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WoW stole WoD abbreviation

DocBrodyDocBrody EldridgePosts: 1,926Member Uncommon

Blizzard you plagiarists rename your WoW expansion, the WoD abbrevation belongs to World of Darkness, not to your themeparky adventure expansion

WoD = World of Darkness



  • TheBlackWolfTheBlackWolf West Columbia, SCPosts: 39Member Uncommon
    Maybe WoD should go to a game/expansion thats actually going to launch though.
  • DocBrodyDocBrody EldridgePosts: 1,926Member Uncommon

    The **real** WoD has been announced earlier and is longer in development.

    Blizzard is obviously desperate for attention

    They know when the legitimate WoD gets announced everyone will talk about it and might confuse it with the WoW expansion

  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon

    I thought the new expansion was Warlords of Dranei.

  • DakeruDakeru Posts: 2,807Member Rare
    Well played.
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