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If you are playing, what level are you right now?



  • IlayaIlaya BochumPosts: 447Member Uncommon

    My Mage which i played from EA is 37 cause i stopped him. Was not "so" good as i expected or wanted him to be. So i decided to re-roll and my new DK is now 26 and i think he will get some lvl's to today. Crafting is BS at lvl 30+ on both of them, also Cooking in the 40'th (man these Food Buffs are so yummy, but sad that we are not allowed to use Drinks + Food together :(  )

    I just love the Game as it is. Great Fun, and very immersive. I don't regret a single minute or a single Cent. And thinking of what i have not seen yet, i get goosebumps. It is nice to have a Game again, which keeps me busy with Entertainment.

  • KinadoKinado lisbonPosts: 198Member

    I m level 40 and I'm throwing up quests.

    Does everybody have some kind of undead infestation in their homeland??? 

    I realized that leveling just became a chore for me in ESO instead of having fun. I read and listen to all the dialogue, I craft, I read books, its all very interesting but also very boring.

    Dungeons are too damn easy or I've been incredibly lucky with the grouping tool.

    Fortunately there is pvp but the game has so many bugs and combat clunkiness that its hard to enjoy that aswell, not to mention that we spend more time traveling in Cyrodiil instead of fighting. Or camping a keep route to sucker punch people and kill them in 2-3 hits but that isn't fun either. Or sieging a keep shooting a stone from a trebuchet every 20 seconds, not fun. I like fair fights whether I lose or win, those are very very rare in Cyrodiil. Also after 1AM PVP closes down so no choice besides questing after that.

    All quests in MMO's are pretty boring, what drives these games apart and keeps leveling interesting besides the storytelling, its the gameplay. The way you fight to complete these quests keeps you entertained, maybe that's why I m beginning to be fed up with the game. The combat is unresponsive, animations get stuck and again the game is too easy. The story is good, the voice acting is pretty good but a game is not meant to be an audio-book.

    I really want to like the game but more and more I find it hard to, just canceled my sub unfortunately. I ll probably resub when they add more polish to the game and combat system. And more features! This game needs more features BADLY! ALL YOU DO QUEST!

  • NyghthowlerNyghthowler Posts: 209Member Uncommon

    5 day early access.

    2 L18's, 1 L13, and a L8. All doing crafting.

    Taking things slow but that's ok as I have a metric ton of time on my hands as I had Knee surgery recently (damn that arrow!) and it isn't heeling right. Basically bed bound with nothing to do but play.

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  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 15,026Member Legendary




  • CoffeeBreakCoffeeBreak Mechanicsburg, PAPosts: 236Member

    My main char is currently level 41, but that's because I started in early access but rerolled a week ago.  

    The original I was playing is 35 but I grew to like him less after he was stuck on the Greenshade?(always bad with zone names) rollback zone for 3-4 days.  But that grave me the opportunity to put some more time into other classes I never took past 10 in beta and found a class I liked more.

  • ReallymjReallymj loveland, OHPosts: 44Member Uncommon

    I just hit V2 last night. It literally took me about 5 or 6 days from v1 to v2 because I have limited playtime. I started early access with a week off of work and the pre-vet leveling goes quite fast. I do all the quest in all the zones pretty much. I did do some occasional mob grinding before I hit vet1 but none since. I just did every quest in the zone for vet 1 to get to vet 2. I am assuming each zone will get me roughly 1 vet level from here on out.

    Playing as NB with Full Stamina build.

    ~Im not what I am~

  • PulsarManPulsarMan Tampa, FLPosts: 289Member

    I've been chugging along since the 5 day early access, and I'm only level 18. :/ 

    School and work are kicking my booty. But, the end is near! :) 

  • AnthurAnthur StolbergPosts: 801Member Uncommon
    Apprentice rank 22.
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,957Member Rare
    I dinged 41 last night, with an embarrassing amount of time played. About 90% of my time has been in Cyrodiil. I'd say about 20% of the time I've been questing. Professions are all somewhere between 5 and 10.
  • VoiidiinVoiidiin Barrow, AKPosts: 817Member

    Started early access (5 day)

    I have a...

    20 Temp Blacksmith level 22 (2-hand DPS)

    26 Temp Clothing level 27 (bow / staff healing)

    15 DK Provisioner level 43 (s&b / bow Tank)

    11 DK Mule (dual wield DPS)

    14 Sorc Woodcrafter level 21 (staff DPS)

    12 Sorc Enchanter level 14 (Staff DPS / Staff heals)

    8 NB Alchemist level 12 (dual / bow DPS)

    11 NB Mule (2-handed / Staff DPS-heal testing)


    What can i say i love my alts, i try to get them all 1 level a week, but my main is my Templar healer, o just like to twang the mobs with my bow then spear them to death when they close, can handle large packs of mobs and can decimate anything that's solo.

    I like to use my alts for specific areas of crafting because it takes up less space to have them all not have to share those particular crafting materials. Having 2 mules who just sit on the upgrade materials really helps me from feeling like i need to upgrade my stuff... prior to level 50, it is so tempting to do it but i think i have over 2 stacks each now of all the first tier upgrade components.

    Harvesting tip for those who are reading... turn off grass, never ride your horse. I find if i am on my horse i will just run by nodes, but if i am on foot i will 90% of the time stop and harvest.

    Lolipops !

