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The last great hope for the MMO Genre.



  • VendakuVendaku Halifax, NSPosts: 77Member
    From what I have heard and read. I hope the game is all that it claims to be. It'd be nice to play a unique MMO for a change. 
  • OmnifishOmnifish LondonPosts: 616Member

    Captain Hyperbole returns!

    What did you say about Neverwinter again?


    This looks like a job for....The Riviera Kid!

  • aesperusaesperus Hamshire, NVPosts: 5,135Member Uncommon

    You guys really need to cut it out with this 'savior of the genre' crap. You're ruining otherwise good games by placing them on such a ridiculous pedestal. Games like EQ1 were so interesting back then because the genre was still new. We had no idea what the genre was, or what it would become. The genre isn't new anymore. It may not be everything to everyone, but there are numerous reasons for this, some of which being harsh truths we still refuse to accept.

    There will be no 'savior of the genre'. For one, the genre doesn't need saving yet. It still makes tons of money, which will continue to drive productions. Secondly, There has been innovation in the MMO genre. Quite a bit of it, over quite a long time. The catch is that we, primarily, have rejected the bulk of it. We scream for innovation and then bash it for being different / not having more of the same. It's an annoying trend that has been happening for years, and not just inside MMOs.

    That is the primary reason we have so many cookie-cutter games. We drive them. Like any business games have to go where the money is, and we have shown that the money is NOT in innovation.

    EQN will probably be a good game. It will certainly have some innovations within it. But don't go expecting the game to solve all your issues with MMOs by itseelf, before it's even had a chance to become a real game. It has potential, but it also has a lot of issues it will need to work out. It can also very easily turn into a game based entirely around gathering resources. Which will be fine for some, but a lot of people don't really enjoy that.

  • lttexxanlttexxan levelland, TXPosts: 422Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by p4ttythep3rf3ct
    I too hope for a bright future.  EQ was my first...wouldn't mind a prodigal return to EQN. :)    

    Excellent use of the parable "The Prodigal Son".

    U.O. was my first...E.Q. began my obsession.

    Back in the day I even named my dog "Fippy Darkpaw" and tried giving everyone I encountered that was driving too slow in traffic a "S.O.W."

    I relied heavily on a "Breeze" when coffee didn't quite do the trick.

    Man I'm OLD!

    Please E.Q.Next....don't blow it....please.

    It's better to lurk in forums and be thought a fool...than to endlessly "Quote" and remove all doubts.

  • KabulozoKabulozo AracajuPosts: 503Member Uncommon
    No, because there is Lineage Eternal.
  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,903Member Epic

    It is hardly the last great hope for the genre, there are other devs then SOE trying new ideas as well, Undead labs is one example. Massive online games just have too much potential for it to die down.

    But sure, it would be great if the game is fun and reboots the genre into something new. :)

  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,441Member Rare

    To the OP:

    Yeah, right.

    I heard the same thing about TOR, ESO, GW2, AOC, and on and on...

    And none of those games lived up to such expectations, and most fell flat.


    EQN will be additionally constrained by the need to have their game play on console, and it is designed to do that and be that from go.

    And then is EQN also being developed by SOE, who has not put out a good game in many years, AND is saddled with a terrible reputation in the MMO/gaming community. More rocks in the backpack.

    For EQN to overcome all of that, and end up being just good, never mind great, would take nothing short of a miracle.


    I just don't see it happening.


  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 11,928Member Epic

    I don't think it looks very good for SOE.I can just point to Twitch TV and there are mounds more viewers and users in the aged Minecraft section than Landmark.Soe several years back garnered a bad reputation and Smedley has done nothing to remove that bad rep,he is ever bit as sneaky as he has always been.

    IMO SOE needs to remove Smedley and get someone that is perceived by the investors and the public in a much better way.

    IMO SOE still puts out good products but Blizzard si still the one reaping all the rewards,geesh Blizzard could make money selling rainwater.

    It really is not all about quality it is imo more about perception which leads to a large following.

    I personally think Next will be a good product but it will not profit as much as SOE would hope it does.I have already seen enough of the design to know it  has flaws in it's design as well as some good things.The class design is imo very weak and will be a major factor in not enticing me to play.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • AlleinAllein Posts: 2,050Member Uncommon

    While I really like what I've seen concerning the classes, I do agree that Smed needs to take a backseat in things he isn't passionate about.

    Watching him talk about EQ/EQN compared to H1Z1 is night and day. He loves to kill and destroy. His personality and opinions fit in perfectly with the more "hardcore" PVP crowd (DayZ).

    Dave Georgeson on the other hand seems really into what he is doing with Landmark/EQN. Building, creating, socializing, making a virtual world, etc. If you can get past the smile =)

    While it is nice Smed does AMAs and interviews shedding a bit of light on SOE's future, it is unfortunately that he still brings all the past baggage with him that while the newer generation might know it, there are still plenty of us that do.

