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Australian Guild Now Recruiting!

burdock2burdock2 CanberraPosts: 420Member Uncommon

Greetings Heroes!


I have put together a Guild site for Ultima Online called "The Britannia Knights", which is Australian based. I am hoping to build up the Oceanic community to get a thriving Guild going! The website is still a work in progress, but can all Australian/NZ players please sign in so we can get an idea of numbers. Plus if any MMO needed to have you in a Guild, this one will!  

The server will be Atlantic.

The website address is :


Please spread the word!


Look forward to seeing you in-game!


Kind regards,

Glyndrel Dragonknight

Elf Knight - Warrior - Armourer


  • ShnagShnag CairnsPosts: 3Member

    How is your lag on Atlantic?  I tried playing on it yesterday,  my ping was around 300ms and I couldn't run while mounted.

    I live about 100km south of Sydney.

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