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Beta key for Wildstar 18.04.14

jimmy123jimmy123 BirminghamMember Posts: 318 Uncommon

Hi everyone just wondering if anyone knows how to get there hands on a beta key for this weekends Wildstar.

Have managed to play it twice so far just wanted one more weekend to make my mind up into getting the preorder.

Have enjoyed playing so far, so much so i will probably update pc to get game to run smoother, running on a 7year old system doesn't help.


  • gmaba01gmaba01 SingaporeMember Posts: 21
    There'll probably be giveaways come Thursday or Friday. Keep an eye out for them on sites like this one,, etc
  • jimmy123jimmy123 BirminghamMember Posts: 318 Uncommon

    Thanks, it's only monday i'm getting impatient, seems like it was ages ago since i last played.

    Godamit i'm getting withdrawls.

  • Gither79Gither79 Lewisburg, PAMember Posts: 55 Uncommon
    sorry the game is out in retail. this post is old. and need to be delete.
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