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A Tale In The Desert 7

HonashaHonasha Chandler, AZPosts: 2Member

Have you heard?


A Tale In The Desert is just a couple of months away from launching it's next tale! Under the new guidance and leadership of Pluribus Games, A Tale In The Desert (ATITD) is once again promising a very active development and player base which will breath new life into a long time favorite.

For those who have never played this game before, I encourage you to check it out! Set in ancient Egypt, A Tale In The Desert is a challenging crafter style game which builds it's foundation on the society. There are no monsters to fight or wars to wage. Instead, this game challenges the player and the community with issues such as bartering for goods and services, working together to complete large scale construction projects, and passing laws written by the players themselves which govern society! Starting off can be difficult, but I have never encountered a more friendly and welcoming player base eager to assist. There are so many things that make this game truly unique, but none more so than the culture of the community.

We are currently at the end of tale 6 and now is the perfect opportunity for new and returning players to brush up on their game skills and get to know people. For a limited time Pluribus has made the game free to play, so there's no reason not to give it a try!

I look forward to seeing you there.




  • QuizzicalQuizzical Posts: 17,338Member Epic
    Pluribus games?  What happened to eGenesis?  Is Teppy still on the project?
  • HonashaHonasha Chandler, AZPosts: 2Member
    Teppy is too distracted with his other ventures so he has allowed Pluribus to step in and reinvigorate ATITD. I believe (though don't quote me) that Teppy is still there to lend guidance if needed.
  • NickNameFreedomNickNameFreedom Thailand, NEPosts: 43Member
    Havn't heard about it before, Would you please describe more about this game, a link would be quite appreciated : )
  • WolfClawsWolfClaws Arlington, VAPosts: 636Member Uncommon
    Now this is interesting news. Not sure about the change in development folks, but I always liked ATTD.
  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,930Member Rare
    Originally posted by Quizzical
    Pluribus games?  What happened to eGenesis?  Is Teppy still on the project?

    Pluribus bought ATITD from Teppy. Teppy's been lost in his BitCoin gambling game.

    It's still in telling 6. Pluribus hasn't put in the last 4 tests. He's setting up his own server farm on his own site with new hardware. All accounts currently are considered to be paid. Even new ones.

    Pluribus has had a hand in programming ATITD since telling 1.

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  • MartinAolMartinAol noPosts: 11Member
    Sounds interesting  
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