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Mobs standing in one place.



  • eliteroelitero fremont, CAPosts: 264Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Bannuk
    Originally posted by elitero
    Originally posted by Krimzin
    I think the only game coming out where creatures roam the entire map is EQNext. Don't think any other titles do. The mobs may move but they follow a set path every time.

    I do not think that is the case, there are plenty of other games where all the mobs move, maybe not town folk or NPCs that we talk to but mobs move in almost all the games.

    Not sure where you where, but a lot of mobs walk around from what I saw.  They don't roam for miles but many do move.  It was said before but the ghosts and skeletons I saw after the first island did a lot of walking, unless they were guarding stairs, paths, or the entry of a bridge.  Please stop spreading half truths.  If you don't like the game cool, but don't lie about it.

    Hey all I am saying is can you post a video?


    here is another video if you watch, mobs only move if they are triggered.


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