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Fell in love with this game, and here's why

Poison_AdelePoison_Adele Seattle, WAPosts: 287Member Common

Quick background: My first time trying WildStar. Preordered both ESO and WildStar, plan on playing both and deciding later between the two. Played most classes to level 10+, tried out PvP and housing, and tried all paths. Previous games: FFXIV, FFXI, GW2, GW, TOR, TERA, RO...

I hear a lot of people in /advice chatting about how this game feels like the WoW golden age for them, and while I missed out on that, for me it's refreshing to play a game that actually feels complete. Rather than relying on one, two, or even three gimmicks to carry the game (for example TERA's action combat, SWTOR's story, etc) as a lot of MMORPGs seem to be doing these days, WildStar feels like one of those rare MMORPGs that's built to last. I'm constantly running across features that don't seem to have been advertised, that are just there because all MMORPGs should have them but few do.

Sure, I could nitpick about things. I like that in ESO you can equip any weapon you want. I wish I could drive my rocket house around instead of it just floating there. But for a game on release, holy crap, does this world feel incredibly deep and full of content. Every time I explore I find something new.

By the way, if you're having trouble with the game not being optimized yet, try forcing it to run in DirectX 11 mode.





  • GormogonGormogon Posts: 206Member Uncommon

    It's funny how differently people can see the same game.  As much as WildStar has lifted from WoW, I don't get the feeling I had when I played WoW back in 2007 at all.  To me, this is maybe 2014 WoW, taken to another level, where you are being rewarded with loot, achievements, pretty colors, funny sounds, or a guy yelling "F--- YEAH!  YOU'RE AWESOME!" every two steps.  I've come to think of it as the Chuck E. Cheese of MMOs: we're going to overwhelm your brain with so many lights and sounds that you'll never stop to reflect on how you really could have had just as much fun eating Tombstone pizza while playing with He-Man action figures in your basement.  At the end you'll exchange your 500 tickets for a snapper bracelet, think it's the greatest thing in the world, and beg mommy and daddy to take you back. 


    Which I guess is an underhanded complement.  WildStar is something of a unique experience, and comparisons, whether flattering or not, actually don't do justice to what it is IMO.  Even though it has adult themes, WildStar plays to the eight-year-old in today's adult gamers (for those that still have that kid in them anyway), rather than try to be the "dark and serious" game we're led to believe all adult gamers want.  By contrast, WoW succeeded by having broad appeal across ages and backgrounds, like, say the Legend of Zelda games.  WoW was only ever a "kiddie" game by comparison, and in early days it was much less the "inundate you with awesome" game that some feel it has tried to become, let alone what WildStar definitely is IMO.


    Funnily enough, for all of WildStar's efforts to try to keep me in the game, every time I log in I get bored after an hour.  To me there is no journey here, no anticipation of a long-term payoff.  I really wish it was B2P.  There are hours I could see myself choosing to log in, but not enough hours to make a sub worth it compared to other subs or other things I could be spending it on (ETA: Yes, I know about CREDD.  Nobody is going to casually make enough in game to pay for their sub that way).

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