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What's this thing about "you can invite 10 friends if you're in alpha"?

BaselineBaseline Sloan, NYMember Posts: 503
I've seen this in various places around the web about this, but I didn't get 10 keys with my alpha invite, nor do I see it on account management.


  • epoqepoq Richmond, VAMember Posts: 300 Uncommon

    Then perhaps it is bull shit.


    If you figure it out though, hit a brotha up.  I'd be much obliged.

  • victorbjrvictorbjr Quezon CityMember Posts: 205 Uncommon

    It is likely situational. Chances are additional invites are given to people for use with guild members for organized play, or for streamers who might want to give fellow streamers keys and increase word-of-mouth growth of the game.


    This is speculatory, of course!

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  • MavolenceMavolence Appleton, WIMember Posts: 634 Uncommon
    I got an e-mail to respond with 10 people i'd recommend to alpha. I responded with a list and all got in.
  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgMember Posts: 737 Uncommon

    i heared they dont do that anymore becuz people started selling them :(

    mankind is totally broken ...


  • rawfoxrawfox HamburgMember Posts: 737 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Mavolence
    I got an e-mail to respond with 10 people i'd recommend to alpha. I responded with a list and all got in.

    that is what they do instead ^^


    now, recommend me already, lol

  • sludgebeardsludgebeard Parts UnknownMember Posts: 725 Uncommon

    I'm going to be a dirty beggar and ask, If anyone gets an alpha invite can you please put me on your list?!


    i will return the favor wth epic twitch streams and Lols for days!

  • JayFiveAliveJayFiveAlive Arvada, COMember Posts: 562 Uncommon
    me too please!!! :)
  • OxspyttaOxspytta RAUMAMember Posts: 3 Uncommon

    I had to grab a few beers and a whiskey to gather the courage to join the beggars for an alpha key! :)

    So if anyone has a spare key, you can send it to, thx! :)


  • justmemyselfandijustmemyselfandi Higbee, MOMember Posts: 559 Uncommon

    I'll gladly beg for a spare key just to see what all the fuss over this game is about.

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  • BinafusBinafus NoneMember Posts: 230 Uncommon

    Me Me Me pick Me!!!!


  • StarskinsStarskins Val-BMember Posts: 24 Common
    I guess I'll join the beggar too!  Please pick me! :)   
  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYMember Posts: 3,677 Uncommon

    I can trade a permanent Landmark closed beta key for it even!

  • BradleyNowellBradleyNowell huntingtonbeach, CAMember Posts: 14 Uncommon
    Would love a key. Francoshade17@yahoo.,com
  • azoraxazorax AdelaideMember Posts: 1

    Shameless begging for a key :)


  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAMember Posts: 2,646

    Anyone would have a far better chance of getting into Alpha, if they not only signed up for beta, but also linked their Trion beta signup to the ArcheAge forums?


    I recall seeing Trion saying before that alpha invites were either given away during Twitch sessions, or to forum posters.


    Makes sense, the forum linkage asks for background info / DOB etc, and they restrict anyone < 18 years old from joing, for legal reasons.  I wouldn't be surprised if they verify addresses & true identity, since everything is so public nowadays.


    TLDR:  asking for an alpha / beta invite here is probably fruitless.  Best to go to the official forums and ask.


    edit: unless you are < 18 years old, in which case, keep asking here!

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  • mbrodiembrodie MelbourneMember Posts: 1,286 Uncommon

    if anyone has any recommendations



    i played this a heap of russian servers got 2 x max level characters and would love to check it out and help out with getting english version off the ground!

  • alx12345alx12345 fdf, MIMember Posts: 39

    Well damn i got no invitation :(


    If anyone got a spare keys to gives, i would be pleased if i receive one :)




  • DeathmachinePTDeathmachinePT Member Posts: 113 Uncommon

    Been waiting for this game for years if anyone has any free keys pls share(deathmachine.travian at


    I'm a former 8 Year Vet from SWG and have played and tried many MMO's for years, I will help the alpha tester with whatever he needs no problem using TS or any VOIP to coordinate with him, from building castles, being a mule or manning ship cannons... Anything goes.

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  • BraindomeBraindome Member Posts: 940 Uncommon

    Pick me cause I will join your guild and kiss your feet as we stand victorious.

    Yes, I have no shame. I want to play ArcheAge!

  • stromp45stromp45 willamsburg, OHMember Posts: 157 Uncommon
    If you have a spare key ill love to have one. ( )
  • rondericronderic gelsenkirchenMember Posts: 56

    There are no keys (yet). You get invited using your Archeage forumname. The email attached to this name is then flagged as being able to access Alpha.


    So no point in asking for keys.


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