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Looking for something F2P Neverwinter or TERA? Other thoughts are welcome!

Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Surprise, AZPosts: 581Member Uncommon

Hello my fellow MMO goers, in between jobs currently and looking for something enjoyable to sink some extra hours in. Unsubbed from FFXIV after playing it quite actively since 2.0 launch, however I feel that the constant screwing over of crafters and bare minimal amount of content  + useless fluff content that gives nothing worthwhile (beast tribe quests) and the lack of a class I would like to play makes me rather wait till the Expansion. WoW is fun in spurts for me but I usually play really actively until i get the "you have 3 days left to resub" email than I realize I just really don't care for it + I'm looking to not spend any money regardless.

Currently have some questions regarding Neverwinter and TERA but I am welcome for other F2P suggestions. Looking at the new ranger class on NW + the new Expansion I'm told there has been some nice PvP additions to the game but I assume its for only higher level players? I got a level 30 Sorc? It was the offensive caster class, and had a lot of fun with the ability customization and combat but I like the PvP quite exclusively. The qualms I had were that there was constant AFKing in PvP because no one was booted for inactivity, has this been addressed? The other thing was I recall 2 or maybe 3 maps and they same thing over and over again got quite boring :/ so curious if they added more maps? Also curious at what level you can participate in the games "Open world PvP" since I did enjoy leveling through PvP more <.<. Final concern for this game was the whole Astral Diamonds Duping before I quit because I didn't particularly like how the NW handled the situation. Also, how hard is is to obtain Zen features like +Character slots e.t.c. for a non paying player? I've always strayed from Perfect World games because they had a tendency of making the games features seem quite hollow if you didn't drop some serious green, like epic pets that were purchased got way more levels and advantages than ones you could get without cash >.>. 

As far as TERA goes I stopped playing after the first month due to lack of PvP features and awful open world PvP and the very very flawed Vanarch system. I know the game has the alliance wars, two BG's and I believe recently they added the new Seige map that you can do as early as 30 with obvious PvE content too. I got a 45 warrior, logged in for the free 58 event and did a slayer and have every other class 30+ and tried the Reaper out yesterday and finished the new zone getting it to 58. Just was curious about the current state of endgame PvP for TERA before I grab my Warrior and start grinding bams again since I hate questing in TERA :P.


I'm free to other games that are F2P where you can get access to P2P features by grinding in game currency but not really interested in the cutesy Korean F2P stuff, the furthest I would go would maybe be Dragon Nest. My issue with Nexon games however was that they always seem to like capping how much experience you can get a day until you shell out money... I recall getting an hour or two where I can get EXP on my character then I have to wait for it to recharge. Really enjoyed Dragon nest but hated the Nexons progression capping BS and was curious if they changed that since launch? Thanks in advance for your suggestions and apologize for the wall of text.


  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,656Member Rare

    I won't be a big help probably since I don't pvp :)  but I'd still put my vote at Neverwinter over Tera, hands down.

    There were some updates in Neverwinter's pvp after you left, and yep, the Icewind Dale expansion is heavily lean on pvp. Getting Zen for free is grindy (don't know the current rate, haven't played since the winter festival... too many games, too little time for me). Mentioned the "epic pets", there are lot more epic companions in the game since you left, there's even an offline game for them, a massive collectable system / money sinkhole. Of course you can get them for free if grind the Zen for them.


    "I'm free to other games that are F2P where you can get access to P2P features by grinding in game currency but not really interested in the cutesy Korean F2P stuff"  You can try LotRO maybe, it's possible to grind out the whole game for free (a HUGE grind though), and also has a fairly active pvp community on the side if you want to pvp. True, it's tab-target and not action combat like Neverwinter or Tera. (but if you play wow "really actively" then it can't be a problem)

  • Allacore69Allacore69 Casselberry, FLPosts: 839Member

    Neverwinter for the win! Join The Guild Of Icewind Dale dude. That's my guild. All Neverwinters old problems are gone. I dont even see and gold farmers anymore.


  • Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Surprise, AZPosts: 581Member Uncommon
    Have they added afk kicking in BG's though? And do either of you know what the level is to do Open world PvP/Have they added new maps for PVP?
  • grindingamergrindingamer Los Angeles, CAPosts: 65Member
    Go with Atlantica, play your heart out and everything from the cash shop you can buy with in game currency. If you like Final Fantasy, you will enjoy this. Server wise, Argos is the most populated if you join :D
  • Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Surprise, AZPosts: 581Member Uncommon
    I actually stumbled upon Atlantica after trying out Grenado Espada, while I enjoyed the idea of what the game does I'm really not looking for a tactical turn based MMO. I was hoping for something a little bit more action based and single character focused which is why I mentioned those two (Neverwinter/TERA). Thanks for the suggestion regardless :)
  • ErgloadErgload GV, OHPosts: 433Member Uncommon

    Achaea - RP focused with 16 classes, bunch of crafting skills, ocean sailing, faction vs faction PvP, can grind for vanity shop currency

    Kings Road - browser based, similar to Torchlight/Diablo, can grind for cash shop currency

    Mortal Online - first person MMO hack-n-slash MMO, open PK world, difficult to get into but basically grind-kill people-repeat

  • TyggsTyggs Colorado Springs, COPosts: 428Member Uncommon
    Neverwinter, Rift, and SWTOR are the most fun F2P in my experience.

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  • Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Surprise, AZPosts: 581Member Uncommon

    Still no Neverwinter players that can answer my questions :<?

  • An4thorAn4thor RomaPosts: 524Member
  • asmkm22asmkm22 Anchorage, AKPosts: 1,788Member
    Originally posted by Darkfalz89
    Still no Neverwinter players that can answer my questions :

    Not many people stick with the game for more than a month or two.  You could just download it and see for yourself.

    Anyway, my vote would be Rift or SWtOR, depending on what genre you prefer.  Both games give you a pretty great F2P experience that really doesn't require spending money at all, and both transition well into paid subs with a decently active end-game.

    If you are more of a PvP player, I'd go with SWtOR.  If you lean more towards dungeons and raiding, then go with Rift.  Both are great values though.

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  • BulldozeBulldoze ManchesterPosts: 115Member Uncommon

    Have a look into:

    Age of Wushu


    Age of Conan

    I haven't played either extensively but I know they are both f2p and have PvP.  Age of Conan has a cool skill-based combat system (imo) e.g. you can cancel attacks mid swing to make your opponent waste a block ability kinda thing. Literally know nothing about Age of Wushu but it looks pretty cool from what I've seen on twitch, reminded me of crouching tiger hidden dragon with the running on walls and huge jumps. I'm sure the actual players on the sub-forums on here could tell you more

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  • DrannyDranny BarnsleyPosts: 279Member Uncommon
    I think Rift has the best F2P model I have played so far.
  • Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Surprise, AZPosts: 581Member Uncommon
    Rift always seemed so dated and boring to me as far as PvP went, not really quite sure why but I just really don't like the way it looks. I played rift for about 6 months into launch and just cant bring myself to keep playing even after multiple resubs. Not really a Sci-Fi mmo fan but I did have some 40+ characters and love my Adv. prototype Bounty hunter to death but just cant get drawn into the whole sci fi thing :<. And as much as everyone like to answer every problem with the answer of "Archeage" our god and savior of all MMO's to come its still in alpha and it just too so long to get published and Trion seems to be taking forever to release it. And the fact I mentioned in the Opening post that I'm not looking into paying money and the only way to play AA is to put down a ludicrous amount of money for a FTP game to play Alpha where data will be wiped lol.
  • apocolusterapocoluster newport news, VAPosts: 1,326Member Uncommon

    Hello Kitty Onlline  :)


      seriously though...if you want Mortal Online now...or wait till AA is done.

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  • WhorlordWhorlord Verdun, QCPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Another vote for both SWTOR and RIFT.

    IMO, these are the best F2P MMOs out there. Sure Neverwinter is not bad, but if you're looking for a fair experience (without getting nickle and dimmed), these 2 games are your best bets. Oh and both still have a decent population...

  • Darkfalz89Darkfalz89 Surprise, AZPosts: 581Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by apocoluster
    Hello Kitty Onlline  :)     seriously though...if you want Mortal Online now...or wait till AA is done.

    People still play mortal online? I thought that game died a long time ago.

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