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Looking for DAOC Legion of Uruz guildies

Reb8Reb8 Spring, TXPosts: 1Member

As the title says, coming back for WAR and thought I'd see if any of the old gang is around and in or forming a guild for WAR.  Let me know the particulars.




  • Kashae_SaintKashae_Saint Seattle, WAPosts: 1Member

    Hey, this is Kashae Swordsaint.  I have been looking for you guys for years.  :(  I cannot find Garrock or anyone.  If you guys can see this, send email to or find us as we live now.  :)  I have a guild on Elder Scrolls Online named Immunity.  Like I said, I have been searching for you guys for over a decade.  Please, please send me an email if you are.

    -Kashae Swordsaint

    50 Norse Warrior

    Legion of Uruz

    Percival - Midgard

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