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*IMPORTANT* If You Like RPG Games

RPG777RPG777 Chicago, ILPosts: 7Member

If you like RPG games come on over and sign up on my new board. It's all about my favorite online multiplayer RPG game. Check out this link to get there:

This game is also a virtual world, one of the first of it's kind. Like WoW, and Second Life, you can also make money by selling this game's virtual currency for real Life currency. Just thought I'd share it with those who appreciate RPG games. It's the best RPG game I've ever played so far.


  • gorro187gorro187 Posts: 215Member Uncommon
    Oh look a game no one has ever heard of is the BEST! And a guy with 1 single posting is telling us!!! clearly we have a winner!
  • RPG777RPG777 Chicago, ILPosts: 7Member

    Look man take my word for it the game is bad ass.

    Just cuz you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it's not.

  • StrayfeStrayfe Los Angeles, CAPosts: 199Member Uncommon

    You missed the boat on Gemstone.  Nowadays it's a shell of its former self, with a couple hundred players running around on Lich, scripting their way through the game with nary a thought nor care for other players.  In its prime, it had 2-3 thousand on at peak times, and was truly the pinnacle of a deep, immersive roleplaying experience.  While it's nice to see people advertising for it again, this is probably not the best way to do it, considering Simu themselves don't really make any efforts to advertise either, you're fighting an uphill battle.

    Gemstone is a dying, respected dinosaur of a game.


  • RPG777RPG777 Chicago, ILPosts: 7Member

    See I disagree Strayfe.

    Speaking from a personal member of the game myself, I can say that I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of creating my board for it, and signing back up for the regular membership, and creating 3 different characters, a Rogue, a Warrior, and a Ranger, if I didn't still feel that it was the single best RPG game out there in the world.

    But hey, to each their own.

  • RPG777RPG777 Chicago, ILPosts: 7Member
    By the way the social experience is the deepest I ever seen, even if a few players are scripting around. Tell me, what game has a better social experience than GS4? I think you will have to admit that there isn't one.
  • NotimeforbsNotimeforbs Memphis, TNPosts: 346Member Common

    As a general rule, and I learned this when I was about 14 years old, I tend to not associate with people who cannot identify the obvious redundancy of RPG game.  And even if they do, and still continue to proclaim RPG game anyway, I still would not associate with them.

  • StrayfeStrayfe Los Angeles, CAPosts: 199Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by RPG777
    By the way the social experience is the deepest I ever seen, even if a few players are scripting around. Tell me, what game has a better social experience than GS4? I think you will have to admit that there isn't one.

    I would have admitted that a few years ago.  Don't get me wrong, I will forever have fond memories of GS4 and the highest praise for Simu for what they created, but the game is dead.  If you live anywhere but the Landing you barely see another person.  Icemule barely had locksmiths the last time I was in, and the whole time I didn't hear a single peep from the amunet, because people are too busy with Lich.

    On top of that, there isn't nearly the volume of GM interaction and events that there used to be, which was one of its biggest selling points.  If you weren't around back then, you should read about the banaltra and the feithidmor and the 'Something Wicked' storylines, the Bregandian Invasion, Terate and the Vvrael.  That was the heyday of GS, and since those days it has gradually gone downhill with newer, shinier graphical games drawing players.

    Truth be told, I am quite surprised that Simu can still afford to keep it up, although I suppose expenses are pretty minimal and they've made a bit of money from the Hero Engine lately.

  • GruntyGrunty TexasPosts: 7,937Member Rare

    Redundency > RPG game > role playing game game.

    It's like saying a NIC card.

    She was grimacing. "That does sound like what America's has been trying to do for the last century or two--get rich faster than the parasites could steal it."   The Free Lunch by Spider Robinson
  • tawesstawess LkpgPosts: 3,643Member Rare

    Tsk tsk tsk....


    In order to do what the OP is trying to do you need to have a account ingrained in the community... It need to have a history. Either that or you need to come clean from the start as a paid advertiser.


    This is just sad and inept by people who do not understand the finer points of subterfuge and miss-direction.


    Just curious... Are you a paid marketer (like you can say yes any way... i know you have a NDA) or are you actually from the games dev/marketing dept. (again not that i belive you will actually tell me... But if you do i might give you the tools you need to make an impact.)

    Tawess gaming

    Tawess soapbox

    This have been a good conversation

  • RPG777RPG777 Chicago, ILPosts: 7Member

    You make a solid argument about the Amunet. I think that could be brought back in full swing. A lot of people went over to Shattered too though, so there's a split there and that's why things are more quiet. But I mean it still has it's charm.

    Wikipedia says it's one of the longest running games of it's kind. Over what, 20 years online? I think that says something about the game itself, when you have people who just can't seem to get away from it.

    Even you. Those fond memories are one day going to turn into another subscription, just watch, lol. 

    You know it's an itch that has to be scratched. 

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