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how the player base and its too late to play ?

itsoveritsover Member Posts: 98 Uncommon
I bought the game since first day, but I couldnt get into the game, now I have nothing else to play, im thinking picking this game up and play, I wonder how the player base now and its too late to start the game fresh ?



  • BraindomeBraindome Member Posts: 939 Uncommon

    Just bought this myself and gotta say the servers are packed. Every server is like high population with only a couple at medium load. When I loaded into the map it was swarming with people, which of course is cool. I imagine it will only get better with the server update on the 15th.

    Also linked my original Guild Wars account at time of purchase so unlocking the benefits through the Hall of Monuments adds even more to do. For the price and the amount of content there's no way to go wrong, best decision i've made in a while, having alot of fun personally.

  • itsoveritsover Member Posts: 98 Uncommon
    thanks, I will slowly try get back into it. Heard so many great thing about it over the years.

  • kabitoshinkabitoshin Member Posts: 775 Uncommon
    Now that the living story is over, everyone is back to the normal routine and it will be like you missed nothing. This game has a really strong community, best I've seen out of all the current ones XIV, and TSW aslo have good communities. I really don't know why I don't play this more everytime I do play I have a blast out doing events and exploring the game is amazing. I can't wait to see what new content they will push out this year, hopefully open up a new zone or 2.
  • flizzerflizzer Manchester, NHMember Posts: 2,073 Rare
    The way it works around here is if you dont like GW2 or havent played the game, which might be the same thing, the game is dead and no one is playing and the zones are dead.  Of course, if you play the game  often like me or many others you realize how busy it is and how often you need to wait in queues to get in world versus world.  
  • evilpreyevilprey CalafatMember Posts: 74 Uncommon
    GW2 is the best MMO of the last years...way better then ESO
  • APThugAPThug Boston, MAMember Posts: 255 Uncommon
    I've been playing gw2 since closed beta. Its a really great game. And there's sooo much they could add into this game content wise. As a fan of the original gw, they've still got two other entire continents to introduce. I forsee the return of Shiro in Cantha and facing off against the unkillable Palawa Joko in nightfall.

  • SadSwordfishSadSwordfish CopenhagenMember Posts: 78 Common

    To each their own but I am still having a ton of fun with it. Can't wait for feature pack to hit on tuesday!


    Unlocking new traits GW1 style, wardrobe, megaserver and spvp rewards^^

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