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I am in need of MMO players help!

JBGameDesignJBGameDesign StaffordPosts: 2Member

Hello my fellow MMO gaming friends, I am in great need of your help me pass my masters degree! I need you all to spare 5 minutes of your lovely day to fill out this survey for the sake of man kind! 


A little about myself, I am a game designer student doing a masters in game design theory, with the data I want to collect I wish to help improve the way free to play games design systems around cash shop items. 


It would mean a lot for just 1 person to spare 5 minutes of your day to help a fellow gamer, just copy paste the link below and fill in this small survey and know you did some good today, Thank  you. And if you are worried about the link from a 0 post guy, just Google kwiksurveys to see that its legit. :)

Also from code of conduct " does not support its members posting links for which they are entitled to reward. This constitutes advertising on the forums. If you wish to purchase advertising with us, please contact"

I gain no reward or funding from the link therefore no rules are broken.





  • JBGameDesignJBGameDesign StaffordPosts: 2Member
    Just bumping thread, I am in great need for  help out there!
  • delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,649Member Rare

    FREE TO PLAY SUCKS REAL BAD.....Most here would like to see this crap go away, and it's 99% just a marketing trick !

    worst thing to ever be made for mmo's.........Cut the marketing junk !

  • mmofanaticsmmofanatics Matawan, NJPosts: 24Member

    Feel like this is a marketing strategy. Cut this crap dude! Its pretty obvious how you do it! Better luck next time =P


  • AkuzimoAkuzimo Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 20Member
    I felt like being a bro. I did your survey.
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