  • AlleinAllein Posts: 2,050Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by goozmania
    If you think this "action" combat, p2w single player mmo is the last hope, you should be giving up right now. This game is going to bomb.

    I just ran inside, I heard the sky was falling...

    Can't believe you didn't throw in WoW clone, disney, easymode, or any other unfounded crap lol.

  • xion12121xion12121 Palm Harbor, FLPosts: 125Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by azzamasin
    While I didn't start with the original Everquest I did know about it's existence while I was playing Asheron's Call the same year both released.  While I didn't find anything I would consider "my thing" about original EQ, it did 10 times better in numbers then my beloved AC.  It also ushered in the great MMO genre beginings, seeing as it was the first commercial success and relative household name.   I hope this same history will work with its newest MMO.  As a huge proponent of Innovation and uniqueness in the Genre It is damn refreshing to see EQN go away from the EQ/WoW model that has stymied this genre for far to damn long.     Here's hoping the EQN Revolution ushers in a new game changing, genre defining MMO.  Because sadly if it doesn't I can almost assuredly see me never looking into this genre again.  For me this is the last hope and the final nail in the coffin.  I have been without an MMO for far too long and I couldn't take another failed MMO.   Get it Right SOE!

    I sure hope so because the last few MMOs that came out had a great concept but still didn't deliver. WOW was great for 10 years and all but now its just reached its peak so its time to move on from that. But I have tried everything like Rift, SWOTR, Elder scrolls online, Wildstar etcs and nothing captures me like MMO's used to. I sure am hoping with you that SEO pulls off Everquest Next because I would like to make it the game I play for in the next few years. 

    I would give you a guest pass to SWOTR, but then I wouldn't be able to find a way to live with myself afterwards....

  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer ChairPosts: 7,684Member Epic

    I've said this before.

    Until this genre falls flat on it's face...........utterly,

    We are going t oget more of the same. and only worse. Smed is clueless and will say anything to get anything. Just look at his statement about H1Z1 being a SWG successor. He is so out of touch with the player base, he can't even deliver a cold pizza 2 hrs late let alone the miracle MMO to save the genre. He's already made it clear he's not after the current MMO market but doing the same thing that all the developers and publishers ahve been doing since WOTLK. trying to appeal to the biggest crowd they can possibly reach by piling on watered down features they think will have mass appeal but really don't

    Hey maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it.


    Also, I think their Alpha and Beta paid access will kill this game before it even launches. The longer this game takes to develop, and the longer players are in the test phases for EQN and Landmark, the sooner these games are going to be played out. people will tire of them even before they release.

  • RawasaRawasa BaratariaPosts: 34Member Uncommon

    In my opinion there is too much damn mmorpgs out there.......its like this if all you taste throughout your life is water, then water would be beautiful for you...however if you taste soda/juice or any other artificial beverage out there you would like those better.

    everyone loved EQ and UO but during those times there wasnt much choice was there? you HAD to like it because there is no other. These times are different though...there is sooo much to choose from that you just cant stay with one mmorpg for more than a month or 2 and you end up like a resource bot stuck between 2 ores. And explode...with nothing to play.

  • Moar61Moar61 Miramichi, NBPosts: 260Member Uncommon
    I hope EQN is a great success, lots of great ideas in there. ESO got me back into the mmo genre, so I'll keep playing that until I find something that does more for me.
  • madazzmadazz A town, ONPosts: 1,835Member Uncommon
    Shit this is the last MMO that is being made and therefore there is no hope after this one?!?!?!? WHERE HAVE I BEEN!?!?!?!?!??! OMFG.
  • DelCabonDelCabon Las Vegas, NVPosts: 251Member Uncommon

    I am really hoping that EQN re-introduces that sense of accomplishment that is so lacking in today's MMO's.  I get that a majority of players seem to like carebear runs of loot, kills and levels . There are even non-groups (open tagging) now which by sheer proximity give you the same benefits of grouping without the hardship of making any real social contact.

    So week long camps and 40+ man raids might not be realistic anymore given the challenging time constraints of facebook posts and twitter updates and the apparent proliferation of ADHD throughout the known universe, but I am confident there are still lots of people who will be served by a challenging, group friendly game. I am definitely one of those.

    Until then its back to soloing Lotro and hoarding all my loot.

    Del Cabon
    A US Army Vet (7th ID 5/21 "Just Cause") and MMORPG Native formerly of Trinsic, Norath and Dereth. Currently playing ESO. 

