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WildStar: Rowsdower Plushie Giveaway!

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Everyone's favorite fluffy recurring character, the Rowsdower, has been subject to incredible abuse at the hands of the evil Stephan 'the Brofessional' Frost. After watching Frost blow up a whole army of Rowsdowers, WildStar fans had enough and petitioned Carbine for a Rowsdower plushie in hopes the proceeds would serve as a sufficient bribe to get Frost to cease the abuse. Also, Rowsdowers were in need of hugs, lots of hugs!


Don't be this guy!

Carbine finally answered fans' pleas at this year's PAX East with the introduction of the Rowsdower plushie and since then many Rowsdowers have been liberated from Frost's evil clutches. However, a couple of Rowsdowers, five to be exact, managed to make it through the show without a home and that's where you come in!

We want you to show us your love for Nexus' fluffy mountain goats by posting an awesome screenshot of your WildStar character with a Rowsdower in-game. Drop your screenshot in the comments below (or Tweet it @MMORPGcom with the hashtag #WildStar and #Hugs4Rows) between now and Tuesday, April 22 and we'll pick five of the most dedicated Rowsdower fans as winners of a brand-new Rowsdower plushie, courtesy of Carbine Studios! Winning entries will be announced on Wednesday, April 23.

Please only submit a single screenshot. Users found submitting multiple entries will be disqualified. The same goes for anyone submitting a screenshot subjecting Rowsdowers to bodily or psychological harm. You don't want to be like Frost, do you? (Don't answer that!)










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