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Eclipse war online

Alkestis22Alkestis22 new york, NYPosts: 2Member
any news regarding the OBT of this game?


  • WoodistWoodist Manila, ALPosts: 19Member
    i heard that the OBT release will be on last week of April.  I just noticed that Eclipse War and Rohan has the same publisher. Lol.
  • mmofanaticsmmofanatics Matawan, NJPosts: 24Member

    OBT just started today guys. Been waiting for this. Hope it will not bring its shadow from the past.


  • mmofanaticsmmofanatics Matawan, NJPosts: 24Member

    Been playing this game for 5 days now, but it seems there are very few people playing. Sometimes I don't see any players passing me. I feel bored. Is there anyone out there playing this game? Really need party and friends. :(


  • spartan9spartan9 toronto, ONPosts: 9Member
    I've been playing EWO or  4 days now. So far I'm not that impressed with the graphics but the character transformation and collecting transformation cards keeps me interested with the game.
  • mmofanaticsmmofanatics Matawan, NJPosts: 24Member

    I feel like bored on this game, as I do not have friends who play with Eclipse War Online. Now I am stuck in my level. Can't remember actually as I were not able to play this weekends. I hardly get party as well. Anyone out there play this Eclipse War too? Share your IGN and I will add you. Thanks in advance.


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