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[Review] Dark Souls II: The PC Version Review



  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon ParisPosts: 3,081Member Rare
    Originally posted by VicodinTaco
    Thank god for Dark Souls.  MMORPG's have become cake walks, and games like Dragon Age use enemy level scaling which render stats pointless. 
    If only we could get a brutally hard progression based MMORPG on the market one of these years.



    Thank god i have a consolea , been playing since release.

  • ENTR0PYENTR0PY asdfkjasd, CAPosts: 62Member Uncommon
    The game is overrated trash. Terrible port just like the first one, but this one has added artificial difficulty to its "hardcore" gameplay by just adding more enemies to fight all at once. Every enemy is easy 1v1, so they add 2-3 more at once and call it the hardest game ever.


  • ShodanasShodanas PatrasPosts: 1,744Member Rare

    Originally posted by natpick

    dark souls 2 was actualy made for pc and actualy ported to consoles dude,you obviously dont even play the series,and pcg are spot on with the review.

    You're wrong. DS2 was made for the consoles and then ported to the pc. And it's a shitty port as well. 


       this guy is spot on.  
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