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In A Dilemma, Please Help! Not Sure What MMO I Should Play :(

ImperatorBellusImperatorBellus Toronto, ONPosts: 35Member Uncommon

Currently, I am playing Planetside 2 and Star Trek Online but I realized, if i play more than 2 MMO's, I will have to neglect one. Still, I decided that I can play 2 MMO's one day, then 2 MMO's the next and keep switching each day. I also play single player games, currently have a campaign in Total War but playing those games don't take up that much time since I play them 3-4 hours in 1 session and not every day anyway.

I still have an urge to play a Fantasy MMO, I am deciding between TERA, Age of Conan, SW:TOR and WoW. I wanna play a MMO with great graphics, TERA and AOC obivously have the best of those bunch but lore is also very important to me in a MMO and SW:TOR and WoW both have way more interesting lore. Another issue I have with TERA and AOC is the world pvp is all based on guilds, I like fighting for a faction and feeling a sense of purpose, but still both these games are very nice looking and I can almost over look that.

It has really been bothering me, I don't know what I should play! I recently uninstalled TERA because I have been playing STO and Planetside 2. I have tried WoW again (it is sort of boring at early levels) and have hardly played AOC. I guess the only way I will know for sure what game I should play is to just play them all and see how fun it is after I reach the top level.

I am thinking that I should play WoW and Age of Conan. Playing in a large game world is important for me, TERA has a larger game world than Age of Conan but it isn't that much bigger and TERA only has about 25 dungeon instances, Age of Conan has 75. As for SW:TOR, it is simply a wow clone in space with a better storyline, it can be played like a single player game so I will just consider if a single player game if I ever return playing that, the game world is small total in SW:TOR and world pvp is only on some planets.

What do you people think? 


  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon
    Flip a coin..heads Tera  Tails  Conan

    No matter how cynical you become, its never enough to keep up - Lily Tomlin

  • mayito7777mayito7777 Saint Cloud, FLPosts: 768Member Uncommon
    STO has lately become the mother of all grinds. So anything is better right now, heck try Wildstar seems fun.

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