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[Column] The Secret World: Why Don't More People Play TSW?



  • DocBrodyDocBrody EldridgePosts: 1,926Member Uncommon

    The reason is simple.

    TSW is a complex and challenging game which needs more than half a brain.

    People prefer games like Cow Clicker on Facebook or simplistic mainstream MMOs to play while watching American Idol.

    I don´t have a problem with TSW not being a smash hit, it would probably be a game I wouldn´t play, if it were a smash hit.

    As long as it stays up and running and gets regular updates in the same pacing, everything is fine.

    Please don´t dumb down TSW, ever

  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,659Member Rare
    Originally posted by Netspook
    Originally posted by Po_gg

    "If you find yourself running back to a hub to grab the next quest from that hub, you're doing it wrong." (from Yokai's blog)

     Not sure exactly what you mean with your comment about the quest hubs, but they're definitively there, if that's what you're arguing against. Or what else would you call a group of NPCs offering quests?

    Considering that a lot of quests DOES send you back to the SAME locations, and often ONLY after you've done the first quests (hence my running back and forth comment), the "you're doing it wrong" part is just nonsense.

    /sigh...  if only it wasn't detailed countless times before... I guess there was even a specific line "drop your quest-hub mentality before the door".


    Nope, TSW's questing is not based on "quest hubs", it's much more story-based and closer to its adventure game roots. I can't find the picture now (which would worth more than 1k words :) ), but TSW's missions aren't grouped around hubs, they're scattered all over the world and organized in a net. Sure, there are bigger 'knots' in settlements, where people (the npc's I mean) tend to get together, but it doesn't make those a "quest hub". And yep, if you try to keep running back (playing with "the quest hub mindset") then you're doing it wrong.

    In TSW the questing is going through the net: taking a quest, and playing it all the way along, during the way occasionally bumping into sidequests, taking those (or not), and when you finish, do _not_ run back, just take the next quest which you find at (or in the close vicinity) where you finished, and follow that. Sure, since it's a net and the world is limited, a few times you'll get back to the bigger "knots" / crossroads, but it doesn't make those "quest hubs"...


    (sadly I can't find the dev letter right now which explains the design much better, but if you google tsw questing or any similar, you'll see that it was mentioned in so many reviews/posts/etc. during this 2 years it's almost funny to see someone bringing it up again... lol, just tried to google myself and the first hit was this:

    edit: why lol on the massively article? Just read the end: "If you're expecting to go through a traditional laundry-list of quests and you're bent on rapid content consumption, you're doing it wrong." :)

  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 941Member Uncommon

    never played the game cause from the videos and images, i saw a clunky world, a visual issue which is important for me...

    if the game looks ugly i dont wanna play it.


  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InPosts: 2,883Member Uncommon
    I will not play another Funcom game because of a permanent ban given to me for asking when Bar-Room brawling would be put in AOC!
    " Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Those Who  Would Threaten It "
  • lunatiquezlunatiquez San Fransisco, CAPosts: 381Member Uncommon
    Because it's too complex & difficult for today's generation.
  • NightfyreNightfyre Pandora, OHPosts: 175Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Elsabolts
    I will not play another Funcom game because of a permanent ban given to me for asking when Bar-Room brawling would be put in AOC!

    I think there's more to this story, then what you're telling us. 

    Anyways, I found Secret World fun for it's setting and the story.  The story was a blast to participate in, just because of the characters and how they acted or what their involvement was with the Secret World.

    I liked being able to get any skill I want and make the character how I wanted.  It gave me more options instead of having to create a character who is a tank or one that's a healer.  I can do that with this character.

    The missions were not just always go here and kill this many, you actually had to use your mind.  Though people started to post the answers online, it became easy for some to complete missions.  I thought it was fun trying to figure them out, and when you finally asked in general for assistance you smacked your head at how obvious or the amount of over thinking you did.

    I left because friend wasn't playing and there were other games I wanted to try.  Went back but felt lost due to having not played in a while. 

    It's a good game, least people should give it a try.

  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSPosts: 2,606Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by inemosz
    Because it's too complex & difficult for today's generation.