  • OnoriaOnoria Millstone, Twp, NJPosts: 25Member Uncommon

    Been playing a few nights a week  since early access and am level 17 Sorc with lvl 9 Clothier and Woodworker


    Just finished Glenumbra. I am currently enjoying the game a lot. Working towards that 17.5K for a horse! It is slow going, that's for sure


    Hope you're all enjoying the game!


  • marcustmarcust AdelaidePosts: 491Member Uncommon

    6 toons varying from level 3 to 15


    Smithing and enchanting on my level 15

    Woodworking and tailoring on my other "to be" main

    Alchemy on my sorcerer


    A few minions sending me mats and describing their adventures :)

    Lots of crafting research done.


    Doing every quest and loving it.


    When I know that I'm too tired to read the quest properly, or feel like I'm rushing, I logout.


    Playing: Diablo 3 and Black Desert 
    Other favourite games have been: UO, Lineage2, WoW, Darkfall, Lotro

  • TakeoJusticeTakeoJustice Posts: 57Member Uncommon
    My main is level 17 with blacksmithing to 14 and provisioning to 20. My alts are level 14 and 10.
  • reillanreillan Tulsa, OKPosts: 241Member Uncommon

    V1, although my enchanting is at a hefty 30 *flex*

  • SvarcanumSvarcanum SthlmPosts: 420Member Uncommon
  • AstroCatAstroCat Chicago, ILPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    Main is 13 (almost 14), two alts like 4 or 5 (crafting on starter islands). Playing since pre-release. Have other things going on, play a few hours a night, a few times a week and maybe a bit more on the weekend. I'm in no hurry.
  • DataDayDataDay Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,447Member Uncommon
    31 and bored beyond belief. Scratch the surface and you see its far more shallow than it lets on.
  • baphametbaphamet omaha, NEPosts: 3,208Member Uncommon

    level 17 with woodworking at 12 and clothing at 10, getting all the skyshards and doing most of the quests as well.

    farming in this game is bad ass too i might add. not only do you farm materials but treasure chests as well.

    i like that :)

    i spend at least 40% of my playing time just doing that.

  • DragimDragim Boring, KSPosts: 867Member Uncommon

    26 "pure" healing templar. (heal staff/heal staff) (I have 0 offensive abilities...)  Yes it is a pain to quest sometimes... lol

    Blacksmith/Woodwork/clother all at 16 (with 8 skill points in each line ((24 points in crafting so far))

    About...3 days playtime on my /character or is it /played?


    I pvp, I craft, I wander around looking for ore/cloth/wood, I goof off with people /lute /drum /pushup /situp,, I dungeon run  or don't really camp "open" dungeon bosses, mainly because as a healer, I never get enough damage in to get loot...  I "try" to grind mobs, but as a healer...well, without someone to heal/do damage, I don't really get much out of it :-P

    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

  • KailashKailash Williamsburg, VAPosts: 301Member
    VR10 Full Legendary Sorc
  • baphametbaphamet omaha, NEPosts: 3,208Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Dragim
    26 "pure" healing templar. (heal staff/heal staff) (I have 0 offensive abilities...)  Yes it is a pain to quest sometimes... lolBlacksmith/Woodwork/clother all at 16 (with 8 skill points in each line ((24 points in crafting so far))About...3 days playtime on my /character or is it /played?--------I pvp, I craft, I wander around looking for ore/cloth/wood, I goof off with people /lute /drum /pushup /situp,, I dungeon run  or don't really camp "open" dungeon bosses, mainly because as a healer, I never get enough damage in to get loot...  I "try" to grind mobs, but as a healer...well, without someone to heal/do damage, I don't really get much out of it :-P

    why would you gimp yourself with 0 offensive abilities? just curious. are you not getting all the skyshards and skill points from competing quests?

    do you feel you will not have enough skill points to waste 3 or 4 on offensive abilities? if all you did was unlock the first two skills in dawns wrath, that would be huge for your offensive capabilities.

    unless you are purposely trying to just be a healer for RP reasons? like i said, just wondering.

  • VaporsVapors Fr.Posts: 407Member Uncommon

    Veteran 1, starting to PVP now -  Blacksmith/leathering at 30 with barbaric motif (so happy about). Searching for the best meele blacksmith station in the level areas to craft a freaking awesome set. But right now I enjoy ganging people in pvp solo or in small groups. I recently pressed /played and it told me gametime from about 5 day. Which is a hint "game is worth the money, if you compare other games for 50 euro with 12-20 hours gametime".

    Right now I am trying to nerf my playing time to not rush the other areas aswell. Will see how much longer it will keep my interest.

    I must say I haven't mmo's anymore for a long time and maybe thats why I like it at the moment, to bad  can't test the wildstar beta this weekend to compare.

  • TalemireTalemire Clearwater, FLPosts: 738Member Uncommon
    Played since March 30th, I just hit level 18, and I'm not an alt person either. Just been taking it slow and exploring all the game has to offer. In no rush whatsoever.

    MMORPGs are great to look forward to after a hard day of work, but heaven is the ultimate reward for those who live Christ-like.

  • evilizedevilized columbus, OHPosts: 566Member Uncommon
    Been sitting at 50% into VR3 for about a week. Will push to VR6 over this weekend / early next week. Will sit there for a week then stab my eyes out to VR10
  • ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

    Templar lvl 11 (Heavy) Armor craft lvl 9, Weapon craft lvl 8

    Dragon Knight lvl 8 Provisioner lvl 11

    Sorcerer lvl 8 (Light) Armor craft lvl 6, Woodworking lvl 5

    Nightblade lvl 7 (Medium) Armor craft lvl 5


    Entered with 3 day headstart.

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