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[NA][DC][PvE/PvP/Light RP] The Wardens

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The Wardens were born from the ashes of the First Era and little is known of their precise origins. Rumors abound suggesting they are keepers of Dwemer knowledge lost years before. Others claim their mission is to track Aedric and Daedric artifacts and prevent them from interfering in the world of man. Others referred to them as meddlers and treasure hunters.


The Year is now 583 of the Second Era. The constellation of the Serpent grows so large that it dominates the night sky. Some four years ago a catastrophe (now known as the Soulburst) befell the Imperial City and echoed to the far reaches of Tamriel. Supernatural abominations from the planes of Oblivion, the Daedra, have appeared in greater numbers than ever before.


The Wardens have become quite active in the wake of this devastation. In just the year past, they pledged their allegiance to the Daggerfall Covenant and declared their mission to return peace and stability under the rule of the Empire.


Gathering carefully selected men and women from every race and every walk of life under their banner, they prepare for war.



The Wardens are a made up of mature adults aged 18+, united in a desire to cooperate, enjoy and assist each other in a shared MMO gaming experience. The guild is founded and run by a group of players who have gamed together for years across many MMO's. We keep drama and politics to a minimum and focus on what it's all about: Having fun with friends.


The Wardens strives to uphold an honorable reputation. As such, we expect all members to not only be courteous to each other, but to our fellow gamers in other guilds. Where the game allows, members will never engage in "camping” and "griefing” of other players. To the contrary, members are expected to promote our hard earned reputation by helping unknown players and showing them we are a guild to be counted on to promote the spirit of the game.


Visit us here:  The Wardens of the Daggerfall Covenant


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