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ArcheAge: Trion Brings in Scapes and Ocho to Lead Community

BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing EditorBerea, OHPosts: 3,743MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

As ArcheAge and Trove head forward into beta, the community team over at Trion is getting a huge bunch of help. Elizabeth Tobey recently left, but Evan "Scapes" Berman and Eric "Ocho" Cleaver are here to fill her shoes.  From their introductory post on

Here’s Evan who will be taking lead on the Defiance and ArcheAge communities:

Greetings, fellow ArcheAge fans! My name is Evan “Scapes” Berman and I am a Senior Community Relations Manager here at Trion Worlds.
I began my gamer life with an Apple IIC playing memorable two-tone titles held on floppy floppies. First embarking online when ISPs charged per minute and Geocities was tapping into the urge to Facebook before “social media” was a term, it was only natural that my love of multiplayer games would lead to a position at Flagship Studios, taking me away from editing commercials for advertising firm Crispin Porter + Bogusky and across the nation to join a new industry.
Originally a Hellgate: London fansite operator, I used my new official role to liaise between players and developers for the improvement of the game. Most recently, I championed the TERA community as one of the first employees at En Masse Entertainment, grew a vast army of mech pilots for Khang Le’s twitch shooter HAWKEN for Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games, and ushered in a new generation of independent developers onto Microsoft’s next generation Xbox One console as part of the ID@Xbox team.
I’m elated to join the talented team here at Trion Worlds and thrilled to meet you, our passionate players. My inner gamer, forged in late nights of progression raiding in MMOs and practicing headshots in FPS titles, is proud to be working on RIFT, Defiance, Trove, and ArcheAge. Feel free to tweet at me on Twitter: @Scapes
Next up, say hello to Eric who will be taking lead on the RIFT and Trove communities:
Greetings and well met! My name is Eric “Ocho” Cleaver. Much like Evan above, I too started my computer gaming on the venerable Apple II series, although mine was a IIGS. I’ll do my best not to hold his inferior system against him. This was the start of a long love story with computer games, much to my parents’ dismay at the time. They have since come to admit that “yes, you can maybe make a living with those games you play.”
The introduction of MMOs completely changed my way of gaming though, and playing anything else these days is a rarity for me. Of course the main games I’m playing right now are RIFT and Defiance, but I’m hugely excited to see ArcheAge and Trove as well.
Over the last several years I’ve worked in community on a number of games, including City of Heroes and EverQuest, and now I’m hugely excited to be working here at Trion Worlds with all of you folks. To me the most exciting part of the MMO world is you, the players, because you’re every bit as much a part of what makes our games great as our development teams are.
So hi and nice to meet all of you. I’ll have a lot of questions for you all, so don’t be surprised if I poke my nose in your conversations on our official forums, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else our games are discussed!
You’ll be able to find Evan and Eric posting on the official forums, chatting via socials, and previewing upcoming game content in videos. Feel free to call them by their first names or forum handles, and be sure to let them know about the best ArcheAge livestreams, cool player-made content, and what you want to see next in the game.

Head on over to the sites for ArcheAge, Rift, Defiance, and Trove to say hello!

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  • CraziiTaxiiCraziiTaxii Tolland, CTPosts: 9Member Uncommon
    Is this game actually coming out before we all forget about it... probably not.

    Legends live on forever.

  • AeonbladesAeonblades Home, GAPosts: 2,083Member
    Very cool, glad to see some good talent coming into Trion :)

    Currently Playing: ESO and FFXIV
    Have played: You name it
    If you mention rose tinted glasses, you better be referring to Mitch Hedberg.

  • HanthosHanthos Area 18, Arc CorpPosts: 242Member Uncommon


    What does this mean for ArcheAge, besides "SOON"?

  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 15,178Member Legendary

    Oh man epic!

    Trions community team just dinged to the next level!

    That's one awesome thing about the game industry - one company's layoffs are another's huge win.


  • yaminsuxyaminsux Posts: 973Member Uncommon
    Give us closed beta already...
  • wnxsnowtigerwnxsnowtiger scunthorpePosts: 13Member Common
    Guys keep an eye on GDC on the 17-21st trions world is going there with archeage.
  • KanylKanyl a cold placePosts: 252Member Uncommon

    Ye ye ye ye ye! I don't care! When can I play the game!?


    *acts like a frustrated 12 year old boy*

  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,890Member Rare

    all i got outta this wall of text.


    HAWKEN!- great mech game!- not part of Trion.

  • WizardryWizardry Ontario, CanadaPosts: 12,218Member Epic
    Originally posted by orbitxo
    all i got outta this wall of text.   HAWKEN!- great mech game!- not part of Trion.

    I got a lot out of it,especially their back grounds.

    I do  not see any of their prior work as being beneficial to Trion.I could post several problems with those products that SHOULD have been obvious fixes if community oriented.

    One example was XBOX 1 do i even need to mention the shambles they wanted to release that product in?

    However even though i have almost no confidence in either guy,especially after the second guy basically says all TRion games are great,sounded like ass kissing to me,they are probably an upgrade.

    The reason they are an upgrade is looking no further than the Acquisition of ArcheAge.For 4+ months after Acquiring that game Trion put absolutely ZERO effort into that game and community,i mean Trion is basically upgrading from the bottom of the barrel so that is why i say an obvious upgrade.

    Two questions  are left to be answered...

    1 Were the prior positions not doing their job because they were told to do otherwise,example IGNORE AA for now?

    2 Do they really have any power or just filling a position so Trion can say "we have community people"?

     I guess a third question,were the previous people just that lazy and if so why did Trion not step in and demand their employees show a better effort?


    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • MMOredfalconMMOredfalcon Mitchell, ONPosts: 165Member Uncommon

    "You’ll be able to find Evan and Eric posting on the official forums, chatting via socials, and previewing upcoming game content in videos. Feel free to call them by their first names or forum handles, and be sure to let them know about the best ArcheAge livestreams, cool player-made content, and what you want to see next in the game."


    What we would want to see next in the game? I think I would like to see the actual GAME before what I would like to see next in the game. And what...we should let them know that every other country in the world is playing, live streaming and puttin out player made content while they sit on this game?

  • WelshyJTWelshyJT LLANELLIPosts: 28Member Uncommon

    wait, what?

    you fucks got rid of the much beloved Elrar then replace him down the line, fuck you...

    Wow, #rallyforElrar

  • wnxsnowtigerwnxsnowtiger scunthorpePosts: 13Member Common
    there was elrar then a new CM she left for another company and now we got these 2.
  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 3,868Member Epic

    I'm just glad that Tobey and Laabs left, the livestream couldn't be any worse and rightfully caught a ton of critic every other week.

    Besides the livestream, Tobey was bad in about everything she did, so i welcome Scapes and Ocho!

  • crysentcrysent cedar rapids, IAPosts: 841Member Uncommon
    You know what would be really cool...if they actually released this game sometime in this decade...before computers become obsolete and we all play virtual reality games and live on space ships...I'd love to play this game before I die, which only gives it 45-50 years to release.
  • ValentinaValentina Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1,770Member Uncommon
    Trion recently went to meet with XLgames, and as of a month or two ago it's even more of a joint effort between them. So we'll be seeing this game a lot sooner than it has felt like.
  • ReaperJodaReaperJoda joliet, ILPosts: 76Member Uncommon
    I'll believe that when I see it.
  • WraithclawsWraithclaws VinhedoPosts: 53Member Uncommon

     They should release it soon, really. There is a lot of players at Mail.RU 's Archeage using an illegal patch to play it in English instead of russian.

     Well, if someone makes a patch in their own and release before trion, they are definitely late lol

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