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Why do people consider Wildstar a childish game?



  • KyleranKyleran Paradise City, FLPosts: 23,965Member Epic

    The game comes across to me as being "silly fun", and I play MMORPG's to neither be silly or have "fun."

    Strangely enough they promise to bring back more challenging raiding, which would appeal more to why I play MMORPG's, to accomplish things, so perhaps they should focus their marketing  more towards why this is a good, challenging game, rather than try to amuse with tongue in cheek humor?


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  • ZorgoZorgo Deepintheheartof, TXPosts: 2,225Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Saio3
    “Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence....." C.S Lewis.


  • NyghthowlerNyghthowler Posts: 209Member Uncommon

    The graphics ARE cartoony. Plain and simple. And I swear they are going out of their way to give me an epileptic seizure with the bright flashing lights,

    But that isn't why I don't care for the game. Simply put, it bores the hell out of me. Period.

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  • drantikdrantik jonesborough, TNPosts: 29Member

    There are a couple of interesting things I took away from your post. 

    1.  Right off the bad, it was very hard to read. I think that says a lot when you are trying to prove something is not childish while simultaneously applying that same label to others. 

    2. You are preaching at people to not be concerned with labels... Yet you are in a fit over your new game being labeled.  

    I think you should work on your presentation and form complete and coherent thoughts before you become belligerent towards people that do not share similar tastes as you.


    Now on to the point (I think) of your post. I have also elected not to purchase Wildstar. Does that mean I am afraid to act like a child? I have children of my own and find myself waddling through tunnels at playgrounds after them.  Being called a child is the least of my concern.  The graphics must be it! I played WoW off and on since release, graphics are not going to deter me.  The game is too lighthearted for you! I am playing "The Stick of Truth" as we speak...

    The reason I have elected to not play the game are not any one of the reasons listed, it's all of them combined and then some.  Yes the graphics are bad.  It feels like I'm playing space-wow.  Yes the game is childish and lighthearted.  Those two things together make it hard for me to enjoy. Add in the lack of voice overs (sorry, I'm spoiled now), boring questing (it really is), boring story, and forever long intro tutorial and I think you are going to push a lot of people away.  Even if none of those things were an issue for me, I like sci-fi games less than fantasy.  

    Two other smaller issues for me was was the size of the quest text and performance.  I can see fine but I shouldn't have to squint to read my quests.  I am sure there are options that will adjust that, or at least addons, but I feel like the game should be presented better without having to dig through settings.  Performance was slightly annoying.  For a game with graphics like this my rig should perform without a hiccup, that wasn't the case.  Yes it's beta, but its damn near close to release.  



  • DEAD.lineDEAD.line LisbonPosts: 424Member
    Originally posted by Dewulf
    Still I've seen most of kids play runescape or wow. Kids favour  cartoonish games.   And still graphics are one of the most important thing in video games.

    Make that a double:

  • KnotwoodKnotwood Missoula, MTPosts: 1,103Member

    Wow,  this thread has some pretty wide spectrum definitions on what is grown up or childish, or adult or child.   I think there is probably a psychology professor somewhere just laughing at this thread right now.  It boarders comical and maybe they should make a tv show on this, would be fun to watch. 


    That aside.  There is many stages to growing up and being an adult.   Many marketing industries use this when marketing a game, toy, car, house, purse, shoes, and the list is endless.  Some of the most profitable people in the world have made it through some pretty deep stages of life, which gives them the ability to prey upon younger or older people, who are at a earlier stage of gorwing up. 


    Have you ever seen a 40 year old who hangs out with teenagers and gets drunk with them and buys them beer and smokes?   This is an adult, who has never grown up past their teen stage of life.   These are the most easy people to prey upon by marketeers.   Then there is 40 year olds who have gone to war a few times, been involved in politics,  been involved in global business deals, and these people are at the higher end of growing up,  these people are never fooled by marketeers.  They are so grown up they would not even consider playing a video game. 


    So somewhere in beteen those two types of 40 year olds, you find the general population,  mostly towards the teenage spectrum.  I have to admit that there is a lot and I mean ALOT of adults who never grew up past their teenage years.  The reason for this is freedom and marketeering but that's for another days discussion.


