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Place Beta Key Offers & Requests Here (Please read before posting)



  • DarkGremioDarkGremio Glasgow, KYPosts: 32Member

    Curse is giving keys away, got one today! No contest or raffle thing, it' will generate a key when you click the button.



    You might have to sign-up for the Curse, but it's worth it if you need a key!


    Good luck!

  • ScreamPaiScreamPai Silver Spring, MDPosts: 3Member
    Originally posted by shamycz
    For everyone who is looking for a beta wildstar key ! I've just found this : If you want a key, check it out ! As far as I can tell, this is guaranteed thing.  Enjoy..


    There are other places to find FREE beta keys, if some of these people would take the chance to google. And it looks like maybe you are selling those keys. Sorry if I'm wrong but if that is the last option there are cheaper ones on ebay.


    I don't know if that is allowed though. Just please look before buying something that's suppose to be free. Not even sure if I trust some of those people.

  • ol4everol4ever Sao Jose dos CamposPosts: 3Member

    Here is a key, enjoy!


  • HFranks3HFranks3 Newark, DEPosts: 1Member
    A beta key would be amazing.... :) 
  • cesmode8cesmode8 Posts: 350Member Uncommon

    I have one key.  PM me for it.


  • ScreamPaiScreamPai Silver Spring, MDPosts: 3Member
    I have a couple of keys. PM me
  • cmacfsucmacfsu birmingham, ALPosts: 1Member

    Would really enjoy a key, i've played mmo's since 2002 and haven't been this intrigued by one for awhile. thanks in advance


  • RaevanhawkRaevanhawk dothan, LAPosts: 86Member
    Looking for a beta key please. Trying to decide between ESO and WS. I've tried ESO every beta for a while now. Need WS try. Thanks
  • ovatovat BialystokPosts: 15Member
    I would love to get a beta key for this, thanks.
  • lamberslambers Oshkosh, WIPosts: 18Member

    Looking for a wildstar beta key, please PM me if you have one available.

  • RamajamaRamajama BratislavaPosts: 260Member Uncommon
    Would love to try this game, finally, please PM me if anyone has a spare key. Cheers
  • GaxusnGaxusn Manchester, UK.Posts: 73Member Uncommon

    I'd love a Beta key also please.

    Need a game to call home :)

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  • pipicallupipicallu GuildfordPosts: 9Member Uncommon
    I'd love it if any one could give me a beta key this weekend ! I've been really excited to play this game since I heard of it back in 2012 and haven't  got the chance too yet x
  • SilphexSilphex BormujosPosts: 1Member
    i´ll apreciate a key too if anyone have some extra
  • GraacieGraacie Madison, WIPosts: 1Member

    I would like a WildStar beta key for this weekend. It appears it no longer recognizes my login from last weekend as valid. Thank you!


  • popezaphodpopezaphod Oswego, NYPosts: 56Member Uncommon
    I would like a beta key.  I have been trying to see what this game is like for months to no avail. :(
  • Pretender00Pretender00 Spokane, WAPosts: 84Member


  • AnadorrAnadorr KievPosts: 1Member
    Hey guys, I'd be thankful for a key too.
  • AroukosAroukos AthensPosts: 571Member
    Need a key too. Send a pm if you have one. Ty :)
  • blankmindblankmind miramar, FLPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    anymore keys out there ? pm me plz
  • NaretteNarette mehPosts: 4Member

    Is there someone who did not use their key for this weekend beta and would so kind as to share it with me? I sadly never got into beta and would like to try the game myself first, to see if it is worth buying.

    It is quite expensive to buy it just on a fly without even trying. I heard they sent some invites to old beta applicants but I applied years ago and can't find my account for the heck of it.

  • HeretiqueHeretique Posts: 1,351Member Uncommon



    good luck, reply if you've used it.

    Originally posted by salsa41
    are you have problem ?

  • NaretteNarette mehPosts: 4Member

    Seems that key is already used by someone.

    Not by me though, the person who used it forgot to reply, so just not to give anyone false hope, when they see this. :P

  • animefreak1214animefreak1214 miami, FLPosts: 14Member Uncommon
    i am still looking for a key ! :p anyone can help me ! thanks 
  • BroniuBroniu StarachowicePosts: 2Member
    I would be grateful if anyone can share a weekend beta key :) 
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