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Which singleplayer game feels the most "Alive" ?

ReklawReklaw Am.Posts: 6,495Member Uncommon

For me that would be the Assassin Creed series.

GTA games close to a second.

RPG's balance between the first and second.

MMORPG wise only Star Wars Galaxies felt alive because I expect the players to make the game come alive in a MMORPG

And please consider to look at it from a gamers perspective because we all know games can't be or feel alive. But they sure can be immersive, just like books, movie's'.

Wierd thing is I get much more immersed when  game is first person view, yet with above mentioned games the whole world just feels alive eventhough they are 3rd person perspective.


  • FlemFlem BrisbanePosts: 2,822Member Uncommon

    Red Dead Redemption

    Fallout 3

  • dragonslayer4everdragonslayer4ever SingaporePosts: 22Member
    Assasin Creed for me. :D
  • Kaijin2k3Kaijin2k3 Santa Monica, CAPosts: 558Member

    Morrowind when I first played it many years ago. Of course now it feels static. Haven't really felt that in a long time.

    Although Oblivion came close one time when I came into one of the outer cities and something had caused the NPC "townies" to go into an all out war with the guards.

    But then it came crashing down when - after having slaughtered all the citizens - the guards simply returned to their patrol routes as if nothing had happened, and went back to bugging me about paying the city "taxes" they believed I owed.

  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,660Member Rare

    Yep, Morrowind was awesome. I'd put it on first place as well (and I do among rpg's), but there's GTA :)

    I just love VC. I still hop into it when I need some '80s fix, get a cab or a fire truck, switch on to VRock (or VCPR ;) ) and just driving around, while listening the music.

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