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H1Z1: Tune In to Hear the Truth

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,001MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The H1Z1 team is on Twitch as of this writing revealing "the truth" behind the game. Not sure what that means? Head to Twitch to find out!



  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 3,825Member Epic
    Suzie, i think you are incredibly cute.

  • EcocesEcoces Chicago, ILPosts: 879Member Uncommon
    this is pretty cool, feels like fallout.
  • TyggsTyggs Colorado Springs, COPosts: 428Member Uncommon
    Aww snap

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  • DarwaDarwa CambridgePosts: 2,176Member Uncommon
    Any chance someone could tell me what is being/what was said please? My hearing's not so good right now.
  • falc0nfalc0n Lubbock, TXPosts: 385Member Uncommon
    How can I get this stream through the app?


  • epoqepoq Richmond, VAPosts: 333Member Uncommon

    nearly 2 hours of pre-recorded lore.


    cool and all but i was also hoping for some announcements or any other game data, there was none.  SOE should give me early access for free for sitting through that IMO :)

  • SpottyGekkoSpottyGekko JohannesburgPosts: 6,183Member Epic

    Yeah, that was a marathon session. I'm extremely patient, but even I was wearing thin towards the end. About 50% of the initial audience didn't make it to the end I think.


    SOE are certainly putting a lot of effort into something that will most likely never rise above a huge gankathon, lol

  • MirslpMirslp Kr. HyllingePosts: 39Member
    I personally think smedley underestimates the potential of A3 Epoch. Sure A2 epoch was clunky but the shear variety of items and stuff to do leaves this game trailing... At least from what I have seen so far. I have no clue though why the industry is so hooked on zombies when it is the survival aspect and base building that appeals to the players. That said I hope the game turns out great cause I definitely found my MMO home amongst these games. Theme parks just seem dull and dead compared to the player interactions and intrigues supplied by games like these.
  • EhliyaEhliya Washington, DCPosts: 204Member Uncommon
    I do hope they pull off the focus on survival and group/community cooperation.  My fear is that the game ends up as a free-for-all sniper-fest with zombies as non-factors.  Logging in and getting head-shot within five minutes by xXDiscoAssassinXx won't attract many new players beyond the usual FPS audience.
  • LawlmonsterLawlmonster Posts: 1,021Member Uncommon
    This was a pretty neat idea, kinda like the super oldschool radio dramas my grandpa used to play me when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I couldn't sit through more than an hour without skipping through the rest, but still fun none-the-less. I certainly would have preferred to see information on the game itself, though.

    "This is life! We suffer and slave and expire. That's it!" -Bernard Black (Dylan Moran)

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    well tons of people did complain about the lack of lore so far.. i guess that is why they did it.

    as for people worrying about it just being a gankfest.. SOE have already said they are going to make zombies a bit part of the game not jsut something you can easily avoid building attrat them even the ones players build.. and as the game will be about surviving and building a place to survive in people will need to work togeather.





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