    Ha, keep dreaming honey...


  • fiontarfiontar Dana, MAPosts: 3,682Member Uncommon

    I enjoyed the setting and the story.


    I also found the combat to be clunky and the animations to be below average to horrible. (How could they have just imported the universally scorned "moon man" jump animation from AoC, rather than make a quality jump animation for TSW)?


    What killed the game for me was that the game world was not big enough and the missions were too few to progress in pace with subsequent zones with out repeating and re-repeating content.


    I think Funcom had a lot of potential with this game. With competent animators they might have avoided the drag from the poor feel of combat. With another year or two of development time, they might have launched with enough content to avoid forcing players to repeat content.


    The game's biggest potential came from the ability to immerse players in a really cool game world and a setting that has seen little representation in MMOs to date. Combat clunkiness hindered immersion and  the compelling story was greatly diminished when players were forced to repeat content. Other flaws aside, I see these as the worst two and the reason I left the game after a few weeks.


    Funcom has a history of coming up with MMOs that possess great potential, only to fall well short of that potential because they just aren't willing/able to put the time and resources into the game that's necessary.  AO, AoC and TSW all might have been incredible successes if the development time for each had been stretched out another year or two.

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  • alakramalakram malagaPosts: 2,291Member Uncommon
    I dont play it becouse It has no player housing.
  • AldersAlders Jack Burton'sPosts: 2,106Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Betaguy


    First response in the thread wins with the best answer.  

  • tkoreapertkoreaper Castroville, TXPosts: 409Member Uncommon
    TSW is a great game and it has a lot of great content and story, but as other people have said it's a bit clunky. The combat isn't very fluid and while it's not very button-mashy the animations and smoothness in combat are pretty bad.
  • oscultonosculton ValladolidPosts: 4Member

    466 million of People Speak Spanish in the world.

    No subtitles at all.

    Combat sucks.


  • VincerKadenVincerKaden Edison, NJPosts: 457Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Aulliwyn
    My boyfriend and I have enjoyed this title since it's beginning ARGs. We sit in front of our own computers and interact more in this game then any other MMORPG. Together we have overcome all of the investigation missions we face. When we were in egypt there was a mission where we had to find the pieces of a staff. The mission was called "The Binding". In order to find their locations we had to triangulate their positions with the directions that the god's statues face (even the false one's). We printed a map out and went to each statue, determining as best we could the direction of their gaze and making a line on the map and a rough circle around the area that their gaze crossed.    We completed The Binding and we did it together.   This game is PERFECT for couples.


    My wife and I enjoy working on the puzzles together. Bouncing ideas off of each other in order to solve the mission objectives is very rewarding. Much better than playing solo, wracking your brain quietly for x minutes, and then just looking it up on the internet. Working with others encourages you to figure it out for yourself.


  • al1enoidal1enoid kPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    The mediocrity... funcom may have nice ideas, but they really often lack the final touch... for example trade houses search system... not very pleasing experience, and theres a plenty more of that kind of stuff, if your familiar with Funcom, you probably know. 

    BUT, combat system is fun, and investigation quests are a fun twist, with or without guides.

     A bit larger playerbase would do good for this game so that endgame would be more convenient. Unfortunately people are scared away long before that so...

    Its B2p, so i'd say its worth a try for an mmo player, worth the money even if you dont play the endgame imo.

    And if someone says this one has clunky combat, check FFXIV. 

  • UproarUproar MIPosts: 521Member Uncommon
    Combat boring.  Mobs beyond boring -- all the same theme.  it got to me very quickly.  I hate zombies too -- so that doesn't help.


  • OrtwigOrtwig Cambridge, MAPosts: 1,163Member Uncommon
    Posted by Robsolf on 3/11/14 at 10:21:45 PM

    But even by your own standards, a person can't create "what they want", they have to create an "optimum build" that even the developers were incapable of conceiving.

    What you want, and whether it's effective, is completely arbitrary.

    Edit:  Reminds me of a quote from a movie:  "You can have any beer you want, as long as it's a Corona."

