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The tail won't fit in his butt!

LostarLostar Johnstown, PAPosts: 901Member

I am applying SO MUCH pressure to Molag Bal's rear end I fear I might break the connecting piece but I can't seem to wiggle his Giger-esque tail up his arse. Any tips?

Missing the tail and base to your statue? Look underneath the black (velvet-like) plastic. It's tucked in there.


  • TygranirTygranir Colordo Springs, COPosts: 741Member
    On that side of things, I find a healthy portion of lubricant to be humane.

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  • LostarLostar Johnstown, PAPosts: 901Member
    Originally posted by Tygranir
    On that side of things, I find a healthy portion of lubricant to be humane.

    Heh...I'm considering that actually...maybe a tiny drop on the tip so it doesn't spead so far it runs the risk of causing later flakeage to any of the viewable paint.

  • LisaFlexy22LisaFlexy22 mesa, AZPosts: 434Member Uncommon

    Same here, seriously.  I contacted Zenimax and they said to email about the issue.




  • LostarLostar Johnstown, PAPosts: 901Member

    Well with some oil from my clippers and having bolag bal face down across one knee and with some prayers to the nine divines I manages to get his tail MOSTLY in..there is like a 2/3mm gap where I can clearly see the flat part on all sides.


  • LostarLostar Johnstown, PAPosts: 901Member

    Giving up on the won't come out so it's pretty much in there and the gap is hidden enough..


    That being said...



    OMG!!! The leatherbound Emporer's Guide to Tamriel is BEAUTIFUL!! That criss-cross binding...and it's a soft/bendy sort of leather....<3 <3 <3

  • SkullESkullE Nashua, NHPosts: 9Member

    The book alone would have been enough. Simply beautiful.

    Good sized statue, Tin CDROM case, ingame items, Well worth it.

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