  • Alec_StormAlec_Storm Lubbock, TXPosts: 17Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by p4ttythep3rf3ct
    I too hope for a bright future.  EQ was my first...wouldn't mind a prodigal return to EQN. :)    

    I was thinking similarly myself, although EQ wasn't my first (UO was my first), but it's the one that holds that nostalgic spark when it comes to the early days of mmorpg's.   I started playing EQ Xmas 1999 and played until Dec. 2002, I'm highly anticipating EQN image

  • iixviiiixiixviiiix GSPosts: 1,290Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by madazz
    Shit this is the last MMO that is being made and therefore there is no hope after this one?!?!?!? WHERE HAVE I BEEN!?!?!?!?!??! OMFG.

    Well , it MAYBE the last "GREAT" MMORPG will be make.

    If this one fail then there are large change that no big budget MMORPG will be make because the risk is too high.

    Nowadays game developers look at the market to make game , and if the market don't bring back money then they don't jump in.

    As someone once said :"developers aren't fools" lol , they are smart businessman (though not great game makers) .

  • AlleinAllein Posts: 2,050Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by iixviiiix
    Originally posted by madazz
    Shit this is the last MMO that is being made and therefore there is no hope after this one?!?!?!? WHERE HAVE I BEEN!?!?!?!?!??! OMFG.

    Well , it MAYBE the last "GREAT" MMORPG will be make.

    If this one fail then there are large change that no big budget MMORPG will be make because the risk is too high.

    Nowadays game developers look at the market to make game , and if the market don't bring back money then they don't jump in.

    As someone once said :"developers aren't fools" lol , they are smart businessman .

    This has been said just as many times as the OP statement. Yet we've watched game after game with great IPs and lots of funding amount to blah. ESO seems to be the latest. We'll see how WAR 40k turns out.

    Thanks to kickstarter and random companies/people with money, we are seeing lots of indie games pop up, some with some promise, even if just for a niche market.

    As long as a game does more then break even, it is making profit. Maybe not pulling in WoW numbers, but profit is profit.

    EQN will not fail as games rarely do. Even if a game loses 90% of the initial player base, if it is still bringing in money, it isn't a failure. A failure would be not selling enough copies to fill a server or not being able to keep the lights on after a year. Not making every single gamer happy is not failing, which seems to be the bar that many gamers set that is completely unrealistic.

  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by azzamasin
    ,,,, Get it Right SOE!

    Do not see and need for "hope" for MMO because as long as I have Wow, Swtor, ... MMO world does not need and salvaging. Pretty happy with Wildstar after only few hours in beta, purchased yesterday. Loved a lot Gw2 and enjoyed for aprox half year daily .... but after some point lost grip on me. Do not like kind of questing it have, much better old progressive style like Wow.

  • ArskaaaArskaaa KauhajokiPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon

    for me EQN is only mmorpg hope. just tryed beta after 2 month break (played D3), and damm! world is so beatifull! water looks really nice and players builds are really really nice!

    all thouse smooth animations and game run smooth too. clean UI, relaxing world. just perfect. 

    only mmorpg that actually have some innovations.

  • JabasJabas Caldas da RainhaPosts: 1,240Member Uncommon

    Once up one time i had hope about a game befor release.

    That hope keep on my mind about 2 years, and then i was miracle cured after release.

    Im happy to say now that i dont waste my time having hope with games in development, it was a hell of a cure.

    Games come out, i check them, like it stay playing, dont like move on.

    Im a much more happy gamer right now  image

  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 941Member Uncommon

    nah black desert is one the way ...


    everquest the only interesting it has is their voxel graphics engine and the storybricks team .



  • mbrodiembrodie MelbournePosts: 1,291Member Uncommon

    eqn aint the last great hope and it's not what anyone is going to want, it's gonna be GW2 with a weird class system and semi destructable terrain coupled with free zones and buildings they get off landmark players.


    dynamic AI what a joke, MMO's cant even get static quests working bug free 90% of the time and now you want quests that spawn based off mobs that roam a land based off what events have triggered in a zone to make it so... thats way too many moving parts and variables to put into random equations to think that it's actually going to work well.


    countless builds? with a limited action set of 5 active abilities.... thats not really countless and many other games already do this and better.


    your actions will never make a difference in a scripted world... thats like saying GW2 is a living world because of the story that keeps on keeping on.


    and it's def for casuals.. this is the game you can pickup and play when you feel like it and have no real dedication too it, it's not something you have to put time and effort into to reap the benefits, it's a come as you please for as long as you like kinda game...


    it's gonna fall on it's face, landmark is just a tech demo for the EQN client to make sure it can handle what it needs to do to a degree and the game is a disappointment and as far from everquest as humanly possible, it's sales will be based of nostalgia until people realise it's not the game they were looking for.

  • PhryPhry OxfordshirePosts: 8,328Member Epic
    EQN might be the last hope for SOE's presence in the MMO genre, but if they were to 'disappear' it would just be a minor blip on the horizon, its been a long time since SOE had much influence on the genre, about the only game they have that i have any real interest in, is Planetside 2. So yes, imo EQN is SOE's last great hope for them to remain viable in the MMO Genre image
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