    Bottom line is,  how grown up are you?   Where does Wildstar fi on the timeline of growing up stages that marketers view it on their charts in back offices which are results from their marketing research?   This is the question you really want to answer to find out.   I'll tell you exactly where.  Wildstar is targed to 6 year olds to 25 year olds.   As you move past 25 years old it will be much harder for the general populous of 26+ year olds to want to play wildstar based on its content.  


    Does this mean that people will not play it if they are 26+?   Of course not,  some people will play it at even 70-120 for the combat or the features in the game, or just because they are toys R us kids. 


    Now if we were to take Barney the Dinosaur,  I can guarantee you that Teens would not watch it, neither would Adults, because Barney has a marketing geared for 2-6 year olds.   But if you were to ask a 5 year old why they think teens or adults do not like it,  I'm sure you'll get an answer like, because they do not know how to be young, or are immature or are stupid...   well you'd probably get the stupid answer cause at 5 I used to call everyone I did not understand that.


    Keep in mind that Daria says it best about who and why Wildstar is targeted to a certain age group that many older adults would call childish,  and this "Edgy".




  • MalinkadinkMalinkadink From, NJPosts: 79Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by xeniar
    have you seen the way the commercial is set up? :P says it all tbh the entire game tries to be so much fun its over the top. Their slogan should be OMG theres so much fun to be found here!!! play me!!! fun fun fun. They try not to be serious in any way or form. That combined with those grapichs. Yeah you get childish. Also its the same rubbish as we have seen the last 10 years. If you like themeparks go wildstar its created well i think. IF your are done with themeparks stay away from it. far far away

    Was gonna come in here and say the same thing, lucky for me this guy 2nd post too mind you said it all really, the game really doesnt take itself seriously at all and that was in itself the turnoff for me. I had no gripes with the graphics, and i enjoyed the combat for the most part. I was bothered with the running animation though, i mean constant skipping around? Who is gonna take you seriously if you skip around everywhere? lol

  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,950Member Rare
    Because it plays like one of those obnoxious kid cartoons. Like sponge bob, or ed edd and eddy.
  • EntinerintEntinerint brooklyn, NYPosts: 868Member Uncommon
    It's the video game equivalent of jingling keys in front of a toddler.  In fact, have they added keys jingling in front of the screen whenever you level?  Seems appropriate.
  • MurlockDanceMurlockDance ParisPosts: 1,223Member
    Originally posted by Robokapp
    it's simply because it's too silly-themed and displays exagerated emotions.   Let me ask you, why is it NOT childish? art style, emotion style, character presentation and all clips trailers and previews portray it in a light that would make it a great childish game.   In the end, if you're ok with cartoony graphics why are you not ready to accept it's childish? Will you enjoy it less if you're not portrayed as a manly man for playing it by the internet community?

    Let me ask you, why is it considered to be childish? Are all cartoons childish? How about the old Looney Tunes cartoons? I did indeed watch the classic ones as a kid but I only really got the more slapstick side of them. It took me until I was an adult to really understand the full meanings of all of the humor. How about adult-oriented Japanese anime? How about caricatures?

    Again, why are bright colors, exaggerated features, and light humor equated to childishness? Everything has to be stark and stern, dark and dreary to be considered "adultish"?

    It takes an adult to realize that looks can be deceiving.

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  • MurlockDanceMurlockDance ParisPosts: 1,223Member

    Originally posted by Alber_gamer

    I don't think anyone that isn't trolling would consider the game childish. And if they do, they're mistaking "humorous" for "childish". I prefer Wildstar's way about one million times over the old and boring "doom and gloom" RPG where the world is crumbling, the war has erupted, and everything is lost until you, the hero, come to change it. In Wildstar the world is crumbling, war has erupted, but it's about seeing the positive side of it and having fun playing. The other 3 million games of the market can go ahead with the doom and gloom.   I found a fun fact amongst my group of friends and guildies, and is that a most of the people that find the game "childish" tend to be in the 15-25 years old range, while more mature individuals can look beyond the skin, finding the game fun and generally appealing. Guess some people are just too eager to claim out loud that they're already too adult for cartoons, as if they had something to prove.
    Agreed. And what a lot of people on here seem to forget is that cartoons can be a powerful medium for serious subjects too even if it is done with humor. That is one reason why the old Looney Tunes cartoons (the non-censored ones from the 40s for example) were so good.

