today!!!


  • KanesterKanester WalesMember Posts: 375 Uncommon
    I find is a good read, better than some posts on here. ;)

    No but serious, it's pissing me off.
  • CanibalolerCanibaloler AthensMember Posts: 53 Uncommon
    caused cause of the nazi-mods ..i guess ;)
  • summitussummitus TimbuktuMember Posts: 1,414 Uncommon
    Yeah its pissing me off too, takes them ages to get rid of this shit these days .. :(
  • An4thorAn4thor RomaMember Posts: 524
    Word/number Captchas are almost totally useless. When i was using captchas in my forum i got bots registering pretty much everyday. Then i switched to a captcha that makes you assemble an image. Never got a bot registering ever again.
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