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It's official, Archeage RU banned all non russian ips.



  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 941Member Uncommon


    i wonder who gave money to play on a Russian server ... when he knows that very soon it will be revealed from another publisher at his region details about the release of the same game ... what they expected ?


  • SkorganSkorgan WarsawPosts: 6Member
    Originally posted by mbrodie
    Originally posted by DMKano
    Originally posted by mbrodie
    Originally posted by Anthur
    Originally posted by smokeybha
    In Soviet Russia games choose you. 

    The lock was set by request of XLGAMES Inc., which is a Korean company. And region lock games exist in any country I can think of. Even in your country. And a country named Soviet Russia doesn't even exist anymore. Really...

    the lock was set by XLgames, at the request of trion worlds.

    Umm no.

    The IP lock is always set up by the hosting company - in this case mail.Ru.

    The lock was requested by XLGames the developer/creator of ArcheAge.

    Trion and mail.Ru are publishers they can't request anything from each other as ArcheAge is not their game - XLGAMES has to approve everything - its their game.


    clearly you misunderstand...


    Trion kicked up a stink to XLGames because they are meant to be publisher of the game for US / EU outside of the listed territories to play on Russian servers, due to the fact that they considered it copyright infringement that other people were able to access the servers (that being the customers they should be getting), clearly they were concerned people would not leave the russian servers for their servers.


    So Trion had a cry  to XLGames, XLGames told Mail.Ru to IP block.

    Yes, right. Trion, shows us again his ugly face and stupidity

  • delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,654Member Rare
    Originally posted by smokeybha
    In Soviet Russia games choose you. 

    This is great !......From the Family Guy :)

  • Insane666Insane666 gdanskPosts: 65Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by imagina
      It was bound to happen, now that it's done, will they refund the ten of thousands of players that paid premium subscriptions ? There is a huge backlash against this on official Russians forums, there is also russians living in europe and playing with familly / friends in russia that are outraged by this. Anyone got a good and free vpn/proxy to use ? :D don't want to stop playing XD

    Thats the "mirror sanctions" put(a)in was threatening us/eu with if any sanctions would be issued in response to the crimea invasion,,,

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