    Originally posted by maple2

    because those people who says so.. are kids and also they dont want a game to better then wow.. and thats a fact..  Wildstar is a Hardcore game for does who like it to be hard instead of that Pony level World of warcraft serves.. what i mean by Pony is that every boss mechanic is the same just used a different way and the game is Old and starting to Crumble to dust and leveling is a joke...   Wildstar brings tons of Fun, Challenge, hardcore content, 20/40 raiding, extreamly large scale pvp, Housing, Warplots u can customize yourself. and much more Wildstar is only abit more cartoonish then world of warcraft but thats how games is. Or else we would have to make the graphics even more intense and people had to buy better Pc's in order to run the games aswell.   90% of all games today are Cartoonish looking,  Wow.Rift,Tera,D3,star wars,Wildstar, and alot more games to come are going to be cartoonish thats a fact. all major MMO's are Cartoonish get used to it already.   oh and btw if Wildstar is childish why is it that it's mostly grown up that plays it? aswell as hardcore raiding guilds in wow are mostly 20+ even Semi Hardcore only accept 18+   same thing in wildstar semi hardcore 18+ and hardcore 20+ softcore even 18+ aswell due to the fact that they dont want any kids..

    In green: except that WoW is a cartoony game too. I think a WoW player would feel at home in Wildstar as far as graphics/animations are concerned so I would be surprised if a WoW player would purposely put down Wildstar while trying to promote his game. It would be hypocritical in fact.

    Otherwise I agree with your post.


    Playing MUDs and MMOs since 1994.

  • LookwhostalkingLookwhostalking Indiana, KSPosts: 63Member

    So i guess for a 39 man like me, is better to play a retarded game with realistic graphics like ESO, instead of one which is better in almost every aspect, having HUGE content and is highly polished like WS, because of its cartoony graphics.

    Good point and i think this logic applies to games like D3, Rift SWTOR, TERA, GW2 etc as well, right?

    Btw i feel myself a hero reaching the game with realistic graphics up to lvl 34. Was a total boredom, gamebreaking bugs and minimal options of content to play. Btw our EU server is still in US. I guess they will move him on EU "Soon"...

  • skoupidiskoupidi ThessalonikiPosts: 235Member Uncommon

    The game is cartoony, cute and extremely funny , animation wise and lore wise. Some people take this concept as childish, because either they can't stand looking at silly characters running arround, or have some kind of gripe with cartoons.


    On the other hand, gameplay wise, the gameplay that matters (dungeons,pvp,raids) is extremely challenging and i don't expect 10 year olds to be competitive in this game.


    Crafting also requires some thought and researh,which i doubt a kid could handle.


    People who care about artstyles are free to go play any other AAA mmo in the market. 80% of them are realistic looking and 80% more boring than Wildstar IMO.



  • PhryPhry OxfordshirePosts: 8,330Member Epic

    Its not that the game is childish, i think its the use of cartoon style graphics that makes it more 'child' friendly.

     Cartoon graphics are meant to appeal to children, they see them every day on TV after all, and its the 'fun' factor, to a child, cartoons are fun, their colourful and they catch at a childs imagination. Children are not really into 'realistic' graphics, they hold no awe for the technical details or how hard it may be to recreate them, that comes later, much later tbh. Its not that Cartoon graphics are childish, its that they appeal to children, its all about shapes and colours. Also there is the violence factor, in cartoons there is violence but nobody is every really hurt by it, its a cartoon after all, there is no 'angst' to distract the child, just the fun factor, more realism would be counter productive, and the more realistic the graphics are, the less fun it would be to be hurt, and to hurt others in a game, the game would become that much less appealing.

