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funniest down time thread ever

JackdogJackdog Charleston, SCPosts: 6,321Member Uncommon

saw this on official forums , gave me a good laugh


I'll go with this one


Pessimistic Response:
They told us it was just a quick fix, so it'll probably be up sometime Saturday.

I miss DAoC


  • IselinIselin Vancouver, BCPosts: 8,745Member Epic
    That was good :)
  • AroukosAroukos AthensPosts: 571Member
    Hahahahah indeed :)
  • slimjim22slimjim22 albany, NYPosts: 41Member Uncommon

    Legal Adult Response:
    You're a spoiled child who needs to learn some patience. No one owes you anything, nor are you entitled to play right now. When I was a kid, we spent 16 hours installing a game on an 8-bit system.

    lol why not :)

  • InktomiInktomi merrick, NYPosts: 663Member Uncommon

    That thread is gold. 




    I am not even playing the game so I don't have a response, but that thread was great.

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