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more Science on violence and video games

aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon

this one actually makes sense, in that it lines up with personal experience. i don't rage over the beasties i'm shooting, i rage over my inability to do the most basic ingame tasks at times. but this is a learned trait for me in other parts of my life as well. the difference for me of course being that in 95% of real life encounters i don't blow off steam like i do when i am alone with a video game.

follow the link below for the article:


Rage-quitting: Feelings of failure, not violent content, foster aggression in video gamers

"There are at least two kinds of games.
One could be called finite, the other infinite.
A finite game is played for the purpose of winning,
an infinite game for the purpose of continuing play."
Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse


  • StonesDKStonesDK SomewherePosts: 1,805Member

    historically, I'm sure more people have died over a game of poker than violent video games. Maybe it's the competitive nature that triggers something in some people.

  • RhoklawRhoklaw Ft. Bliss, TXPosts: 4,723Member Rare
    Ma and pa said music and dance was the work of the devil, but guess what, they like to blame the stupid stuff their kids do on something that doesn't point the finger at their poor ability of proper parenting. If a parent can't tell their kids are whacko, they aren't spending enough time with them.

  • crack_foxcrack_fox WellingtonPosts: 399Member Uncommon

    People get angry and frustrated when they fail at stuff. It's a revelation. 

    Cool Tull avatar btw.

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