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  • MasterDCTMasterDCT Portland, ORMember Posts: 17 Uncommon
    Tiny body, enormous power, I'd like to experience that!
  • ShrillyShrilly Citra, FLMember Posts: 421 Uncommon
    swimming in LARGE open water is scary as hell to me huge phobia. I hope to use the beast thats the ruler of it and harness that fear and introduce it to my enemies on the battlefield!
  • BrigantiusBrigantius TartuMember Posts: 7
    Scylla would be a nice addition to my mage collection, because her small size makes her perfect to sneak around behind people and then suddenly unleashing the dogs. Quite a surprise.
  • WhitestepWhitestep BudapestMember Posts: 60 Uncommon
    She reminds me my sister , when she's angry. :D
  • CaseykinsCaseykins hidden, ONMember Posts: 12 Uncommon
    Im excited to play Scylla because she reminds me of Annie from league who has been my favorite champion. I like small people with a lot of power~ 
  • ace_hajimeace_hajime Inglewood, CAMember Posts: 2
    Very interesting background and cuteness bundled into one.
  • FarstryderFarstryder Louisville, KYMember Posts: 69
     Been waiting for a character that fit my playstyle that I haven't played out. Looks like one has finally arrived


  • rubydragon5rubydragon5 Queens Village, NYMember Posts: 626 Uncommon
    I love her lore.

  • BenorBenor Akron, OHMember Posts: 3 Uncommon
    Definitely love characters that can teleport, so I'd love to play Scylla!
  • heroics4heroics4 aldaharanMember Posts: 1
    i would like to keep an eye on her and help her grow up
  • xxlilDevilxxxxlilDevilxx Burnaby, BCMember Posts: 245

    I love her because she looks like Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2 !

    and Tiny Tina/Tiny Terror fit it nicely :)


  • yamishioyamishio Valenii de MunteMember Posts: 4 Uncommon
    I really like the idea of a little girl that looks so innocent and then, out of nowhere BAM! She is the horror of the deep.
  • iamthequeeniamthequeen Las Vegas, NVMember Posts: 1
    I'd love to play Scylla. She's a mage which is my favorite and she's deceptively adorable just like me! We're both sneaky queens who deserve each other! Two bad girls on the run. ;)
  • SwaneaSwanea Vegas, NVMember Posts: 2,366 Uncommon
    Well, I like their interpretation of her.  She looks so innocent and deceiving!
  • UnforseenhunterUnforseenhunter Mission Viejo, CAMember Posts: 2
    I've played against Scylla, and she's a beast! She would be an awesome God to play as, her ultimate move is pretty powerful and deadly.
  • Shadow759Shadow759 Burlington, WAMember Posts: 1
    Scylla is one of the cutest adorable characters around. Also I am so energetic that she looks similar to League of Legends (Annie) and I always wanted to try her out. I love Smite. Thumps up for Scylla (^u^) <3
  • p1mokp1mok ZagrebMember Posts: 1
    she reminds me of my little sister :D so i want her ^_^
  • Nguyen145Nguyen145 Oakdale, PAMember Posts: 1
    I want to play scylla for that ultimate
  • impregnationimpregnation Zacharias-Spier-Str. 34Member Posts: 2
    I like the hound/wolf take they have on her, I like old mythology and I am also a big wolf guy. I've also played a few practice games with her and she seems really fun. I also enjoy ranged characters more often than melees in MOBAs.
  • TypososTyposos AthensMember Posts: 39 Uncommon
    from when i was a boy , i was listening about the odyssey and the journey to scylla ...I am exited about this god , i know all her mythology !!!!!!!
  • Marvel4evrMarvel4evr baltimore, MDMember Posts: 9 Uncommon
    Im excited to play Scylla because she looks like a evil little kid who i want to use to kill Adult Gods with lol. Its a great chance  for kids to finally own adults lol. 
  • GillleanGilllean NewYork, ALMember Posts: 169
    I love playing with little girls slaughtering pedofiles }:)
  • xjdx6xjdx6 newportMember Posts: 2
    Scylla reminds me of my daughter, small and cute....but a demon on the inside. Plus itll help me get her into smite ;) Shes 1 and has already killed RA AI! Help her like smite more and become a lifetime fan....
  • RollieJoeRollieJoe Raleigh, NCMember Posts: 445 Uncommon
    I want to try this character because I like wolf snakes or something.
  • Sys7emSys7em Edmonds, WAMember Posts: 120 Uncommon
    I prefer playing a range dps champion & like the looks of Scylla's utility. 
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