    There are many optimum builds, just like there are many great beers.  ;)  
    Funcom made the (right imho) decision to give players complete freedom to create any build they want -- it can completely suck or it could be great.  To create a good build requires, like so many other things in TSW, thought, or at least the willingness to discuss with other players what they have found and maybe do a little research.  Plenty of advice on the forums.
    Funcom could do a better job of giving better examples of good decks though, and I agree they should do so.  It would help the game if more people came away understanding how it works.  That said, I'd be pretty hard set against dumbing the game too much for players.  There are plenty of games that require zero thought already, and I don't think making it dumber would improve the game or community.
  • baldernonobaldernono Cosne sur LoirePosts: 94Member

    I played 3 months.

    i did enjoy the solo quests.

    Why i quit :

    1 - way to many loading between zone

    2 - cities. You said cities?these cities are a true joke...

    3 - their skill system and equip system was a good bad idea... Everyone have the same dps/tank/healer spec... Please, at least, let us believe we are differents in virtual world, it is more important than developpers thinks ^_^

    4 - i don't even talk about pvp clan ratio 80 illu - 19 templar - 1 dragon... something sure Dragon is always 1 ^_^

  • EncjonXEncjonX oxford, MOPosts: 1Member

    Two Words 

    NO PVP 


    3 Fractions and its like a Happy Love Party. Not Realy a War with 3 Fraction in TSW

  • LisaFlexy22LisaFlexy22 mesa, AZPosts: 445Member Uncommon
    I loved The Secret World and still consider it to have the best questing of any MMO I've played.  Unfortunately I think the snail paced content updates and lacking population is what did the game in for me.  Zone chat was almost always dead everywhere I went except for Agartha and that was just group spamming.  Shame really.  I guess there is one other thing to note as well - it's hard to play in a survival horror theme game day after day, at least for me - too much gloom wears on me. 
  • simsalabim77simsalabim77 Somewhere, CAPosts: 1,466Member Rare
    The combat is just godawful. Besides that I enjoyed playing it, but since I generally spend 99% of my time doing things that involve combat in these games, it needs to be solid for me to stick around. 
  • GorweGorwe Ald'RuhnPosts: 3,572Member Rare
    Great RPG. One of the best compared to the modern drivel they call "RPGs" these days. Only better RPGs being da:o, me and tor(in the last ~5 years)

    Really meh MMO tho. During my ~3 months in TSW I was constantly reminded of the conflict between the MMO part and the RPG part.

    It should've really been a single player game with a co-op. A lot of those games lately btw...
  • Eir_SEir_S Argyle, NYPosts: 4,623Member Uncommon

    Like a bunch of people have said here already: the combat.  I was never impressed by it.  A distant second would be the price.  I'd pay 30 bucks, or better yet the 10 bucks on Steam sales, if not for the fact that the game play isn't FUN for me.

    Something that isn't a factor would be the theme.  Maybe Funcom couldn't run with it, but I'd like to see more "modern times" MMO's, because I'm tired of being stuck with either high fantasy or space ship pew pew.

  • MachinationMachination Posts: 70Member Uncommon

    I play off and on but like others have stated, the combat needs a great big hug.

    If they can revisit the combat I have no doubt that they will see more people coming back just from that alone.

    I love the fantastic character skill depth, really head scratching quests at times and the whole mood is set really well but that damn combat, mate . . . .

  • HolloowHolloow milanoPosts: 4Member

    1)faction are shit when will they undrestand that

    2)after SEE what they did to AoC i promise myself i ll never play another funcom game anymore

    3)i don t like gun in mmo i prefer fantasy

  • PyukPyuk Eugene, ORPosts: 715Member Uncommon
    It's the poor implementation of the combat mechanics. Very dull. Very repetitive. It's a chore more than a game mechanic. I like pretty much everything else in TSW, but it's the combat that keeps me away since there is a lot of it. It's a shame, since it is a unique game with very entertaining elements outside of combat. TSW NEEDS a total combat overhaul, imo.

    I make spreadsheets at work - I don't want to make them for the games I play.

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