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I hope Thieves Guild offers "Stealthy" passive too.

jacktorsjacktors Port St Lucie, FLPosts: 177Member Uncommon

I want to play a Nightblade, Stealth type magic user, but it seems like the only two race choices which offer the "Stealthy" passive, are Khajiit and Wood Elf.  But personally, I do not want to play either race. I was hoping to play a different type of build, which includes a stealth approach, but my main skills would be magic based.  I just don't want to miss out on that important stealth passive.  

I really hope they add the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood soon after game release.  I hope to see stealth type passives offered through these guilds.  My race of choice would be a Dark Elf, which offers stamina/magicka passive.  If not, Breton looks good to me. 


  • CouganCougan UKPosts: 421Member Uncommon

    Eh its a decent bonus but not something that I feel is 100% necessary, I'm sure Thieves Guild or even the Brotherhood will have a stealth affecting skill or two. Medium armour gives a good stealth radius bonus.


    For a min maxer who wants the highest possible damage from a stealth attack then it would probably be a must to go Khajit.


    Look at something like Argonian though that has the 15% improved potion boost which stacks nicely with Nightblades +20% potion Catalyst passive or Quick to Mend that improves Siphoning heals by 6%. A few of the other races could make good Nightblades too.

  • jacktorsjacktors Port St Lucie, FLPosts: 177Member Uncommon
    Thanks for the advice.  I could never choose a Lizard Man. hehe.  I am leaning toward Dark Elf.  I like their look, and they have a nice increase in Magicka/Stamina.  Besides, I am not going to be a "melee" type Nightblade. So, a spell user is right down my alley.  I never thought about those nice Argonian passives though. You make great points.  Maybe I can create one in the character menu that I don't hate. :P
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