    Thats why i think cartoon graphics are used in games to appeal to a younger audience, the game is meant to be 'child friendly' image

  • Alber_gamerAlber_gamer RomePosts: 588Member Uncommon

    I'm glad for Wildstar artistic choice.




    Because it will keep away all the kids that think that they're too grown up to play a cartoonish game.


    They can go to ESO. Wildstar will be a cleaner and better game for it.


    Brilliant move by Carbine.

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  • Jean-Luc_PicardJean-Luc_Picard La BarrePosts: 6,021Member Epic
    Originally posted by mpompos
    Who cares? I bought and played the "adult" game called ESO (as a fan of oblivion and morrowind) and i got bored after hit 34 lvl. This weekend i m playing the "childish" WS beta and i find it a fine game in many aspects. I m going to pre order it and hope it will be even better at launch. Btw i m 39 years old with 2 kids (oldest one plays LoL).

    I'm also totally impartial to graphic style. I got equally bored with both ESO and WS during the beta...

    I didn't find Wildstar to be specially "childish", some of the humor used in the game would actually be hard to understand by a child. Just like WoW btw.

    I agree though that they abuse the word "fun" a lot in all their advertisement, but once that virtual "fun" layer is peeled away, the game becomes very linear and therefore sadly... very boring.

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  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Posts: 7,034Member Epic
    Will start by saying I enjoy Wildstar and I bought the game. Second, it is a little childish on some levels. 1. Graphics are not serious, they are cartoony. 2. The humor is silly and constantly makes fun of it self. So when you look at its package it is childish!!! At its core and it system is a hardcore game. Some people dont like the feel of the game because of that and will never see the hardcore systems under the hood. Some look at ESO mature rating and more realistic graphics and see a serious game in their mind. (((shrugs)))

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  • AeonbladesAeonblades Home, GAPosts: 2,083Member

    Because it looks childish and the story is childish would be my guess. The core of the game is solid however, and from what I have heard, played, and read it offers plenty of "hardcore" for people who want a bigger challenge.

    The bottom line is it's going to appeal to some and not others, I like the art direction personally, my problem was in the loose combat itself rather than anything to do with childish art or story.

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  • BurntCabbageBurntCabbage louisville,KYPosts: 468Member Uncommon
    it just comes down to a matter of choice really..some are all for the cartoony look and love to get plush doll give away or pay extra for a silly statue ..some do not...i for one do not care for the cartoony  look of mmorpg i just cant get into it..but i wont say ill try it on a free trail or something...hell i tryed Wow..that was good till BC hit
  • CoffeeBreakCoffeeBreak Mechanicsburg, PAPosts: 236Member

    I like the art style.  Wow was cartoony because they wanted a game that would play well on most systems as of 2004.  If you look hard enough you can find the more "realistic" wow alpha footage.


    Wildstar is different because it's intentional.  Like playing Crash Bandicoot Online and it even has doublejump.  Maybe it's childish but I'm 32 and love running and jumping around(my char in beta was Explorer).

  • TheAmazingDwarfTheAmazingDwarf MadridPosts: 232Member Uncommon
    I think it depends on personal tastes. I for one find GW2 very childish and I don't play it because it anoys me, but I don't find WoW, FFXIV ARR or WS childish one bit. And I have fun with those games. That's what matters.

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  • LookwhostalkingLookwhostalking Indiana, KSPosts: 63Member
    Originally posted by DwarfZZZ
    I think it depends on personal tastes. I for one find GW2 very childish and I don't play it because it anoys me, but I don't find WoW, FFXIV ARR or WS childish one bit. And I have fun with those games. That's what matters.


    This ^^

  • uidLuc1duidLuc1d Marietta, GAPosts: 193Member Uncommon
    Same reason I don't play WoW... looks like a cartoon.
  • RusqueRusque Las Vegas, NVPosts: 2,665Member Rare

    Some people are just insecure and worried what someone might think (even if no one is going to see them).

    The real question is, how many people who like WS have called someone a WoW kiddie?

  • MargraveMargrave Posts: 852Member Uncommon
    People have their own opinions?! WHA?!
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